Read on to find the best macarons in Paris! France has fine cooking and not enjoying it during your stay in Paris would be a big mistake.

That’s why I’m here to give you some advice on where to go to have the best experience of macarons, one of the finest pastries made in France. Traditionally a macaron is made of three pieces: two biscuits that sandwich a bit of cream. It can be of any flavor. A lot of places sell it in Paris but only a few are truly exceptional.

1.) Gerard Mulot

This pastry maker has 3 stores in Paris, one 93 rue de la Glacière 75013, another 6, rue du Pas de la Mule 75003 and the last one (my favorite location), in Saint Germain des Prés, 76, rue de Seine 75006. They change the collection with the season. My all time favorite in this shop is the Ananas/Ginger.

Macarons in Paris

2.) Dalloyau

The house was founded in 1682; they used to cater for king Louis the XIV. More than just a place where you can buy the pastries, this a real tea house where you can enjoy some of the best macarons in Paris over a cup of tea or chocolate. They sell the macarons by the box of 4, 9,14 or 40. They have 9 shops around Paris, the most famous being the one rue du faubourg saint honoré.

3.) Lenotre

Less prestigious than the Dalloyau house, Lenotre is still one of the best places in Paris to buy macarons. Note that they also have cooking classes where you can learn to make your favorite pastries! They have 10 shops that cover all of the Parisian ground.

4.) Ladurée

Now we are getting really close to my favorite, I always have a hard time telling which one I like the best between Pierre Hermé and Ladurée. Ladurée first opened in 1862. They got really famous with the opening of a shop on the champs Elysées and of a tea a house rue Bonaparte.


5.) Pierre Hermé

Well, now I have to admit that Pierre Hermé is my favorite, making the best macarons in Paris in my opinion. He used to work as the head baker at Ladurée, so I understand why I like Ladurée so much. If all of the other shops sold classic macarons, this is not the case of Pierre Hermé.

His pastries are art experiments. His collection changes every semester for new tastes. My all time favorite is this Ispahan, a rose, litchi and raspberry macaron.

And one last thing! In all those shops, remember to keep the boxes, they are all so pretty! And if buying all these macaroons still hasn’t lowered your craving for them, consider taking cooking classes to learn how to make them yourself!

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