8 Best Michelin Star Restaurants in London


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London – a city of endless options. Bars, pubs, stores, restaurants, attractions. It’s never ending. Even with the infinite amount of possibilities, the quality doesn’t falter. London is home to dozens of Michelin-listed restaurants.

Remember to dress appropriately in a Michelin starred restaurant! Image by Nils Stahl sourced from Unsplash

London is home to extravagance – from luxury shops to upscale restaurants, England’s capital has it all. You won’t have to worry for a second about finding traditional English dishes or international cuisine at one of the numerous eateries spread throughout the city. If you’re visiting London and budget isn’t something of concern, the capital has many Michelin-starred restaurants that provide tasty, beautiful, and high-quality dishes that everyone will enjoy.

London is ranked as one of the top cities in the world for fine dining – and we are here to show that. Although Michelin is an expert on expensive restaurants, they have tried to diverge from solely upmarket establishments to other locations that will cater to the general public and ordinary diners. Because of that, you might be surprised to find some five-star hotels on the list, providing somewhat more affordable meals to everyday people.

Even so, the reviewers tent to lean towards the ritzy, the fancy, and the luxurious, with many fancy hotel restaurants and upscale places on the list, even though the trend is now heading towards independent and innovative dining. The determination to stay on a traditional path does so with good reason, however – there are some truly exquisite meals at the places on this list that you will never forget. Get ready to eat some of the best food of your life at one of London’s top Michelin-starred restaurants.

3-Star Michelin Restaurants

1) Gordon Ramsay, Chelsea

Image sourced from Ramsay London

Aptly named for the creator and owner, world-renowned chef and businessman Gordon Ramsay, this Chelsea eatery opened in 1998. By 2001, this restaurant had gained its third Michelin star, with Ramsay being the first Scottish chef to have ever completed this feat. The food here has been described as classic, sophisticated, and extremely flavorful, with high scores in The Independent.

Although the restaurant dropped out of the 50 Best Restaurants in 2009 and ranked in a ‘most disappointing’ category in Harden’s restaurant guide, this eatery is a spectacle and a great place for good cooking. The ability to say you’ve been here is part of the fun, with the infamy of Ramsay seemingly being everywhere in the atmosphere, and knowing you’l enjoy some high-quality food – even if it has declined in recent years.

2) Sketch Lecture Room & Library

Michelin starred restaurants in Rome

Prepare to be wowed by excellent food… Image by StockSnap sourced from Pixabay

This extravagant building is the epitome of fine dining. The atmosphere at Sketch is reminiscent of a palace, with striking decorations and beautifully-ornate furnishings. This place is surely a bucket-list destination for tourists who enjoy the finer side of life. There is a pink room, an upscale dining room, and a room that is similar to a royal bedroom.

Even though the atmosphere is exceptionally posh, it does so without being intimidating. The space is more theatrical than uppity, and the diners all enjoy the ambiance.

The menu here features several small dishes that all arrive at one time. Although the cuisine and the decor is excellent, it might not be any more memorable than you’d find in a regular fine-dining establishment. The food might be overly-priced, but for a full-on experience, we recommend coming here at least once.

3) Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester

Alain Ducasse – By Wikialainducasse [CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchestor is unique in the fact that there is nothing unique about it at all. The decorations are reminiscent of traditional fine dining, almost similar to that of ballroom dining room, with white table cloths on circular tables spread out on a patterned carpet.

Even with the lackluster decor, the restaurant continues to reign in a loyal – and wealthy – clientele. Three courses are available for £85, or you can stop by here for a ‘cheap’ lunch for £55, which includes three courses, two glasses of wine, and a bottle of water. The menu here combines a few British ingredients with a French flair, with dishes such as foie gras. Bon appetit!

Two-star Michelin Restaurants

4) La Dame de Pic

Foie gras – By Nikodem Nijaki [CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]

La Dame de Pic is a French restaurant from super-star chef Anne-Sophie is housed in the Four Seasons hotel in the City of London. As you may know from the breakdown of the city’s neighborhoods, this area is super expensive. During the day, office buildings tower overhead, men in suits crowd the streets, and pints run at over £10.

If you want to enjoy an expensive and ostentatious meal, head here. The foie gras is lovely, the wine list is extensive, and the mirrored-walls provide a unique vibe to the place. You’ll be rewarded with a great view of the Tower of London, which makes the prices seem a little more worth it. If you’d rather avoid the a la carte expenses, you can enjoy two courses for £32 during the weekdays – this is basically a steal for a two-Michelin-star establishment.

For starters, we would recommend trying the consommé – basically a combination of small tomatoes with a heavenly burrata cream. The mains aren’t as creative and unique as the starters, but the grilled legs in the Brittany pigeon dish are extremely good – even if they set you back £41.

For two foodies on a date night, this is a great spot. Meals for two (without wine, mind you) will cost £150. Even so, the food is well-cooked, the flavors are divine, and the atmosphere is classy. Bring your #1 Tinder choice here for an unforgettable evening.

