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10 Best Bakeries in Birmingham, United Kingdom


Birmingham is one of the most populated city in the United Kingdom and among the Core City within the second largest metropolitan areas. It is actually the third largest urban area in the United Kingdom.

It’s population is around 4.3 million inhabitants within the larger metropolitan area giving it the best area for bakery clients.

It is located in the West Midlands region in England, approximately 100 miles (160 km) from London, Birmingham, as one of the United Kingdom’s major cities, is considered to be the social, cultural, financial and commercial centre of the Midlands. 

1. Kiss Me Cupcakes & Cakes

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At the Kiss Me Cupcakes and Cakes, all COVID-19 protocols must be observed from washing of hands, wearing of masks and keeping the social distance.

More over, their services are excellent with one Maz being attentive to details on all the customers orders. Communication was at the top level.
The cupcakes were delicious! More to that they provide all the additions to the cupcakes as per quest. any request we had for the branded cupcakes was not a problem. 
There are no delays! Every order is delivered on time! The bakery is rated 5 star by the internet

2. Cafephilia

Their coffee will sent you wanting to visit many other times. However, their staff are welcoming and provide best customer care services.

The choice of their simple ham and cheese croissant for under £3 you cannot beat it and the coffee is a very reasonably priced. 

Not forgetting the staff who have the best customer care services. The first welcome smile will entice you to visit many other times.

3. Medicine

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This bakery in the centre of Birmingham is one of the only bakeries in the city with a gallery. So you can enjoy an exhibition as well some exquisite cakes.

The building that Medicine Bakery is situated in was previously home to the Royal Society of Birmingham Artists and has a dazzling interior. You won’t miss Medicine as you pass the thick, ornate wooden double doors at the entrance.

As well as an array of beautifully-decorated and delicious cronuts, cruffins and croissants, Medicine also serves brunch so you can enjoy their own baked bread and pastries as part of the meal.

There is also a newer Medicine located in The Mailbox as well as one in Codsall, Wolverhampton.

4. The Early Bird Bakery

South of Birmingham in Kings Health, The Early Bird Bakery have got their pastries down to a fine art. And the flavors are incredible!

The bakery serves delightful pastries including Snickers twice baked pain au chocolate, apricot and matcha brioche, BBQ pineapple and coconut crème pât Danish and peanut butter and raspberry éclair.

This bakery just keeps on giving as you can order one (or more if you like) of their tasty tarts from their online shop. Tart options include chocolate, peanut and caramel or pear frangipane.

The bakery also serves brunch serving dishes like ‘Nduja scrambled eggs, toasted croissant, morcilla iberica, slow roast peppers, goats cheese, almond & chives.

The bakery is also used as a pop-up restaurant on weekends, serving different cuisines such as tacos and ramen.

5. Ten Four Bakehouse

For all your bread needs, this bakery in Stirchley offers a range of sourdough including fermented oat, country white and spelt varieties, which you can pre-order and collect.

Ten Four Bakehouse also has a selection of bun flavors, both sweet and savoury, such as salted caramel, cheddar and Marmite, cinnamon and orange, plus the classic Chelsea bun.

This bakery is also home to its sweet sister, Jam vs Custard, which offers gorgeous, filled doughnuts in various flavors such as lemon meringue, vanilla custard, and apple and blackberry crumble and custard.

If you can’t get yourself to Stirchley, then you might be able to catch the bakery at multiple farmers markets such as Kings Heath, Kings Norton and QE Hospital.

6. On The Breadline

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Run by baker Sebastian Clough, this cute little hut offers an array of baked goods and On The Breadline regularly post on social media what their fresh bakery menu is for the day.

What this bakery may lack in size, it sure makes up for in flavor and you’ll be surprised by how much bread and cakes they’ve managed to fill the hut with! On

The Breadline recently posted phenomenal focaccia flavors such as green olive, smoked bacon, mushroom, white truffle and Italian herb crust sourdough focaccia. The bakery also stocks plenty of sweet treats including rock cakes with the M&M flavor being a big hit online.

7. Levain and Cherry

French-inspired bakery Levain and Cherry offer classic French bakes, even using French ingredients such as Moulins Viron flour.

One can enjoy authentic baguettes that you will want to enthusiastically cut just to hear their crustiness (have I been watching too much GBBO?) and spread generously with butter and/or jam.

Their sweet selection includes brioche loaves with crystal sugar drops and chocolate, as well as perfectly laminated croissants and pain au raisins.

8. Orientee Bakery

This artisan bakery has all the bread you can wish for. Orientee offers a range of sourdough (including baguettes, plus seeded, plain and wholemeal loaves), as well as ciabatta rolls, focaccia, lemon and chocolate and hazelnut babka loaves.

For a sweet fix, Orientee serve delightfully decorated tarts, sponges, cronuts, cruffins and an array of doughnuts in salted caramel, lemon meringue and Nutella flavors.

If you happen to be in the centre of Birmingham, you can get your hands on a cronut at Indonesian coffee shop Ngopi, plus you can order some of their bakes from their online shop if you can’t get to the bakery in person.

You can even bake some of Orientee’s creations at home as they have launched their own pizza kit hampers.

9. Maison Mayci

This is a busy deli-with-seating for lunch. They have options of platters, salads, sandwiches, daily specials and more. Fish platter is only £8.20. Normally served on a fish shaped plate and consists of portions of smoked salmon, smoked trout, smoked mackerel, marinated anchovies.
Also tiger prawns accompanied by a small bowl of olives and gherkins and a basket of toasted slices of home made bread.

It was excellent and very good value. The coffee is also very good. The staff are friendly and efficient.

10. La Brioche

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The most interesting part about La Brioche is their breakfast/lunch menu.
Shakshuka and Moseley Eggs Benedict are very generous portions, served piping hot and absolutely delicious.

The hot coffee and cake is awesome and their staff are ever polite offering a top notch service to all customers at all times.

In summary, Birmingham bakeries are a good choice of places to visit particularly in the morning for breakfast.