What to Wear in Lisbon


With its rise in popularity, Lisbon certainly became a good place to visit on holiday. It has a lot to it: it’s a historic place with lots of monuments and a long story of great importance in world history, being one of the oldest cities in the whole world! There’s also lovely Mediterranean gastronomy, associated with beautiful beaches and friendly people.

Arco da Rua Augusta, photo rights to the author

The style in Portugal is pretty casual and laid back, so keep that in mind. Despite its hospitality, the Portuguese are quite a bit conservative, so keep that in mind as well while picking your clothes to wear. It may not be a good idea to wear tight shorts as that can attract too much attention, and don’t wear socks and sandals, that really attracts everyone’s attention and gives away that you’re a tourist!

The weather is good year round, but sometimes it gets a bit extreme, with temperatures ranging from 0ºC (even though it’s rare to get so low) to 45ºC. So, what should you wear when you visit Lisbon? Keep reading to find out!

In this article you’ll have insight from a local, and you’ll get my insider’s advice on what to wear during the year, so get ready to start packing!


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­­­During winter, the temperatures are usually low, with high humidity, due to being so next to the river and the sea itself. So you should probably be wearing warm clothing, and here are my picks:


A jacket is fundamental, so be ready to have one always at hand. I recommend one of those skiing jackets; they’re comfy, good for walking, and usually pretty good at keeping you warm.


I recommend you bring a scarf if your jacket doesn’t have a very high collar. A woolly scarf is always good at keeping your neck warm, and it’s particularly useful on windy days as well.


Jeans are a must. They’re good for walking, and good for doing pretty much every activity. Maybe you can also wear sweatpants or related apparel if you want to.


Inside your jacket, you should also pair it with a warm sweater. I recommend a polar fleece sweater, as these are ideal for this type of cold weather. If you’re not fond of those sweaters, you can always use a hoodie, or even a shirt with a pullover, as long as it’s comfortable for you and you feel good.

Umbrella / Rain jacket

It rains a lot in Lisbon. If you have a mini umbrella that you can carry in your pocket or even in your backpack, that’s a good thing to have for rainy days. If not, invest in a rain jacket – something waterproof. Trust me, as soon as your clothes get wet, there is little hope for you getting warm and dry until you get back to the hotel.

Waterproof Boots

Trainers or some walking shoes are good here in Lisbon, but on rainy days they’re not always the best pick, as they can get wet really fast and it’ll be a pain to wear them all day. Bring boots (ones that are good for walking as well), or some sort of waterproof shoes. Oh, and bring warm socks as well.


Spring in Portugal can be the best time to visit. The temperatures are usually not very high, it’s sunny all day, and it’s really comfortable to be outside.

You can wear dresses or maybe even shorts if you’re brave enough, but temperatures at night still get cold sometimes, so keep a pair or two of jeans just in case.


A light jacket is a wonderful idea to have, and you won’t feel like leaving it at your hostel/hotel. Sometimes it gets colder and it’s always good to have some protection, or it may get really uncomfortable very fast.

Sun Hat

It’s really important that you have a sun hat if you’re not accustomed to being in the sun. Heat stroke can cause nose bleeding and even a fever, not to mention the damage the sun can do to the skin. Bring a hat, wear it, and you’ll be fine.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Comfortable walking shoes are a must-have for all seasons. If they are new, try to wear them in before going on holiday, or at least take some plasters with you.


Time-Out Market Lisbon

Summer in Portugal can get really hot, and you won’t want to be anywhere other than the ocean on hot days. In Saying this, make sure you take sun cream or buy it there, because if you forget to slip, slop, slap you will most likely end up with a sunburn and a headache.


The best pick for summer. Sports wear is also recommended, and is particularly useful when crammed on the metro – body odor and sweat marks are reduced if you choose the right material.


Shorts are a good pick if they’re nice and breezy, comfortable for walking in.

Beach Towel

Even though you’ll not be wearing it, you’ll be using it on your trips to the beach. This is good for laying on the sand, and to dry yourself after you get out of the ocean.

Sun Hat

Again, an excellent pick. The sun can be quite harsh and you’ll end up sick or worse. It can be anything from a baseball cap to a fedora, the important is to not be too exposed to the sun, especially on your head.

Slippers or sandals

Great for going to the beach, even though they’re not very good for walking.


Good for walking and going out, and very useful for getting to know the city when it’s fresh outside.


Autumn in Lisbon is like gambling: sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Sometimes you pick the right clothing, sometimes you don’t. The weather ranges from rainy to hot, so make sure you pack smart for this season.

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You won’t regret having a light jacket, even if it’s only for going out at night.


Best pick for the season, good for walking, comfortable and casual, overall a great option.

Sun Hat

The sun can get become sweltering in summer, and it’s a good idea to have a sun hat always at hand.


T-shirts can come in  hand for hotter days. Easy to wear, don’t take up that much space, and overall good for every bit of the day, as the nights are usually very hot as well.


A good pick for autumn, they’re warm but not too much, and really smart casual, to look stylish wherever you go.

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