6 Best Breakfast Spots in London


London, being the city it is, has an almost infinite amount of exceptional places at which to eat. Breakfast is an important part of the British diet and is taken very seriously. So seriously in fact that there is even a breakfast dish named after them – the English Breakfast.

While this traditional plate of  eggs, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, fried bread and black pudding may seem outdated, it is still included on many breakfast menus. English breakfasts have come a long way since the English Breakfast and these days avo on toast is featured on menus almost as often. As are the like of smoothie bowls, porridges and pancakes and waffles.

I have created a list of some of my favourite breakfast spots to visit in the city. Being the lover of beautiful interiors that I am, they are all equally as exquisite as they are good at serving a brilliant breakfast. If eating good food in a lovely surrounding is something you enjoy too, you will love all these spots!

1. Granger. & Co.

Notting Hill

Bill Granger is Australian restauranteur that has a number of exceptional restaurants to his name, both in Australia and internationally. The Granger & Co. brand in London is one of them. There are four Granger & Co. spots to visit in London and any of them would be worth a visit. My favourite of all for breakfast, lunch or dinner is the bright and classically-styled Granger & Co. in Notting Hill.

Do breakfast in style at Granger & Co. in Notting Hill. Image sourced from Granger & Co. official website.

There is the perfect amount of variety on the Granger & Co. breakfast menu. That being said, I get the same thing every time I go – The Fresh Aussie. This mix of Jasmine tea smoked salmon, with eggs, avocado and greens makes for a unique and supremely satisfying breakfast or brunch.

OPENING HOURS: Mon to Sat –  7am to 11pm, Sun — 8am to 10:30pm
ADDRESS: 175 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2SB
Metro Station: Bayswater

2. Eggbreak

Notting Hill

If you can’t get a seat at Granger & Co. (since they don’t take bookings) and you simply can’t wait, Eggbreak is a potential backup plan to save your morning. And a great one at that!

Unique breakfast varieties for everyone, at Eggbreak. Image sourced from Eggbreak official website.

This breakfast spot has a ton of vegan and vegetarian options, as well as some meaty ones. Almost every dish on the menu has a creative twist, and unless you are one of those people who just enjoys a good old egg on toast, you won’t be disappointed. Even their egg on toast comes with a selection of butters and breads that are anything but basic.

Eggbreak, like Granger & Co.,  don’t take bookings so you will have to hold thumbs and wish upon stars that there’s a table free when you arrive. You don’t want to miss this one!

OPENING HOURS: Mon to Sun –  8am to 6pm
ADDRESS: 30 Uxbridge St, W8 7TA
Metro Station: Notting Hill Gate

3. Farmgirl


Most of the spots on this list are Instagram worthy, but Farmgirl in Chelsea takes the top spot. With its blue façade and quirky yet glamorous interior, dining here is an absolute delight.

The Rose Latte at Farmgirl puts an interesting and delightful twist on coffee. Image sourced from Farmgirl official website.

The gluten-free Cherry Ripe Pancakes are a must-order at Farmgirl Chelsea. Delicious pancakes made from buckwheat are served drenched in sour cherry jam, maple syrup and Greek yoghurt, all topped with toasted coconut and almonds. Talk about decadence in the morning! 

OPENING HOURS: Mon to Sun –  8am to 5pm
ADDRESS: 9 Park Walk, London, SW10 0AJ
Metro Station: Fulham Broadway, South Kensington

4. Duck & Waffle

London Central

Duck & Waffle is famed for its incredible views of the city, day and night. The restaurant is uniquely open 24 hours a day. This means that, if you are an early bird and in the city at the right time of the year, you can catch sunrise over London while munching on a magnificent breakie.

The famous Duck & Waffle, with mustard maple syrup. Image sourced from The Duck & Waffle official website.

There is no way I could suggest choosing anything other than the Duck & Waffle for breakfast or brunch (or any time of day or night, for that matter) here. Though I have never tried it as a non-meat-eater, I am told it is not a let down! For my fellow vegetarians, there are tons of options. The Caramalised Banana Waffle is the perfect choice if you’re feeling naughty, while the Eggs Florentine Waffle is a superb savoury option.

OPENING HOURS: Daily –  24 hours (Breakfast served daily between 6am and 10:30am, Brunch served daily between 11:30am and 5pm)
ADDRESS: 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY
Metro Station: Liverpool Street

5. 26 Grains

Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden

26 Grains is the beautiful brainchild of Alex Hely-Hutchinson. Alex is a 30-year old author and entrepreneur, with her own cookbook, also titled ’26 Grains’. 26 Grains began its journey as a porridge pop-up shop in a London tube station. There were many more pop-ups that followed until Alex was unable to deny the inevitable any longer. There are now two permanent 26 Grains restaurants in London – one in the Borough and the original at Neal’s Yard.

Rhubarb porridge at 26 Grains is must-try. Image sourced from 26 Grains official website.

The limited breakfast menu at the Neal’s Yard 26 Grains offers delicious options. The Rhubarb porridge is a dish that heroes a quintessentially English ingredient: rhubarb. Mixed in with cardamom granola, spiced yoghurt, almonds, it’s a perfect choice for a wintery London morning. The Banana, Tahini and Cacao nib porridge is also worth of a mention, and a try!

OPENING HOURS: Mon to Fri –  8am to 4pm, Sat –  9am to 4pm, Sun –  10am to 4pm
ADDRESS: 1 Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9DP
Metro Station: Covent Garden, Tottenham Court Road

6. The Breakfast Club

Hackney  Wick

It is no surprise that a restaurant in London named ‘The Breakfast Club’ would make some of the most epic breakfasts the city has to offer. But the Breakfast Club group doesn’t just do breakfast well. While there are 5 daytime restaurants serving breakfast and lunch in London, there are 5 more that do dinner as well. There are also four fun-filled bars affiliated with the quirky and playful Breakfast Club group.

The Breakfast Club at Hackney Wick. Image sourced from The Breakfast Club official website.

The breakfast menu here is expectedly extensive and truly offers something for everyone. From their classics, like The Club Burrito and the Cabbies Breakfast, to All American pancakes and the Morning Glory smoothie, the dishes here are big, bold and oh, so tasty.

OPENING HOURS: Mon to Thu –  7.30am to 5pm, Fri & Sat — 7.30am to 6pm, Sun — 7.30am to 5pm (Last call for food 1 hour before the listed closing time)
ADDRESS: 29 East Bay Lane, Canalside, Here East, Queen Elizabeth Olympic ParkE15 2GW
Metro Station: Tottenham Court Road, Oxford Circus Underground

Bonus: Monmouth Coffee


What’s breakfast without coffee? Incomplete, I would say. In all honesty, much of the coffee I have had in London has been rather disappointing. I always thought this was due to the fact that the British were simply better at doing tea. That was, until I visited Monmouth, which set the (coffee) bar higher than ever. Monmouth do coffee to absolute perfection.

Monmouth Coffee near Borough Market. Image sourced from Monmouth Coffee official website.

While Monmouth is not technically a restaurant and they don’t really serve breakfast, they do have pastries and small treats on offer at the Borough store. And quite honestly, with coffee this good, you won’t need much more.

OPENING HOURS: Mon to Sat –  7:30m to 6pm
ADDRESS: 2 Park Street, The Borough, London SE1 9AB
Metro Station: London Bridge Underground