The 5 best cafes near the Tower of London

If you are thinking of grabbing a cuppa before you head to the infamous Tower of London for a tour of the historical grounds, you are in no shortage of options. With plenty of coffee shops, cafes, independently-owned eateries, and coffee stalls outside and around the Tower Bridge area, you can choose the perfect spot to enjoy your morning latte or your afternoon pick-me-up cup of tea.

With options on either side of the Tower Bridge, you can either sit at a cafe gazing across  The Thames at the Tower of London, or you can choose one within a few minutes’ walk of the entranceway. Whatever you choose, you will be rewarded with a strong espresso hti and great views of the surrounding city. 

The Watch House Tower Bridge

One of the best choices for a strong cup of coffee that is sure to give you a little pep in your step before your tower of the Tower of London is the Watch House. This location is the companys’ flagship site, a cafe that is conveniently located in the Cardamom Building right by the Tower of London. With a big interior space that makes it ideal for getting a quick bite to eat and a drink during the rainy days of the year, this cafe has everything you could possibly want during the breakfast and brunch hours. 

We recommend trying one of their espresso drinks, like their strong Americano or the frothy cappuccino. If you happen to visit the capital during a warm period – which is quite rare – consider getting an Iced Affogato for something out of the ordinary. 

Hours: 7:00-18:00 monday-Friday, 8:00-18:00 Saturday and Sunday 

Byward Kitchen and Bar

Traditional eggs benedict – By By Mark Miller – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Byward is the perfect spot to do a little work on your laptop before exploring the Tower of London. If you are a remote worker who enjoys free WiFi, strong coffee, and a minimalist interior that is conducive to finishing your long overdue proposal or your latest university paper, head here. Located right next to the All Hallows by the Tower of London church, you can enjoy a quick break from the bustle of the city by sitting in the relaxed courtyard, garden, or cozy nook inside.

The breakfast menu is available from 9:30 to 11:30am and contains classics like Full English, Vegetarian English, and Eggs Benedict. Along with the typical staples, you can find unique options like the Admiral’s Toast – a simple breakfast creation made with Scottish smoked salmon and watercress on a perfectly toasted piece of bread. 

The good thing about this place? This cafe is open virtually all day, meaning you can roll your workday into the afternoon and enjoy a lunchtime pint!

Hours: Wednesday to Saturday 9:30-17:00

De Vine

Espresso shot being poured into a breakfast cup – Byu By Coffeecupgals – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

De Vine Restaurant and Coffee Bar is a local cafe near the Tower Hill Tube Station, making it very convenient for traveling to and from the Tower of London. Typically considered a hidden gem in the busy city of London, this coffee shop has mastered breakfast and strong coffee in the best ways possible. With a friendly staff, cool atmosphere, and old-school vibe, this inexpensive cafe has everything you could need for a filling brekkie. 

Hours: Monday – Friday 6:00-16:00 

White Mulberries

Palmiers pastry – By By jytyl – Palmiers, or Puff Pastry Sugar Cookies, CC BY 2.0,

Located near St. Katharine Docks, you can rest assured you will have a great experience when you go to this local cafe. With an arty and unique vibe inside, you can gaze at the artwork on the walls, the wooden tables, and enjoy sitting here to catch up with a friend. If you would rather, you can sit outside and enjoy a view of the beautiful city, Thames, and Tower of London neighborhood.

Known for their brilliant coffee, tasty pastries, and filling brunches, White Mulberries is a versatile spot that makes it ideal for business meetings, friend catch-ups, remote workers to get a few tasks checked off their list, and families who want fresh and high-quality food and drinks. 

Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30-18:00, Saturday and Sunday 8:00-18:00

Peter’s Cafe London

The full English breakfast – By By Joadl – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 at,

Looking for a vegetarian-friendly and vegan-friendly choice near the Tower of Ladoo? Peter’s has you covered. With tasty food, professional and friendly service and great value for the little bit of money you will spend, your British pounds will go a long way in this cafe. 

Located near the Aldgate tube station, you are just a short walk from the Tower of London – a walk that will help you burn off some of this tasty breakfast! With simple food and basics that are cooked to perfection, you can enjoy staples like a Full English or Bacon Butty to fuel you through the beginning of your day. 

With an unpretentious and unassuming atmosphere, this breakfast spot is a great place for those who want traditional British food without any of the added tourist flair. In a diner-like setting, you can order a Full English and receive a platter-size plate that is filled with beans, rashes, sausage, tomatoes, eggs, and mushrooms cooked perfectly. 

And their coffee isn’t bad either – you can even order a fancy latte served in a stem glass that makes you feel like you are sipping espresso in Italy or the south of France. A casual spot that is great for families before heading to sightsee for the day, Peter’s Cafe is a must-stop during your next stroll through the City of London.

Hours: Monday – Friday 6:00-15:30, Saturday and Sunday 7:00-15:00