Gretta Schifano – travel blogger


Every other week, Discover Walks will share with some great insight from Travel bloggers from around the world who fell in love with London. They will share their favorites addresses and things to do while in London. Because genuine advice and stories are so important to us, in addition to our born-and-raised Londoner tour stories, we now bring you real advice from fellow travelers.

Bonjour Gretta, can you tell us more about who you are?

Hi, I’m Gretta Schifano, I’m 50 years old and I was born in Sussex, England.

Why did you start writing mumsdotravel?

I’m a journalist, and I started writing mumsdotravel to share my travel features.

Why did you start traveling?

I started traveling as a child. We had a camper van and traveled around Europe during the summer holidays. I studied Italian at university and spent time living in Italy and working as an English language teacher, then did the same in Spain. I love exploring different cultures and places.

What’s special about your blog?

My blog is about family travel with teenagers (I have two!) and also trips that parents take without kids, when they have the chance.

What would be your top 3 things to do in London?

It’s very hard to choose but my top three things to do in London are going to free, world-class museums such as the V&A, traveling on the top deck of a London bus and ice skating outside at Christmas.

Your Top 3 good addresses in London?

My favourite places to hang out in London are the South Bank, Covent Garden and Borough Market.

Your favorite landmark in London?

My favourite landmark in London is the Houses of Parliament. I love the history behind this building, and the thought of the stories that it could tell.

What is your favorite neighborhood in London?

My favourite neighbourhood in London is Southwark, which is home to world-class attractions such as HMS Belfast, The Shard, Shakespeare’s Globe and Tower Bridge.

Could you give us your recommendation to first timers in London?

My recommendation for first timers in London is to have lunch from the street food stalls at Borough Market, walk along the South Bank towards the London Eye, then cross over the bridge to the Houses of Parliament. It’s a fascinating walk taking in lots of famous landmarks, and you’ll probably see some street entertainers along the way.

Thank you so much Gretta, keep on enjoying London!

Merci beaucoup :-)

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