Top Juice Bars of Lisbon


The healthy eating movement is in full swing in the Portuguese capital and with it has come the Lisbon juicing movement.

The juicing of fresh fruits and vegetables as meal replacement is something being explored very seriously around the world. While replacing solid meals with liquid alternatives might send most people into quick defense, there have actually been widespread positive results and health benefits.

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That being said, no one is forcing you to cut out solids just yet, but you can still enjoy the juicing benefits as a form of refreshment around the city.

Sama Sama in Lisbon

To my delight, I found Sama Sama when looking for a free guided walking tour pitstop near the Tagus that could cater treats to both vegans and non.

This hidden gem is an authentic creperie that has included both the vegan and gluten free communities on their menu. This is rarely found in the crepe making kitchens, as most of the recipes include a lot of milk, eggs and dairy based toppings like Nutella.

Sama Sama in Lisbon – by Sama Sama – Uploaded by them

Their crepes are fantastic and there is little difference in taste and quality between the vegan and dairy inclusive options.

In addition to their crepe revolution, Sama Sama is also a pressed juicery with all of the fruits and veggies you can imagine. You can choose from their menu of concoctions or you can create your own combination of flavors.

OPENING HOURS: Tuesday to Saturday – 9am to 4pm
ADDRESS: Tv. Corpo Santo 7, 1200-131 Lisboa, Portugal
METRO STATION: Cais do Sodré

YAO Pressed Juicery in Lisbon

YAO is wonderful. It’s a small hole-in-the-wall sized juicery in the west of the city center that makes fresh pressed juices and smoothies throughout the day.

This is a grab and go kind of cafe, and there is almost no seating available for people who would like to dine in.

Their smoothies are plant based and are made using nut milks. Their bestseller is one knows as the blueberry muffin.

YAO Pressed Juicery in Lisbon – by YAO Pressed Juicery – Uploaded by them

YAO is also focused on immune boosters and healing tonics that can be added into juices. As sweet treats they do plant based energy balls and bars.

This part of the center is a popular spot for affordable Airbnb’s as it is out of the central chaos yet still within walking distance of all the hubs. YAO will become your daily go-to should you find yourself staying nearby.

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Sunday – 9am to 5pm
ADDRESS: Largo Dr. António de Sousa Macedo 4-B, 1200-153 Lisboa, Portugal
METRO STATION: Cais do Sodré

Liquid in Lisbon

It wouldn’t be Chiado if it didn’t have something for everyone .

Liquid is a small juicery and smoothie bar in the city center. It is also the only juice bar in Lisbon that also does smoothie bowls, acai and salads on the menu.

The prices are reasonable, the staff are wonderful and the juice bar is as central as it gets to the heart of the city. The only downside is the very limited seating availability that is on offer; a few spots inside and some communal benches outside against the storefront isn’t much of a dine-in suitable spot.

Liquid – by Liquid – Sourced from their website

Liquid is close to the Tagus, so all your purchase can be walked the short distance to the water where you can properly sit on banks and enjoy.

Everything in store is plant based and friendly to vegans; a lot of the food is also gluten free by default.

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Saturday – 9am to 7pm
ADDRESS: R. Nova do Almada 45, 1200-094 Lisboa, Portugal

Veggie Wave in Lisbon

Lisbon’s Lx Factory has been making headlines in travel magazines and blogs for quite some time now. It is considered to be one of the most unmissable attractions for new travelers to Lisbon.

The abandoned factory grounds were adopted by developers who have transformed the space into a one stop shop for bookstores, restaurants, cafes, bars, entertainment and more. There are a plethora of different foods and cuisines from around the world on offer within the factory including Mexican, Thai and even artisanal hotdogs.

Veggie Wave – by Veggie Wave – Uploaded by them

Veggie Wave is the juice bar of Lx Factory. It’s a small, portable, outdoor kiosk that blends the ingredients using bicycle powered energy.  The kiosk caters fresh pressed fruit and vegetables in juices or shots.

Definitely a grab and go kind of treat to carry with you as you make your way around the factory grounds and uncover all the delights it has to offer. If you need somewhere to eat solid foods I highly recommend the Lx Factory’s Mexican restaurant, Mez Cais Lx.

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Sunday – 10am to 6pm
ADDRESS: R. Rodrigues de Faria 103, 1300-501 Lisboa, Portugal
METRO STATION: Alcantara-Mar

LadyBug in Lisbon

LadyBug is one of Lisbon’s best juice bar concepts that is doing really well in the north of the city.

Instead of simply blending random fruits and vegetables together, LadyBug have come up with unique combinations that target specific bodily cleansing. They have juices that target cellulite, ones that purify the liver, others that destress… the list goes on.

LadyBug in Lisbon – by LadyBug – Uploaded by them

LadyBug is slightly on the pricier side but this is understandable considering all of their ingredients are organic.

They also do smoothies, and use rice milk and coconut yoghurt as the base so the consistency is as good or even better than dairy.

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ADDRESS: Av. João Crisóstomo B 23, 1050-125 Lisboa, Portugal