Top 10 Restaurants in Marrakesh


Tajine, image sourced from Unsplash

Marrakesh has all kind of restaurants ranging from those that specialize in traditional Moroccan cuisine to those that offer an excellent experience in international gastronomy in general.

Whether you like to discover the Moroccan culinary in a beautiful traditional setting or get a treat in deluxe international food-oriented restaurants, Marrakesh has the right places for you. As many as they are, there are those that rose conveniently high to the clients expectations and excelled both in gastronomy and service quality.

Here are the top 10 restaurants in Marrakesh that you must visit:

1. Le Tanjia: a refined oriental restaurant

Le Tanjia, image sourced from their website

Le Tanjia restaurant inspires its name from the most famous Marrakchi dish “Tanjia”. It is strategically situated between two great historical monuments Badii Palace and Bahia Palace. Tanjia restaurant has an interesting menu that comprises the tastiest dishes of the Moroccan Cuisine and a various collection of fine wine and excellent cocktails.

Price range: 129 MAD – 269 MAD
Location: Place des Ferblantiers, MarrakeSh 40000

2. The Little Chinese: great cuisine, impeccable service

Dish from Le Petit Chinois

The menu covers a wide range of the Eastern Asian Cuisine: Chinese, Thai, Japanese…etc. The little Chinese restaurant has a dedicating and cheerful staff that welcomes their clients with a lot of warmth and enthusiasm. The flavor of Asia mixed with the intimacy of Marrakesh definitely keeps you anticipating for a second visit.

Price range: 188 MAD – 1319 MAD
Location: Rue du Jbel Sarho, Marrakesh 40000

3. Comptoir Darna : excellent food and exotic belly dancing

Comptoir Darna, image sourced from their website

Darna counter is a luxurious restaurant that offers a mesmerizing setting inspired from the Arabian night. The atmosphere is unique and ideal for extending the night as the music and dance are very entertaining. The menu offered by this restaurant covers both Moroccan and international cuisine. They serve elegant cocktails and delicious meal courses.

Price range: 323 MAD – 699 MAD
Location: Avenue Echouhada, Marrakesh 40000

4. Casanova: splendid Italian gastronomy

Casanova Marrakesh, image sourced from their Facebook page

Casanova offers an animated environment with nice live music. It contains a small garden and a Romantic Terrace. The cuisine comprises real Italian specialties that serve tasty and hearty dishes, namely the Pannacotta. This restaurant stands out with very welcoming and cheerful personnel that provide an absolutely refined service.

Price range: MAD 75 – MAD 194
Location: 7 Avenue Yacoub El Mansour, Marrakesh 40000

5. Dar Zellij: Moroccan cuisine at its splendor in a dazzling atmosphere

Dar Zellij, image sourced from their website

Dar Zellij is situated in the heart of the medina (the old city). The appetizers are served in the terrace that offers a magnificent view and then dinner in the patio. Dar Zellij has an international menu that includes all of African, Moroccan, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisines. The clients are entertained with live music and belly dance (exclusively on Sundays) while eating their meals. The waiters are neatly dressed in elegant Moroccan Traditional attires, contributing to the refinement of the atmosphere.

Price range: MAD 339 – MAD 631
Location:  1, Kaa ssour ، Marrakesh 40000

6. La table du Marché: excellent pastry

Dessert at La Table du Marché, image sourced from their website

Le table du Marché menu focuses mainly on the French cuisine/pastry. This restaurant is perfect for breakfasts. The menu comprises a great range of French dishes that are especially marked with a Moroccan touch. The chef delicately makes use of Moroccan flavors in the French cuisine. The lamb shoulder, the tuna tartar and spring rolls are the clients’ favorite! An aesthetically appealing and savory breakfast buffet is well-served every Sunday.

Price range : MAD 86 – MAD 301
Location: Angle avenue Echouhada et, Rue du Temple, Marrakesh 40000

7. Jad Mahal Palace: great dinner followed by a lively show

Live after-dinner fire show at Jad Mahal Palace, image sourced from their website

The menu includes Moroccan, French and Thai cuisine. The meals are very well presented and delicious. The Moroccan food is exquisitely tasty. This restaurant also has a wide collection of well-made drinks (Mai Tai, dirty martini, mango mojito). Jad Mahal restaurant offers a great setting with perfumed candles and nice gloomy lighting and an entertaining show with live music and belly dancers. Although it’s a bit pricy, but the general ambiance makes it worthwhile.

Price range: high-end
Location: Rue Haroun Errachid, Marrakesh 40000

8. Dar Rhizlane: excellent food facing a delicately lit swimming pool

Garden terrace at Dar Rhizlane, image sourced from their wedsbite

Dar Rhizlane is situated in a Riad (a traditional Moroccan house) in the neighborhood of l’Hivernage. In this restaurant you can order a dinner with starters, main course and dessert for 40 €. The menu includes many traditional Moroccan dishes: chicken and lamb shanks, couscous, briouate (a kind of northern African triangle-shaped pastry) …etc. All takes place in a very enchanting atmosphere. The staff is very attentive and responsive to the customer’s requests.

Price range: 161 MAD – 452 MAD
Location: Avenu Jnane El Harti – Quartier de l’Hivernage, Rue Ibn Oudari, Marrakesh 40000

9. Keshmara : western cuisine

Cheese platter, image sourced from their website

Keshmara restaurant is located in the heart of the new city Guéliz. The menu expands on the international cuisine with very tasty and filling meals. The fish and flavors are of true English style. And the draft bar is reasonably priced containing a variety of drinks. The house has a spectacular décor and a friendly staff. This restaurant combines all the assets from splendid setting to quality food and service.

Price range: 54 MAD – 269 MAD
Location : 3 Rue de la Liberté, Marrakesh 40000

10. Ksar El Hamra: Moroccan cuisine served in a magical Andalusian House

Ksar El Hamra, image sourced from their website

Located in the heart of the Medina, Ksar El Hamra is an exceptional gastronomic restaurant. The Moroccan cuisine is elegantly presented in an Andalusian architectural refinement. The entrées include the Moroccan salads, Pastillas (seafood, pigeon, or almonds Moroccan traditional pie). The main dishes include the best of Moroccan cuisine: Tajine, Tanjia, Couscous…etc. And finally the dessert menu contains Fruit salads, honey pancakes, and a basket of seasonal fruits. The staff is very friendly and at disposal.

Price range: 247 MAD – 494 MAD
Location: 28, Sabt Ben Daoud. Riad Zitoun El Kedim, 40000