Lisbon’s Pink Street


Being the main and most famous street of Barrio Alto, located 5 minutes walk from the garden of Sao Pedro de Alcantara, is Calle Rosa. It can also be reached by tram 28 at the end of Calle Principe Real.

However, this street has not always been known as Calle Rosa, nor Rua da Rosa, but rather Nova do Carvalho…

This Lisbon Street had a very noticeable change when the architect Jose Adriao painted the street pink on the traditional grey street. But that wasn’t the only thing that changed in Nova do Carvalho Street.

Nowadays, Pink Street is associated with Lisbon’s nightlife scene.

Behind all this remodeling was involved a design team, which explained that the change in the street was something that needed to be done so that it could synthesize with its surroundings and attract attention. In addition, not only was the pavement painted pink, but also the pavement was leveled with the sidewalk to become a completely open space with no obstacles to interrupt a route.

The change in the pavement and the color of the street was not the only thing that was done, eight advertising modules, known as MUPIS, were also installed in the street, and they change tone depending on the type of product or event to be promoted. 

The intention to paint the street pink was really necessary so that it could be noticed that something in the city was changing. This change allowed the creation of an inclusive, dynamic, multifunctional and public space that anyone can access and learn more about the culture of Lisbon. 

Image by Stefanie Konstanta from Pixabay

Nightlife on Pink Street

Nightlife in Lisbon is something that tourists and anyone living in the city, or in Portugal, cannot miss. On Pink Street, you can find different bars, restaurants, and clubs. Thanks to its attractive colour, it resumed its nightlife in a great way.

Maybe you go during the day and the street is not too crowded, but during the night all that changes and the whole street seems to be partying. Despite keeping old premises that seemed to have been forgotten, during the night these places come to life and attract crowds of people.

What was once known as just another street became one of the most recurrent places in Lisbon. It’s no longer the place where sailors came to find a lady for a company for a single night, but it became a place to enjoy with friends and family and learn more about Portuguese culture.

Restaurants, Bars & Clubs on Pink Street

Very close to the old river port in the center of Lisbon is the Rua da Rosa, and the street is also adjacent to the diligent and busy Rua Augusta or Augusta Street. Previously, people didn’t even go near the pink street because you could find many problems there – it was one of the loneliest streets in Lisbon.

It was just a place frequented by thieves, prostitutes and people looking for rooms late at night or just to hang out. But thanks to the redesign and modernization of the street, everything took a 180-degree turn.

Now you can find the best clubs in the city and other places where you can find good music and food. Undoubtedly one of the best streets you can visit in Lisbon, and the best thing is that you can come at night with your family without any problem.

Pink Street usually stays lively until 3 a.m. or even until dawn. Thanks to the open spaces, there is freedom for children to run and enjoy while you have a coffee or a glass of wine.


If you want to enjoy live music on weekdays and also have cocktails and tapas, this is the place. In addition, on weekends there is a DJ who is responsible for putting good music during the night, and if you arrive early you can enjoy meals and cocktails served in the seats outdoors for a night of pleasure and enjoyment.

Povo, images sourced from their website

The Music Box

All those music lovers know exactly that this is one of the best places to enjoy music. In this site, there are usually concerts of different types of music in which several Portuguese bands participate that really stand out.

You can locate this club just after passing under the colorful bridge that separates the two sides of the pink street.

In addition, you can not only enjoy live music, but you can also dance on their dance floor. This site is popular in Lisbon, as it has over a decade of offering rhythm, dance, and cocktails to the locals and the tourists who come to it. Here you can spend the whole night and stay until dawn.

Sol E Pesca

If you’re visiting Portugal for the first time, you may hear a lot about their passion for canned fish and the different dishes that can be prepared with it. This restaurant is one of those that go unnoticed but offers one of the best fish dishes in town. In addition, you can stay on the terrace overnight and enjoy other flavors offered at Sol e Pesca. If you look inside the restaurant, you might wonder if it was a fishing shop, as they still keep their walls full of fishing gear.

