Best Places for Afternoon Tea in London

London is synonymous with many things – the double-decker buses, red phone booths, posh accents, football clubs, and – you guessed it – high tea. Tea in London is one of the must-do experiences when you’re here next time as a tourist – you can get a feel for what it might be like to live as a royal when you go to a fancy tea parlor to have your small sandwiches, crumpets, a spot of tea, and biscuits!

But where should you go for the best afternoon tea in London? Although there are many tea houses, tea shops, and brunch places that claim to have the best English high tea, we have narrowed down the selling to our top choices. This way, you can spend more time drinking tea and less time wandering around the crowded city of London while you are hungry for your afternoon snack – trust us, nothing is worse. 

Let’s see the best places to go for some English breakfast tea, biscuits, and scones with clotted cream and jam!

Ashridge House

Ashridge House – By By © User:Colin / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0,

If you have a car, or you don’t mind taking public transportation for a few minutes, you can head to the Ashridge House in Hertfordshire. A great escape from the bustling city of London you can head here to have a quiet experience that makes it seem like you are walking back in time. The journal to get to Ashridge House is an adventure in its own right – you will walk down a forest pathway with trees on the other side, and suddenly come out on a beautiful, historical, and castle-like structure. This is where you are going to have your afternoon tea – and it looks like something right out of a movie. 

Once you get over the grandiosity of the building, you can then head inside to have no-frills English tea. If you are looking for very tasty food, crumbly and buttery scones, chewy brown bread, hearty cream cheese, and egg mayonnaise, then look no further. We recommend saving your appetite for the golden scones with clotted cream, chocolate mousse, and a few cups of tea. 

Price: £39,50 per person

Petersham Nurseries, Richmond

Richmond Riverside – By By Diliff – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

After you take a few hours walking around the beautiful Richmond Park on the rare sunny London day, why not head to Petersham Nurseries? After browsing the beautiful plants, flowers, and home decorations that you are sure to bring home to your London flat, you can head to the Teahouse – the aptly named location for English afternoon tea. 

If you’re looking for the full experience – with the scent of fresh-bloomed flowers in the background – then the Teahouse is the place for you. Try some of the loose-leaf teas to switch it up from the typical English – if you really want to get crazy in the middle of the afternoon, we recommend trying the rose petal prosecco for the sweet ending to your tea. 

What do we recommend? Save room for dessert, as the cherry and almond tart mixed with a steaming hot cup of tea cannot be beaten. 

Price: £45 for the afternoon tea, £55 for the rose petal prosecco “tea” 

Brasserie of Light, Selfridges

Selfridges Oxford Street – By By Philip Halling, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Everyone has heard of Selfridges – but why would their afternoon tea make the top of our list? Isn’t Selfridges known for shopping? The answer is yes – but don’t knock the tea until you try it. Head to this aesthetic and pleasing location to get savory dishes, sweet donuts, and themed cocktails. If you want to add a twist to the typical English tea, the Brasserie of Light at Selfridges is the spot to go to try new delicacies, traditional scones, and innovative cocktails.

Price: £35 per person

Le Deli Robuchon

A crescent shaped pastry – BY By Daniela Kloth – Own work, GFDL 1.2,

Located in the Western end of London in Mayfair, this afternoon tea is the best spot if you are looking for the fluffiest, crunchiest, and sweetest pastries in the entire city. If you have been missing a little taste of Paris on your trip to London, don’t fret – the Parisian pastries here are something that makes you feel like you’re sitting on the Seine in France. Try the madeleines and the quintessential English tea for a mixture of both cultures into one ideal experience.

Price: £37 for two people

The Shard

The Shard from the Sky Garden- By © User:Colin / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Arguably one of the most noticeable and quintessential London buildings in the entire city, the shard is a striking architectural masterpiece. Although it is not one of the most beautiful historical buildings around, the glass panes, striking features, and the point at the top have made it a city landmark. While you are taking a boat ride on the Thames, you can see the top of the Shard sticking out among the rest of the London skyscrapers. As you walk down the streets of the city of London, the Shard calls you like a beacon of light – therefore, it only makes sense that they would have one of the best afternoon teas in the city, right?

Located on level 32 of the towering building, you can enjoy tea with a view! We recommend trying the cranberry scones, grapefruit posset, and infused teas. If you do not veer off from typical English breakfast tea, we recommend trying the New Zealand manuka flower tea for a tropical and fruity offering that is ideal to pair with cranberry scones!

Price: £42 per person