Top 6 Wedding Venues of London


London might not be the exotic-type destination for beach or outdoor weddings, but it is one for fabulously classy nuptial celebrations on par with royal unions.

The entire city center as well as greater London are littered with venues for wedding ceremonies; some of them classic, and some of them quirky. There is rumor that one can even get married on the street as the changing of the guards takes place at Buckingham Palace, though I have found little evidence to support this.

Shoreditch Studios in London – by Shoreditch Studios – Sourced from their website

Here are six wedding venues not to overlook when planning your big day in London Town.

1. Dulwich Picture Gallery in London

We’ll start with a venue for the art lovers that want to get married in London. The Dulwich Picture Gallery is an small museum-like collection of 17th and 18th century classic works.

It is situated in the neighborhood of Dulwich, far south of the center of London.

The gallery made the decision a few years ago to open up their space as a wedding venue. Weddings are typically held after the galleries public closing time at 5pm.

Dulwich Picture Gallery in London – by Dulwich Picture Gallery – Sourced from their website

Included in the package is access for guests into the entire museum space. They will be able to browse the artworks at their leisure throughout the evening, which is a great activity to have on offer during that awkward photograph period between the service and dinner.

In addition to weddings, Dulwich Gallery is available for general venue hire for filming, events and corporate use. This part of London is rarely explored so take advantage of their facilities; guided walking tours are also available.

Address: Gallery Rd, Dulwich, London SE21 7AD, UK
Contact: +44 20 8693 5254

2. Syon Park in London

Syon Park is regarded as one of the most breathtaking wedding venues available in the United Kingdom. It is situated in the Syon Gardens in west London, technically falling under the Middlesex district.

The grand halls combined with the manicured gardens make the the perfect summer wedding venue. Alternatively, winter weddings embrace snowfall and a grey/white backdrop to compliment the romantic scenes inside.

Syon Park in London – by Syon Park – Sourced from their website

There are multiple facilities on the grounds in which the service and reception can take place. The venue you choose will largely depend on the size of your party. You will also be able to choose exactly what time of day you’d like to enjoy the facilities; weddings range from perk hour sun right through to twilight options.

Depending on the weather you’ll also have access to the gardens and the relative facilities. The gardens form part of a 200 acre park that hold rich history to the city of London.

Address: Brent Lea, Brentford TW8 8JF, UK
Contact: +44 20 8560 0882

3. Horniman Museum & Gardens in London

The Horniman Museum is one of London’s most unusual museums. You’ll find it in the far south of London, in an area called Forest Hill.

It’s often equated to a kingdom of pleasures, featuring an aquarium, stuffed animal exhibits, musical instrument installations and even mini golf as an attraction.

The Horniman Gardens are another important facet to this venue. They are made up of thousands of exotic plants and flowers. They are award winning gardens that make for one unforgettably majestic wedding union.

Horniman Museum & Gardens – by Horniman Museum & Gardens – Uploaded by them

Unsurprisingly there is a long list of wedding bookings for this sought after venue. Couples are encouraged to book their dates ASAP with the venue.

Wedding or not, this is still a great attraction to the city of London. Make some time to visit both he museum and gardens during your next trip. 

Address: 100 London Rd, Forest Hill, London SE23 3PQ, UK
Contact: +44 20 8699 1872

4. Wilton’s Music Hall in London

Wilton’s Music Hall is a dream venue whether you’re a couple looking to get married, an artist trying to break into the London music scene, or just a traveler with an interested in architectural masterpieces.

It’s an astounding space, situated in the heart of London close to Brick Lane and the trendiest neighborhoods that the city has to offer. It has been here since 1858, making it an iconic spot in the London history books.

The venue sought to expand it’s usage reach and has recently been open for events and weddings. It’s a venue with the space of a grand palace and the whimsey of a retro European fun fair.

Wilton’s Music Hall in London – by Wilton’s Music Hall – Uploaded by them

The venue has both an upstairs and a downstairs; your order of events can be divided between both, but the lower level is typically used for the banquet dining while the upper for attractions like photo booths, cocktail bars and extra seating.

Since this venue is juggling both events and musical concerts, bookings should be done well in advance in order for them to properly manage their schedule. Musical performances can also be arranged by the venue as entertainment during wedding receptions; something to think about.

Address: 1 Graces Alley, Whitechapel, London E1 8JB, UK
Contact: +44 20 7702 2789

5. Shoreditch Studios in London

Shoreditch has always been a neighborhood for the creatives and visionaries. It’s vibrant, it’s quirky, it’s filled with guided walking tour and it’s the perfect blank canvas for your 21st century wedding in the English capital… or at least the Shoreditch Studio is.

Shoreditch Studio is a 6000 square foot open warehouse that is available for events hire. It’s a no frills, decor free space that wedding planners or couples can get really creative in. The only aesthetic you’ll be provided with is the beautiful exposed brick across the walls, and the tiled arch ceiling above.

Shoreditch Studios in London – by Shoreditch Studios – Sourced from their website

Since the studio is normally used for photography, you’re guaranteed natural light and pictures to last a life time. What you do for tables and interior decor is up to you; there are three separate areas for you to work with as you please.

Address: 37 Bateman’s Row, Hackney, London EC2A 3HH, UK
Contact: +44 20 7729 1669

6. Anywhere in London

I acknowledge that although some couples may have a deep love for the city of London, not all will be able to afford the venues mentioned above, or even an average wedding venue in the city for that matter.

London is anything but cheap, and venue hire usually amounts to a large portion of one’s budget.

by Mael BALLAND – Unsplash

More and more millennial couples are skipping out on big venue hire in London town and opting to get married in the public spaces that are free to use instead. Hyde Park,  Regent’s Park, London Bridge, Canary Wharf and various rooftops are amongst a few spots where couples can quietly gather in ceremony before treating their friends and family to a celebratory dinner somewhere in the city.

If you want even more inspiration, or would like to keep up to date with current wedding trends and events, check out this website  Once you have chosen your venue, here you will be able to plan down to the very last detail. From your shoes and flowers to your photographer and honeymoon, Wedding Wire can help!