Top 5 Kosher Restaurants in Lisbon


Before I begin, let me warn you that this piece is going to be both short and sweet, for complete lack of kosher food availability in Lisbon.

This is an area where the Portuguese capital has struggled to cater to for years. Up until very recently, in fact, there wasn’t a single fully kosher restaurant in the whole city, and kosher travelers really debated adding Lisbon to their list of destinations.

Things are getting better, but they’re still not great. The following five spots are the only places where you’ll be able to eat kosher in Lisbon, and one of them is a supermarket!

1. Joshua’s Shoarma Grill in Lisbon

Joshua’s Shoarma Grill is actually a franchise of kiosk-style eateries located all over Lisbon; most of them inside of malls.

Joshua’s is not only one of just five kosher restaurants in the city, it’s also one of just three Israeli restaurants in Lisbon!

The menu is incredibly basic and usually a bit of a hit or a miss if I’m honest. Some days everything is really fresh, shawarmas are flavorful and service is great; other days the food can be sloppy and bland. Location might play a role in this; I like the Joshua’s in Colombo Shopping Centre best.

Joshua’s Shoarma Grill in Lisbon – by Joshua’s Shoarma Grill – Sourced from their Facebook

Taste lottery aside, kosher eaters can enjoy being able to order anything off of the menu. As far as Israeli cuisine goes, the kiosks are actually relatively authentic and even feature a national turkey meat option.

Dining at Joshua’s rarely costs more that €10 per person.

ADDRESS: Various

2. PORTUEL in Lisbon

PORTUEL has really changed the game for kosher travelers coming to Lisbon. They can now fully stock their Airbnb kitchens with all the kosher ingredients, meats and breads that they need to make it through their time in the city.

They offer dry stock, fresh produce, frozen foods, wines and all other essentials. Lisbon’s kosher community is very grateful to this spot for the work they are doing, and it is no doubt a huge asset to Portuguese tourism.

PORTUEL in Lisbon – by PORTUEL – Sourced from their Facebook

The store is in Santa Cruz, just slightly north of the city center. It’s very easy to get to via a short walk from the Anjos metro station. Bring reusable shopping bags along if you can.

Note: This shop is only open three days a week, and at very odd, seasonal hours. Make sure to call ahead!

OPENING HOURS: Wednesday to Friday — Various Hours
Address: R. Gomes Freire 146 A, 1150-180 Lisboa, Portugal
Metro STATION: Anjos

3. Tantura in Lisbon

Tantura is another of the only three Israeli restaurants in all of Lisbon. It’s owned by a wonderful couple who met in Tel Aviv, married, honeymooned in Lisbon… and never left.

They managed to put their love of food together to create this now hugely successful Israeli spot in Lisbon’s Bairro Alto. So successful, in fact, that bookings are somewhat mandatory. It took me arriving unannounced and being rejected twice before I really took this seriously.

Tantura in Lisbon – by Tantura – Sourced from their Facebook

Tantura is always full, it’s always buzzing, it’s always mind blowingly good — and it’s always kosher.

This was an important element to be factored into the menu by the couple, as was the element of affordability. For the quality of this dining experience you’re actually paying next to nothing.


4. Restaurante Terra in Lisbon

Restaurante Terra isn’t far from Tantura, and boasts another safe spot for kosher eaters to indulge.

What you need to know about Terra is that it is a vegetarian and vegan buffet diner — no meats on the menu at all.

You’ll serve yourself from the exquisite array of dishes that are spread out daily. Lunch dining is €12.50 per person, and dinner is one or two euros more depending on what has been served that particular evening.

Restaurante Terra in Lisbon – by Restaurante Terra – Uploaded by them

As an added extra for the kosher community, Terra will arrange special kosher wine on Shabbat for any diners who would like it.

Word on the street is that Restaurante Terra is where you take anyone who insists they could never be vegetarian/vegan, and that they are almost certain to change their mind after this experience.

OPENING HOURS: TUESDAY TO SUNDAY — 12:30pm to 3pm // 7:30pm to 10pm
ADDRESS: R. da Palmeira 15, 1200-311 Lisboa, Portugal
METRO STATION: Principe Real

5. Páteo Velho in Lisbon

Up in the far north of the city, this very unassuming, very local Portuguese restaurant actually boasts an entirely kosher menu.

Páteo Velho is completely off the tourist radar; this is authentic Porra through and through. You’ll be lucky if anyone on duty is able to take your order in English.

It’s great that Lisbon now has a spot where traditional Portuguese food can be enjoyed in a kosher environment.

Páteo Velho in Lisbon – by Páteo Velho – Uploaded by them

This restaurant is particularly great for big groups and families. They boast banquet style tables and round eight to ten seater arrangements, so bring friends, lovers, strangers — let’s feast!

OPENING HOURS: Monday TO Saturday — 9am to 12am
ADDRESS: Av. Alm. Gago Coutinho 151, 1749-084 Lisboa, Portugal

One way to experience Portugal is through the food, kosher or not. The other is to walk its cities until you can’t walk no more. When in Lisbon, let the informative guided walking tours take you up and down this hill-laden town, some of them are even free of charge!

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