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20 Iconically Famous Restaurants In Los Angeles


There are renowned eateries in Los Angeles that have endured the test of time. Some places stick around because of their fantastic cuisine, while others do so because of their distinctive setting or handy location. Amazingly, some of these restaurants have provided excellent services to affluent, famous people and their admirers for almost 100 years. These restaurants offer every type of food and flavor you could ever desire.

Get yourself to Los Angeles right now if you believe the best way to a traveler’s heart is through their stomach. There, are over 20,000 restaurants that serve every possible dish and gastronomic trend. Amazingly, dishes made by current LA chefs today are already regarded as modern classics and are inspired by several cultures. Several dishes developed in LA throughout the years have been featured on menus all around the country and the world as culinary icons. You will have a better opportunity of sampling these well-known dishes in these restaurants. The variety of beverages is vast, and the knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect one to wash down the delicacies.

We have chosen the top 20 restaurants in history based on their unquestionable iconic status and continued success. These places will be remembered in culinary history as the true icons they are.

1. Philippe the Original

Image by Deyse from Pixabay

The eatery is renowned for having been open continuously since 1908, making it among the oldest in Los Angeles. It is also well-known as the reputed creator of the French dip sandwich. With dated customs like rows of tables and wood shavings lying over the floor, Philippe’s is a typically local and peaceful restaurant to enjoy your dinner with a group of friends.

Amazingly, care about the restaurant’s major draw, but they also serve other traditional fares including properly prepared beef stew, baked apples, pickled pigs’ feet, and Turkey sandwiches. In addition to beer and well-selected wines, Philippe’s sells fresh-brewed iced tea, lemonade, coffee, and soft drinks in cans.

practical information
Address: 1001 N Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA 90012, United States
Phone: +1 213-628-3781
open daily from 6 am to 10 pm

2. Felix Trattoria

In Los Angeles, Felix Trattoria’s temple to pasta is one of the most exciting places to enjoy upscale Italian cuisine. The environment is friendly and the magnificent dining room evokes an antique grandmother’s house. You will enjoy their freshly made pasta meals. Amazingly, the pasta is entirely produced by hand. You can try the home pappardelle with a short rib which is amazingly tasty and the pasta and perfectly cooked. The service here is always excellent. The staff is friendly and you will enjoy wonderful meals based on their suggestions.

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OPEN: Monday- Thursday: 5:00 PM- 9:30 PM/ FRI: 5:00 PM- 10:00 PM
PHONE NUMBER:  +1 424-387-8622

3. Bestia

Image by Laddawan Somkaew from Pixabay

One of the iconic restaurants in Downtown Los Angeles, it has won several awards. Three stars were awarded to Bestia by well-known regional magazines. Great place for those who value quality ingredients and exceptional service. You will enjoy their attention to detail and delicacy. Chicken gizzards are a must-try, with very dense and rich flavor. House-made ricotta is an experience, soft and creamy with rustic bread. The pasta is well-cooked and delicious.

practical information
Address: 2121 E 7th Pl, Los Angeles, CA 
Phone: +1 213-514-5724
open daily from 5 to 11 pm

4. Kuya Lord

Kuya Lord is a fast-paced, relaxed Filipino restaurant owned by Lord Maynard Llera. When visiting this tranquil city, you should not miss this location. Chef Maynard uses classical methods to elevate and reimagine traditional Filipino cuisine. To ensure Filipino food sparkles, Maynard emphasizes utilizing premium products and careful preparation techniques. To provide diners with the finest experience possible each time they visit, the restaurant exclusively uses quality meat, fish, and spice suppliers from across the world.

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practical information
location;5003 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, California 
open; Wednesday – Sunday 11 am- 3 pm; 5-9 pm
visit the website

5. Alta Adams

Los Angeles customers are paying attention because of Alta, a restaurant in West Adams. This restaurant is well established by both locals and visitors because of the “California soul” that chef Keith Corbin serves. The dish is prepared by fusing regional products with West African flavors and cooking methods. Amazingly, Corbin’s cooking embodies his soul, and many of the recipes are modeled after items he prepared with his grandmother when he was younger. With every bite of food from this renowned restaurant, you can taste the history that permeates its very being.

practical information
Address: 5359 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016, United States
Phone: +1 323-571-4999

6. Pasjoli

Image by Дарья Яковлева from Pixabay

After work or exploring this peaceful city, head to Pasjoli for relief with a delicious meal and some well-selected drinks. This is one of the iconic restaurants not to miss because of the menu’s truly extravagant offerings and the setting’s feeling of exclusivity. The wait staff addresses you as if you are regular, the setting resembles a sidewalk eatery for nobility.