5) Bibendum by Claude Bosi

Bibendum, image sourced from official website

Chef Claude Bosi was awarded two stars for his unique and scientific-like cooking style, which features foams, jellies, and unknown substances, all combined into amazingly-made dishes.
Bibendum was opened 30 years ago, and can be seen by the building it is housed in. The old Michelin House, complete with art deco and incredible architecture, is recognizable in the city. The forecourt has been transformed into an oyster bar, and as you wander through, you’ll gaze upon the dining room, with fine art and stained-glass windows.
After you take in your surroundings, get down to business – and get ready to eat. The flavors combine classical techniques and flavors with incredibly-technical feats, delighting the foodie patrons. All of the dishes here are meticulously made, and obtain the same level of high quality.
For starters, we recommend trying veal sweetbread with perfectly-seasoned black garlic. Cornish crab rings in a mouth-watering main, complete with the unique addition of peaches to balance out the flavors perfectly. Of course, it’s incredibly expensive for the amazing quality you receive – £85 for three courses is the going rate. BUT – this is incredible food, incredible service, and incredible atmosphere. You won’t mind spending the extra penny on this experience.

6) CORE by Clare Smyth

Loin of lamb – By Charles Haynes [CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)]

Clare Smyth may have done what no other person is brave enough to do – leave Gordon Ramsay. Well, his restaurant. Smyth left Ramsay to start her own thing – and we’re so happy she did. This Notting Hill establishment immediately rose to stardom, earning her two Michelin stars in 2019, only a year after opening the doors. Book a table here.
The high ceiling, upscale, and elegance that is in the ambiance of the restaurant gives a great energy without being too posh. There are no tablecloths or carpets – she keeps the decor simple with circular rugs, and balances it well with lovely chairs that make you ever want to stand up – which may prove difficult after this meal.
The food combines technicality with some interesting combinations, making her restaurant and cooking style unique. Smyth keeps some favorites of the public – anyone like salt and vinegar chips? We recommend trying the carrot with lamb – a soft and sweet vegetable combined with shredded meat, and lamb-filled brioche. Amazing.

During your dining experience, vinegar can be spritzed on your meal at the table. The scallop comes in a full shell, which is immediately chopped away by your server. The restaurant adds some flair to the dining experience, and we love it. It makes it a little more fun, without being kitschy.

If you head here and don’t buy any booze (tough, I know), the £75 set menu provides a great deal for the high-quality food and fun ambiance you’ll enjoy.

7) Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal – By Ewan Munro [CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)]

Blumenthal is known for being extremely inventive and ingenious – and he doesn’t disappoint at Dinner by Heston. When you fervently Google this restaurant after reading positive reviews, you’ll most likely come across a photo of an orange with a slice of bread. Underwhelming, right? Think again. The ‘orange’ contains chicken liver and foie gras.

The food focuses on bringing back historical and traditional flavors to the modern restaurant industry. Despite the focus on times past, the interior is modern and airy. Taking up two rooms in the Mandarin Oriental, the expansive space is minimalist, and keeps the food the main focus of the restaurant.

The Meat Fruit is a must-have when visiting – the aforementioned orange we were discussing earlier. The recipe for this dates back to 1500, showing how Blumenthal wants to keep the ancient recipes alive. The servers here are friendly, helpful, and can help you decide on any menu items you’re stuck between – if the orange isn’t your thing.

Starters will set you back £20, mains are at least £40, and a bottle of wine is around £35. If you want to go ‘dry’ for a day, skimp on the drinks, enjoy the endless free bread, share a side of the mouth-watering triple-cooked chips for £6, and share an entree. If you don’t care about your wallet, each get a main and split a starter – the incredible food is worth the price tag.

8) Le Gavroche

Le Gavroche – By Alex.muller [CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]

Masterchef, Michel Roux Jr., is a legendary person in his field – and rightly so.  First opened in 1967 in Chelsea by two brothers, Michel and Albert, Le Gavroche is now solely run by the former. Gavroche continuously serves the wealthy crowd, with status-oriented individuals making reservations 3 months in advance to get a spot at the table.

The nine-course tasting menu here, with a bottle of wine, is an astounding £265 – a week’s worth of work in most jobs. If you want to grab a cheaper bite to eat, the lunch is £65 with drinks – so cheap, right?

If you want to splurge on a luxurious dinner, this is the place to go. The tasting menu starts off with an incredible Gruyere souffle, a recipe dating back to the original restaurant. Then enjoy a salad of octopus and soft-shell crab, followed by a runny scotch egg with crispy pork. The main in this tasting menu would have to be the roast squab, letting diners enjoy an interesting dish they would never cook themselves at home.

The service here is impeccable, the ambiance is upscale, and the wine list is extensive. For a dinner date that has no limit, bring your partner here to enjoy a ritzy evening of decadence.

London is no stranger to opulence – 67 Michelin-star restaurants line the streets

Michelin stars and food magic go hand in hand. Image by moitorne.com, sourced from elbarri.com.

With so many upscale, high-class, and unique dining establishments on the Michelin list, it was tough to choose the top locations in London. However, we decided on the three-star and two-star locations as the best spots to hit your next time in the city.

Michelin is known for being pretentious, upscale, and expensive – and most of these adhere to those traditions. Even though most of these places are way out of the normal person’s price tag for an every-day dinner, the experience is what makes them unique. You will be treated to a posh atmosphere, incredible service, mouth-watering dishes, and probably some of the best food of your life.