Top 5 Best Places To Order A Birthday Cake In London


1. For ultimate indulgence… Konditor

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German bakers Konditor, formerly Konditor and Cook, have been delighting Londoners with their baked delights since 1993. Their impressive roster of satisfied customers includes Tina Turner and the Rolling Stones. Nowadays you’ll find cake laden branches of the Konditor family across London, meaning that you’re never far away from a delicious slice of something sweet. Their birthday cakes never fail to impress, whether you’re ordering for a beloved relative, an important client or a milestone party.

When it comes to whole celebration cakes, the iconic favourite is their world famous Curly Whirly Cake, a heavenly concoction of vanilla bean cream cheese icing and chocolate sponge made with real melted Belgian chocolate. While it’s not specifically marketed as a birthday cake, its delicious flavours make it perfect for a special birthday celebration for any age, from 10 to 100! If it’s something specifically birthday themed you’re after, their luxe personalised cakes come in a variety of bright designs perfect for any kind of celebration, including rainbow balloons, jungles, or detailed flowers.

At Konditor you won’t find sky high layers or ultra-elaborate life like decorations, just rich cake, generous icing and full flavours. That’s what sets them apart from other cake makers.

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2. For a healthy hit… B Raw Cakes

B Raw Cakes Online

If you had to think of one of the most popular diet trends of recent years, it would be hard to forget the healthy eating phenomenon of the raw food diet. Quite simply, it involves a diet only made up of foods which haven’t been heated beyond a certain temperature. Fans of eating this way claim that foods retain the maximum amount of nutritional value when they remain raw. This challenging diet may not be suitable or sustainable for everyone, so if you’re intrigued by the concept and fancy a delicious way to try eating raw, why not go for a raw vegan birthday cake to start with?

Cosmopolitan London has no shortage of raw vegan cakes and bites available in its cafes and bakeries. However, if you’re looking for something special for a big birthday celebration, B Raw Cakes is the ideal first stop. Created from the idea that healthy eating can also be delicious, B Raw Cakes has been serving London’s vegans since 2016. Their delicious, handmade raw vegan cakes come in a dizzying array of flavours, including pineapple-matcha, orange-turmeric and peanut butter. The ultra healthy plant based ingredients used to make them so delicious include dates and maple syrup for sweetness, coconut oil and almonds for a hit of goodness, and cacao powder for their seriously chocolatey varieties. It’s the perfect guilt free birthday indulgence.

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3. For serious creativity… Peggy Porschen

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Peggy Porschen has enjoyed some serious online street cred in recent years, thanks to how photogenic their scenic London cafes are. Baby pink decor, fresh flowers everywhere and shabby chic details make every visit to Peggy Porschen the perfect opportunity for an eye catching group photo or a creative selfies sure to get plenty of likes. It also doesn’t hurt that their cakes are delicious too! Both branches of Peggy Porschen field queues of customers every day, eager to sample the generous slices of their delicious classic cakes, along with an artisan cup of tea or coffee. You might love their cafes, but it’s with their made to order celebration cakes that Peggy Porschen really stand out from the crowd.

The bakers offer dozens of unique designs, each one painstakingly crafted in exquisite detail by their master bakers and designers. Peruse their website and you’ll find a dinosaur figure so lifelike it’s about to roar off of the cake, a rainbow design with a gradient more vibrant than real life, and roses so perfect that you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d been grown in a garden. At a steeper price tag, you’ll be delighted with the results which are some of the finest in London. It’s all delicious Peggy Porschen cake, with no queue.

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4. For a birthday on a budget… Blackbird Bakery

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Small independent bakers Blackbird Bakery have expanded to a variety of locations across London, since their humble beginnings as a market stall in East Dulwich. They pride themselves on their handmade food which is made fresh onsite every day, with real wholesome ingredients and family recipes.

While you might be tempted to pop in for a festive mince pie or a wood fired sourdough pizza, don’t get too distracted, as the cake baking at Blackbird Bakery is taken very seriously. You won’t find anything you can’t pronounce on the menu here; every cake is home made in comforting, familiar flavours, including chocolate fudge, carrot and stem ginger. If you suffer from intolerances, try their flourless chocolate cake, or dairy free banana and date cake.

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5. For chocoholic heaven… Bea’s Of Bloomsbury

Bea’s Of Bloomsbury Online

Elegant central London tea rooms Bea’s Of Bloomsbury have been delighting customers in Marylebone and St Paul’s for years, with their classy afternoon tea service, delicious cakes and other baked treats.

The star of the show is their chocolate cake, a cocoa extravaganza of not one, not two, but three layers of indulgent chocolate decadence. Soft chocolate buttercream icing, dark truffle ganache, and chocolate devil’s food cake all combine to create one of the richest, most luxurious chocolate cakes on the market. It’ll cast a spell on any chocoholic.

To order your birthday cake call their bespoke cake hotline for a friendly and personal service.

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