One of Sol e Pesca’s most recommended dishes is smoked tuna. However, if you just prefer to come in the evening and hang out, you can enjoy a good wine or a beer.

Photo by Kasumi Loffler from Pexels

Pink Wine Point

Next to The Music Box, there is an entrance which leads to the other Pink Wine Point, and there you can find a bar that has a cavern theme in which wines are their specialty. They also serve different cocktails. This place is quite nice and you can come and hang out with your friends for a glass of wine and listen to live music on weekends.

Unlike other bars and clubs on the pink street, this one is a bit quieter but fun, its surroundings are very cozy and you can enjoy a nice time.

Espumantaria Do Casi

If you are one of those who like to enjoy different wines and try all kinds of cocktails, then you should come to this bar. In addition to its great variety of wines and cocktails, you can enjoy Portuguese appetizers while you are drinking.

Photo by Kobby Mendez on Unsplash

The inner part of the place is quite cozy and also has some seats on the outside so you can enjoy the view of the pink street, smoke a cigar or just hang out.


If dancing is your thing and you are looking for a nightclub in Lisbon, then Europe is the perfect nightclub for you. Being one of the oldest venues on Pink Street and Lisbon, Europe has the characteristic of presenting themed nights with different musical genres.

It is usually a quiet place, but it is very frequented by visitors and itinerants of Rosa Street. In addition, this discotheque is open all night, until the sun comes up.

4 Cocktail Bar Caravels

Image by Ich bin dann mal raus hier. from Pixabay

For those looking for more casual and intimate places, there’s the 4 Caravels Cocktail bar. This site offers a wide variety of cocktails, whose specialists are the waiters, who may not be able to try them all in one night.

They also offer daily specials worth €5. This club is one of the last places on the pink street, but it’s still one of the best options.

In the pink street, there are also other clubs, bars, and restaurants; Viking, Copenhagen, and Discotheque. Thanks to all the space and remodeling that had the pink street, these places have become increasingly popular.

Pensão Amor

Another site that may not be the most frequented by all visitors to Rosa (Pink) Street, but which is undoubtedly a characteristic of this street, is Pensão Amor.

Pensão Amor is a club that used to be a brothel in Lisbon, which has some unique characteristics not found in other clubs in Portugal. The decoration of the place is usually quite daring, but people visit it for its good drinks and social facilities.

In this old brothel, there are different areas that have very striking decorations, quilted seats, and ballerina poles. You can also find a “library” in which there are only erotic books. 

This club has two entrances, the main one on Alecrim Street, which is really impressive for having bright colors on the ceiling and other works that cause stimulating sensations. And the back entrance is the one on Calle Rosa. 

Once inside the place, you will feel immersed in a world full of “love”. In fact, you may think you’re in a brothel for the eye-catching décor, but it’s actually a very sociable place where you can find different kinds of cocktails and drinks. Without a doubt, this is the place to take some unique photos that could confuse anyone.

How to Find Pink Street in Lisbon

Pink Street on the map, sourced from Google Maps

To get to Rua da Rosa in Lisbon you can do it in different ways…

You can walk from Arco da Rua Augusta, from where there is a beautifully decorated arch next to Praça do Comércio. From there you can see some signs that will tell you where you are and where to go to get to Pink Street. Actually, the walk from there to the pink street is quite fast and easy, the walk to get to the pink street can take 10 minutes maximum.

However, if you cannot walk and prefer another means of transport, you can take the tram or bus routes 732, 736, 774 or 15E, these can leave you in the pink street without any problem.

I recommend walking, as buses or trams usually run every 10-12 minutes, by which time you could have already arrived!

Rua da Rosa, “Pink Street”, is one or perhaps the most popular street in Lisbon and Portugal.

During the day you can go with your friends or your family for a walk or bike ride, but at night you can immerse yourself in a different Lisbon. Rosa Street has become a symbol of Portuguese culture and is something that represents not only Lisbon but all the inhabitants in it. Don’t forget to put it on your to-do list when you travel to Portugal!

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