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10 Best Lesbian Bars in Madrid


The LGBTQ+ community in Madrid, Spain, is a lucky group whose fun needs have been catered for by the numerous beautiful lesbian bars. The lesbian bars and pubs are why Madrid is lively at night and much more during the day. The diverse range of bars and pubs in the city has made the members of the LGBTQ+ feel included in society and treated equally. You will find everything in this city, from a relaxed atmosphere and friendly and intimate bars to loud, lively, trendy nightclubs. The bars are available for everyone; whether you are a visitor from different parts of the country or world or a local in Madrid, try and explore the lesbian bars in Madrid, and you will have a lifetime experience. Tag along with your friends and family and head to this beautiful Spain capital and have the fun you have never experienced before.

The following are some of the exciting ten best lesbian bars in Madrid:

1. Barbanarama

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Barabanarama is a tiny lesbian bar in Madrid strategically located in the district of Chueca. The location is famous for being a gay and lesbian zone, and everything is customized to meet the needs of the LGBTQ+ community. The bar is, therefore, a popular drinking place for the community members, and the general public is also free to visit. Apart from the tasty cocktails, locally prepared beer, and other drinks, you will enjoy old-school music in the bar. Enjoy RuPaul drag shows in the bar as you chat with new people.

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Practical information
Address: Called de la Cabeza, 33, 28012 Madrid, Spain, Madrid
Opening hours: Weekday: Thu-Fri 9 pm – 6 am, Weekend: Sat-Sun 9 pm – 6 am.
Contact: website

2. Club 33

Club 33 has undergone several transformations in the past years to become the beauty it is today. This lesbian bar was formerly called Medea and was strictly a lesbian-only venue. However, after the takeover by new owners in the early 2010s, the bar management changed the policy, and today they welcome members of the public. Weekends are the best days to visit club 33, as Saturdays have free admissions. The bar is crowded at night when several other clubs have closed. Welcome to Club 33, one of the best lesbian bars in Madrid.

Practical information
Address: C. de la Cabeza, 33, 28012 Madrid, Spain
Opening hours: 12-6 am Thursday to Saturday, closed Sunday to Wednesday
Contact: +34 913 69 33 02

3. LL Show Bar

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Spain has some of the most talented drag show queens and kings. These brilliant talents are invited to unique bars like the LL Show bar to showcase their talents to the public. The bar hosts some of the most talented drag queens from Barcelona and other parts of Spain. Even though the shows are performed in Spanish, they are interactive, fun, and easy to follow. The viewers are involved in the shows to make everything more interesting. Buy a drink and enjoy free drag shows the whole night.

Practical information
Address: C. de Pelayo, 11, 28004 Madrid, Spain
Opening hours: 10 pm to 3 am every day
Contact: +34 619 08 88 11

4. Black and White

Black and White, located in the gay district Chueca, is among the longest-serving lesbian bars in Madrid and Spain. The bar is famous for organizing and hosting parties and music concerts. A massive dance floor inside the three bars is operating under one management. Visitors have a chance to enjoy the drag shows that are hosted every day, starting at midnight till dawn.

Practical information
Address: C. de la Libertad, 34, 28004 Madrid, Spain
Opening hours: 12 am to 5.30 am every day
Contact: +34 665 63 34 89

5. DLRO Live

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DLRO Live has been in the heart of Madrid longer than several bars. The fifteen years old bar in Madrid commands crowds from every corner of the city who come to witness the drag artists inside the bar during performances. The staff at this bar will give you the best welcome and serve you like a king. If you want a place to enjoy shows and adult exhibitions, including “Naked Sports,” then DLRO Live is the best place. Visit the bar to enjoy drinks and lots of entertainment.

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Practical information
Address: Pelayo, 59 (Metro Chueca/ Alonso Martinez), Madrid
Opening hours: 12 am to 5 am on weekdays, 12 am to 6 am on weekends
Contact: +34 913 19 53 02

6. Fluide Escape

Here is a place to enjoy the best cocktails in Madrid and possibly Spain. Fluide escape is a lesbian bar in Chueca that will give you a lifetime experience. There are the best some of the nation’s best DJs in the club that will play you the best and trending new music whole night long. The club operates until late at night to give you the best entertainment for the entire night. The weekends are busier than weekdays, so you must come earlier to find space.

Practical information
Address: Called de Gravina, 13, 28004, Madrid
Opening hours: Weds- 10 pm-4 am, Thurs- 10 pm-5:30 am, Fri- 10 pm-6 am, and Sat- 10 pm-6 am, Sun- 10 pm-4 am
Contact: website


Image by Bob Dmyt from Pixabay

Truco is just another fantastic spot in the heart of the Chueca district that is available to make your stay in Madrid one to remember. Truco is a lesbian spot where you will enjoy drinks at reasonable prices. The cocktails are prepared to reflect the Spanish culture. There is much more on top of the exciting environment, as you will also enjoy the music played by professional DJs. Remember that this is an exclusively lesbian bar; therefore, before you welcome your friends, make sure they are women.

Practical information
Address: Called de Gravina 10, Madrid
Opening hours: Weekday: 10.30 am – 11 pm, Weekend: 10 am – 11 am
Contact: +34 915 32 89 21

8. Fulanita de Tal

Fulanita de Tal lesbian bar in Madrid has existed for quite some time, starting from the grassroots. The bar began from a humble background and grew into one of the biggest lesbian bars in the city. Today, the bar is the brand of the LGBTQ community in the city and across Spain. The bar is recognized by the young generation who love loud and fast music, especially house and electronica music. The bar is strictly for women, and you can enjoy creative shows such as women’s lipstick festivals.

Practical information
Address: Regueros, C. de Regueros, 9, 28004 Madrid, Spain
Opening hours: 10 pm to 3 am Thursday and Friday, 8 pm to 3 am Saturday and Sunday, closed Monday to Wednesday
Contact: +34 913 19 50 69

9. La 80

Image by Hands off my tags! Michael Gaida from Pixabay

La 80 is a unique lesbian bar in Madrid that explicitly celebrates the music produced in the 80s. A bar is exclusively a lesbian place where you will meet mature and beautiful lesbians to start new conversations and probably meet new lovers. If you have a flexible body and love to dance, don’t go anywhere else because La 80 has a massive dance floor.

Practical information
Address: C/ Sombrerería 8 28012 Madrid, Spain, Madrid
Opening hours: Weekday: Thu – Sat: 11 pm – 3 am, Weekend: Sundays closed
Contact: website

10. La Berenjena

There are a few bars in Madrid where you will enjoy delicious meals for supper. La Berenjana is just among the few bars where you will be served the best cocktails and your choice’s meals in the city. Though the bar is small, they offer high-class services, including drinks and food. It would be best if you were among the first to arrive at the bar to get a sitting space.

Practical information
Address: Called Del Marqués de Toca, 7, Madrid
Opening hours: Weekday: 7 pm – 1 am (Mon closed), Weekend: Sat 7 pm – 1.30 am (Sun closed)
Contact: +34 914 67 52 97

To sum up, a few cities have unique lesbian bars, and Madrid is one of them. The bars in this city are symbols for the social inclusion of members of the LGBTQ+ in society. These bars also offer more entertainment that helps in social matters. Whether you are a resident of Madrid, Spain, or visiting, there is a place for you to have fun in a lesbian bar. Drinks, music, and shows, among other forms of entertainment, are in these hot spots.