Where to Eat Pancakes in Lisbon


Pancakes in Portugal? Sounds good to me.

With the recent health food movement in Lisbon the city has seen a growth in the number of artisanal cafes throughout the streets. Most of these places take the brunch game very seriously, and pancakes come standard on most brunch menus.

Here’s where to go in Lisbon when that pancake craving sets in…

Zenith in Lisbon

Zenith specializes in the art of brunch and cocktails. It is slightly further north of the city than the rest of the cafes of this nature, making it a favorite for both locals and travelers.

To put it simply, the food at Zenith is some of the most Instagram worthy food you’ll find in Lisbon. Each dish is remarkably colorful, well thought out and presented to perfection.

Zenith – by Zenith – Uploaded by them

They do a variety of different pancake dishes but it’s the peanut butter stack that keeps people returning for more. The atmosphere also contributes well to the overall experience at Zentih.

The spot can be crowded on weekends but it is worth the ten or so minutes you’ll need to wait for a table.

Their acai bowls are also great, would recommend doing both if you’re open to it.

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday – 9am to 7pm
ADDRESS: R. Telhal 4A, 1150-346 Lisboa, Portugal
Metro: Avenida

The Mill in Lisbon

The Mill is a great little spot in the heart of Lisbon; perfect to run into for a quick coffee, bite to eat or between seeing sights on a free guided walking tour.

Their pancake menu is limited, featuring a single mascarpone dish, but it is so well done that this is all they need. My mom once ate these pancakes twice in one day — which is saying a lot since they are only open between 8am and 4pm!

The Mill – by The Mill – Sourced from their Facebook

The rest of the menu at The Mill is equally as good which has resulted in some deserved popularity for the cafe. There is usually always a line on the dine-in side of service, and you’ll have to wait a few minutes to be seated. As with the cafe prior to this one, well worth it!

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday – 8am to 4pm
ADDRESS: R. do Poço dos Negros 1, 1200-335 Lisboa, Portugal
Metro: Rato

Fauna & Flora in Lisbon

Fauna & Flora is a beautiful little health spot somewhere between the Alfama and Belem.

The cafe is known for being one of the trendiest spots to eat in Lisbon at the moment, and another place making highly Instagrammable food content.

Fauna & Flora in Lisbon – by Fauna & Flora – Sourced from their Facebook

If you’re going for pancakes you’ll want to order the house banana and oat stack. They are the lightest and fluffiest of them all! Add a side of salted caramel and thank me later.

Fauna & Flora also caters well to vegans and vegetarians, with ample options on the menu to suit all diets.

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday – 9am to 7pm
ADDRESS: Rua da Esperança 33, 1200-655 Lisboa, Portugal
Metro: Santos

Heim Cafe in Lisbon

Heim is another great health cafe en route between the Alfama and Belem . If you had to make me choose the best of the best pancakes in Lisbon, I would have to say from here.

What I appreciate at Heim is that they cater to both sweet and savory pancake lovers, as well as those in-between who like a bit of both.

Heim Cafe in Lisbon – by Heim Cafe – Uploaded by them

They are also not shy with their fruit toppings, and add a generous helping of fresh berries on top of all their pancake, waffle and oat dishes.

You’ll have to visit and see for yourself. Just take note that Heim Cafe tends to throw nuts on top of everything as garnish, if you have allergies it is imperative that you let them know.

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday – 9am to 6pm
ADDRESS: R. Santos-O-Velho 2 e 4, 1200-109 Lisboa, Portugal
Metro: Santos

Early Birds in Lisbon

Back toward the city center, Early Birds is another popular breakfast and lunch spot to Lisbon.

What they are actually famous for is their Eggs Benedict, which is a sought after meal in most major parts of the world. This dish isn’t always easy to come by in Lisbon so places that can do it properly tend to thrive.

Early Birds in Lisbon – by Early Birds – Uploaded by them

Look further into their menu and you’ll find a delicious option of blueberry pancakes; my personal runner up for the best in the city.

Early Birds has a beautiful inner courtyard attached to the restaurant where you can dine if the weather is good.

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday – 9am to 4pm
ADDRESS: R. Nova da Piedade 89 – 97, 1200-263 Lisboa, Portugal
Metro: Rato

COMOBA in Lisbon

COMOBA is a vibrant little cafe closer to Chiado in the city center. It offers all the usual breakfast and brunch dishes you’d expect from a Lisbon cafe: avocado toast, oat bowls, smoothies and pancakes.

Their pancake stack is simple and well executed. They make use of fresh fruits and berries depending on the season. They will also happily drench your stack in chocolate sauce upon request.

COMOBA in Lisbon – by COMOBA – Sourced from their Facebook

They also do a separate dish of matcha flapjacks for those who are lovers of the flavor. I highly recommend them!

Almost all of the food in COMOBA is vegan and gluten free, unless stated otherwise.

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ADDRESS: Rua de S. Paulo 99, 1200-109 Lisboa, Portugal
Metro: Cais do Sodré