A dinner at Pasjoli isn’t just about enjoying amazing cuisine; it’s also about appreciating a restaurant that is performing at the pinnacle of its art, from a superbly garnished fresh salad to a chocolate soufflé you will travel across states to eat. The menu at this renowned restaurant is devoid of any weak foods. Order your best drink to wash down the delicacies.

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practical information
Address: 2732 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405, United State
Phone: +1 424-330-0020

7. Shamshiri Grill

Image by daole68680 from Pixabay

One of LA’s oldest eateries, this Westwood icon has been operating since 1981. Amazingly, this is a setting where, on any given weeknight, you may walk in to witness firsthand dates, family dinners, and buddy gatherings all going taking place at the same moment. Their food is earthy, savory, and different from what is often offered on other menus in the area. In a comfortable setting, you may sample Iranian favorites including kebabs, rice dishes, and traditional stews. visit this restaurant with your friends and have the best experience in this peaceful spot.

practical information
Address: 1712 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles
Phone: +1 310-474-1410

8. Taste Of Tehran

This more upscale restaurant is a terrific choice for a romantic date or a family supper. The dining area has a warm ambiance and has a large clay oven in the corner, as well as luminous art scenes on the wall and white silk tablecloths. You should try the chicken soltani, which is served with a huge mound of basmati rice since it is one of the restaurant’s top-notch meals.

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practical information
Address: 1915 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles
Phone: +1 310-470-0022
open daily from 11.30 am to 9 pm

9. Dan Tana’s

For years, the renowned Italian eatery Dan Tana’s has been a business icon in Los Angeles. After all these years, people still enjoy this place because it is so boldly and impulsively old-fashioned. The inside, with its festive decor, dangling chianti bottles, and snarky older waiters who are softly interacting with everyone is the best atmosphere. Don’t forget to sample their specialty meal, which is chicken parmigiana. In addition, there is always wine available. Interestingly, It’s not about the excellent meals at Dan Tana’s or the renowned people who frequent it. It’s about experiencing a location where the celebration never ends.

practical information
Address: 9071 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood
Phone: +1 310-275-9444
open daily from 5 to 11 pm

10. Asuka

Image by Adamsov Production from Pixabay

Asuka is the only restaurant in Westwood where you can get the best Japanese food, according to locals. Amazingly, diners will discover the classic buffet-style selections of sushi and sashimi for both lunch and supper. Nine exquisite meals are created by chef Kenkichi Yamamoto, each of which combines fresh ingredients with French and Japanese influences. Edamame tofu, and sea snails that need to be removed from their shells might all appear in front of you.

practical information
Address: 1553 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024, United States
Phone: +1 424-832-7284
open;Tuesday to Saturday; 6 to 10pm

11. Marouch

A dinner at Marouch is more satisfying than ever. One of LA’s iconic dining experiences for a long time has been this one. As soon as you enter Marouch’s strip mall location, you’ll be struck by its magnificence. There are stunning paintings throughout the large dining area, which has a bar around it. The Marouch dishes that fill the entire table with many little dishes are the greatest. You can discover here all the kebabs and other delicious meals you could ask for.

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practical information
Address: 4905 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029, United States
Phone: +1 323-662-9325
open Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 8 pm

12.Jitlada Restaurant

Image by Niek Verlaan from Pixabay

This is one of the city’s famous Thai eateries. You can only get meals at Jitlada that are unique to the city, such as the fiery jazz burger and the crispy catfish salad. Extremely delicious Thai food from a place that has been around longer than most of its patrons! Friendly personnel and affordable pricing. With over 180 options, their menu is extensive and a little overwhelming, but I’m confident that anything you eat will be wonderful. The morning glory salad and crispy duck spring rolls are a must-try. You should arrive early because they don’t accept bookings and the wait list is displayed outside and they always seem to be crowded.
practical information
Address: 5233 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027, United States
Phone: +1 323-667-9809

13. Found Oyster

Found Oyster is a restaurant that specializes in seafood raw and has a menu of hot and cold dishes in a variety of sizes. It was inspired by the informal seafood eateries in the Northeast. A number of the oysters come from the Massachusetts oyster ranch. Unquestionably, the half-shelled raw oysters and clams are a must-have. You’ve got a winner when you combine it with a thoughtful wine list. The restaurant has other dishes that you can try such as a lobster roll.

