Top 5 Best Areas to Stay in Marrakech


Choosing a place for accommodation may not be the easiest decision to make. There are a lot of norms that tourists tend to consider when choosing a place to stay, such as: the proximity of the area to the city’s most important landmarks or public facilities, whether it’s s suitable for nightlife or a family vacation, and finally the hotel’s equipment and services.

Luckily, Marrakech has a good number of areas that are well-suited for accommodation. Those areas include the best, highly-ranked, and relatively affordable hotels that easily meet the customers’ expectations and hopes. The following is a list that includes the top 5 best areas to stay in Marrakech:


1. The Medina: Traditional and Lively

Medina- sourced from Wikimedia Commons

The medina is a real charmer for all the newer visitors of Marrakech. The traditional aspect that takes over the old city seems to enjoy a great affection among tourists. The medina is first and foremost characterized by its ancient art of urbanism that takes origin from that of the Arab-Andalusian one.

The setting of its lively narrow and beautifully interconnected alleyways that involve Souks and its proximity to most of the historical monuments makes a huge bonus point for the medina as a great option for accommodation. Therefore it is not of any surprise that many hotels and Riads (courtyard mansions) take place there. Moreover, the places of accommodation are adapted in such a way to respond to the tourists’ needs and expectations. In that, the hotels and Riads contain all means of leisure and comfort, including: air conditioning, free Wi-Fi,  free breakfast, room service, swimming pools, gyms, spas, bars, parking lots,…etc. The absence or presence of any of those services, of course, varies from a hotel/Riad to another. Prices could go drastically from cheap to high-end.

Accommodation Price Range: 360 MAD- 5000 MAD

2. Guéliz: Ideal for Night Life

Plaza in Guéliz- Sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Quite the opposite of the medina, Guéliz (the New City) has more of a modern aspect into it and reveals the new Moroccan style. Its main avenues include the most luxurious restaurants, extensive shopping malls, and art exhibitions. Having said that, Guéliz might be less lively than the medina but it’s not somewhere where you would be out of fun and things to do. Plus, it makes the center of the city so everything is supposed to be within reach. This area is also uniquely personalized with a considerable number of bars and nightclubs, which makes it suitable for night life.  It definitely embraces a good amount of gorgeous lavish hotels that offer the complete refined accommodation package that a guest might await. The good news is that they’re not as pricy as they would look like.

Accommodation Price Range: 300 MAD- 2500 MAD

3. Palmeraie: Relaxation in the Embrace of Nature

Palmeraie (Club Med)- Sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Palmeraie is considered to be one of the oldest most luxurious resorts in the city of Marrakech and it is situated only a few kilometers on the north of the medina. This area comprises more than 100 000 palm tree, which is why it was given the name “Palmeraie” (French for palm grove). Its attribute as a leisure centre makes it the perfect place to head to with family members and enjoy a time of relaxation and recreation. It is also a very popular destination among golf players and enthusiasts. Palmeraire includes an assorted complexion of: hotels, Riads, villas, golf courses, holiday villages and residential areas overall, which in turn sets a plenty of interesting options for accommodation. The hotels in this area contain tremendous swimming pools and modern bars. They are spacious, well-appointed, and fully-serviced.

Accommodation Price Range: 300 MAD- 5000 MAD

4. Agdal: The Perfect Getaway

Agdal- Sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Agdal gardens are one of the greatest biggest gardens that form an exhilarating recreation area in Marrakech. Agdal covers a grand surface of 500 hectares that comprises a variousness of plants and trees, such as: pomegranate, orange, olive…etc. It is a naturally great outlet and getaway from the intensity and heat of the city. Agdal gardens are situated on the outskirts of the medina ramparts. Incidentally, they are positioned closely in relation to many historical monuments. This area, that is bestowed with a picture-perfect surrounding nature, comprises a multitude of deluxe hotels that appear to rejoice in a great reputation. They’re fully-equipped and well-rated.

Accommodation Price Range: 600 MAD- 3500 MAD

5. L’hivernage: Luxurious

L’hivernage- Sourced from Maroc Select

L’hivernage is a fancy neighborhood in Marrakech that includes an exclusive selection of luxury shops and hotels.

It is very close to the famous Jamaa Lafna square and evidently to a number of historical monuments and landmarks. This area is also of proximity to the Menara Gardens  that make an important part of the city of Marrakech and incorporate the popular mall known as “Menara Mall”.

A special attention and care was devoted in the supply and set up of this area, as it was perfumed with a captivating green artery and beautiful fountains. Congress Palace and Royal Theatre are two remarkable landmarks that take place in this neighborhood. The fancy modern and international restaurants, lounge bars, casino, and night clubs that exist in this area makes it fit for night life as well. The hotels are exceptionally refined and perfect for accommodation.

Accommodation Price Range: 400 MAD- 4000 MAD