practical information
location: 4880 Fountain Ave, Los Angeles
Phone: +1 323-522-6239
visit the website

14. Lasita

It might be simple to overlook the fact that a fantastic restaurant offers more than simply delicious meals at times. A lot depends on the mood and environment and this restaurant has it all, the excitement is always around at Lasita. There is constant music playing while groups of people socialize, dine, and create memories. Well-prepared dishes like pork belly lechon are featured heavily on the menu. Several appetizers, nibbles, and small plates are also offered.

practical information
Address: 727 N Broadway #120, Los Angeles, CA 90012, United States
open; Monday to Saturday; 5;30 to 10pm
Phone: +1 213-443-6163

15. Camphor

Image by Social Butterfly from Pixabay

This is a good choice for a classy birthday meal with friends or a dating night. The atmosphere is quite nice as you open the door to enter. The staff is very attentive and genuinely engaging. Although the mushroom dish is tasty, the scallops are outstanding. Opera, Chappelle, and Saint Germain are some of the solid cocktails, and highly recommend Opera. You will love this restaurant and you will be back for sure!

practical information
Address: 923 E 3rd St Suite 109, Los Angeles
Phone: +1 213-626-8888
visit the website

16. Kato Restaurant

This is another iconic restaurant to visit while in this city. You will have a great experience dining at Kato. Every dish is creatively prepared and delicious. Each entrée is presented on a plate that complements the essence of the food and creates an enjoyable dining experience. The staff is efficient courteous and professional. The dining area is clean and minimalist and you will love how consistent the decor is from the tables to the dishes and flatware. The combination of ingredients is simply magnificent. They’ll make sense to you as to why they received their first Michelin star.

practical information
Address: 777 S Alameda St Building 1, Suite 114, Los Angeles, CA 90021, United States
Phone: +1 213-797-5770
open; Tue to sat;5 to 10 pm

17. Here’s Looking At You

This restaurant is simply a stunning experience. Every meal and cocktail is a balanced masterpiece, and the service is expert. The staff will make a  meal flow perfectly with memorable recommendations and graceful patience with your pickiness on wine temperature. Every dish you will try in this iconic restaurant will be excellent. I recommend the Uni panna cotta, which is a unique flavor. Other highlights include the chicken liver mousse, the steak tartare, stracciatella, and the shaved ice dessert.

practical information
Address: 3901 W 6th St, Los Angeles
Open: Monday: 6:00 PM- 10:00 PM; Thursday- Saturday: 6:00 PM- 10:00 PM
PHONE NUMBER: +1 213-568-3289


Image by DanaTentis from Pixabay

A fantastic restaurant is N/Naka. You’ll have an incredible experience! You will be hesitant to eat any of the dishes that Chef Nikki produces since they are all so gorgeous and delectable. The ambiance, the impeccable service, and the flow of the entire night will make dining at n/naka an adventure, and the dishes a symphony. Not only are the ingredients high quality but one can taste the care and love that Chef Niki and all her staff put into each dish. You won’t regret it!

practical information
Address: 3455 Overland Ave, Los Angeles
Phone: +1 310-836-6252
OPEN HOURS: Wednesday- Saturday: 5:30 PM- 9:00 PM

19. Hayato

Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay

One of LA’s most famous locations is Hayato. The chef, Brandon Hayato Go, is what distinguishes Hayato from the competition. His nightly dining customers may relax, forgetting they are strangers, and form friendships over bottles of shared wine since he creates a world-changing parade of foods while still having a lovely personality. Chef Brandon uses many different traditional Kaiseki techniques with Dashi stock, grilling, tempura, and more to bring diners on a 14+ course meal. 

Address: 1320 E 7th St #126, Los Angeles, CA 90021, United States
Phone: +1 213-395-0607
OPEN; wed to sat;6;30 to 10;30 pm

20. République

République is still among the city’s top restaurants and is a need. This iconic restaurant features an enjoyable atmosphere that is both intimate and lively with good lighting. The service is great, you’re frequently checked on, refilled, and given new silverware & plates for each course by an array of servers. The staff is very knowledgeable about the menu and the ingredients, as well as the history of the building. Most importantly, the food is always incredible. All of the flavors are amazing, and everything is cooked to perfection. Each course is consistent in its execution! 

practical information
location: 624 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles
Phone: +1 310-362-6115



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