Top 3 Moroccan Restaurants in Lisbon


I was laughed at the first time I asked one of my Portuguese friends where I could find Moroccan food in or close to Lisbon.

I didn’t think this was such an outrageous question, considering that Portugal is technically an hours boat ride from the coast of Tangier in northern Morocco. It’s quicker to reach Spain, however, so the cuisine has made more of a significant appearance in the neighboring country instead of here in Portugal.

Amizad’s in Lisbon – by Amizad’s – Sourced from their Facebook

Rumor did have it that there are three restaurants in Lisbon that are attempting to embrace authentic Moroccan food, and I made it my mission to visit each one.

If you’re yet to try a tajine, first of all you are missing out and secondly I am pleased to say you now can in Lisbon. Here are the top three Moroccan restaurants in the Portuguese capital.

1. Marrakesh in Lisbon

Marrakesh is the most traditional and authentic of the Moroccan dining experiences on offer in Lisbon… aside from the fact that there is also Indian food on the menu.

I suppose Moroccan kitchens in Lisbon need to include additional food options as they have no way of guaranteeing enough demand for the cuisine itself since very few people have heard of or are searching for it.

Putting the Indian menu aside, Marrakesh is a beautifully decorated restaurant that stays on theme throughout the space. One can forget they are in Portugal for a few hours while eating here.

Marrakesh in Lisbon – by Marrakesh – Sourced from their website

The restaurant is situated in Azul in Lisbon’s north. This is a more suburban part of the city that offers one of the highest viewpoints down to the Tagus .

The Moroccan portion of their menu follows traditional cooking techniques through and through; even the tajines are served in the correct pyramid shaped clay pots.

No Moroccan restaurant is complete without traditional mint tea on offer for after your meal. They do it properly here at Marrakesh, served in long stemmed tea pots and alongside fresh baked daily treats.

This is a great restaurant for sharing in Lisbon; both the Moroccan menu and Indian menu offer plates of food ideally shared amongst two or more diners. Bread is always accompanied on the side.

Marrakesh in Lisbon – by Marrakesh – Uploaded by them

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Saturday – 12pm to 3pm // 7pm to 11pm
ADDRESS: Av. Conde Valbom 53, 1050-066 Lisboa, Portugal
Metro STATION: Saldanha

2. Flor da Laranja in Lisbon

Upon being laughed at for my curiosity about Moroccan restaurants in Lisbon, the only thing that went through my mind was that surely Bairro Alto was harboring this cuisine somewhere in those clustered streets.

I was right.

Flor da Laranja is a fusion kitchen that is predominantly concerned with dishes and flavors from Morocco, but combines them with contemporary dishes to make the menu a bit more relatable.

Bairro Alto nightlife – by Aapo Haapanen – Wikimedia Commons

As far as I’m concerned this is a fabulous Moroccan eatery that has kept the cuisine traditional in all the areas where it counts most; they too make use of the clay pots for the cooking of their tajine options.

A lot of the dishes at Flor da Laranja are served in tapas style. It’s quite nice to leave the ordering to your server, entrusting them to give you the best dining experience available at the restaurant. Just list your dietary requirements clearly and then let them do the rest.

The neighborhoods in Lisbon’s center are popular for free guided walking tours and tour groups who have come to see historic Portugal. So the restaurants of Bairro Alto fill up before 9pm almost every evening.

by Tola Akindipe – Wikimedia Commons

Because Flor da Laranja is a unique dining experience in these parts, a reservation is necessary if you want to guarantee a table at dinner time.

Again — mint tea to finish off your meal, don’t forget.

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Saturday – 7pm to 11pm
ADDRESS: R. da Rosa 206, 1200-348 Lisboa, Portugal
Metro STATION: Rossio-Lisboa

3. Amizad’s in Lisbon

So where do actual Moroccans eat when they travel to Lisbon? This little gem up the north coast would be the spot.

Amizad’s is situated in Lisbon’s Parque das Nações; a redevelopment project in the far north of the city that saw the creation of spaces like the Lisbon Science Center and Aquarium.

If you’ve spotted the cable car that runs over Lisbon’s coast seemingly hight in the sky, this is where the journey begins. Most travelers take a full day to venture up to the Parque das Nações to explore all that it has to offer. It’s also one of the most entertaining districts for children in Lisbon.

Amizad’s in Lisbon – by Amizad’s – Uploaded by them

Amziad’s is not only authentic Moroccan, it is also situated right on the waters’ edge and boasts a beautiful dining view over the Tagus. This is the priciest of all three Moroccan spots in Lisbon, but a small price to pay for food that is being prepared by actual Moroccan chefs.

It’s easy to see why Moroccan people find there way to Amizad’s when in Lisbon.

The menu is inclusive to people of all dietary requirements; from all kinds of meat, vegetables and sweet treats typically found in the country itself. The portions are huge and definitely best enjoyed as shared mains, perhaps two plates for every three people would be sufficient.

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OPENING HOURS: Wednesday to Monday – 11am to 11pm
ADDRESS: Marina da Expo, Rua das Musas, Passeio Neptuno nº 3.04.01 Loja 19D, 1990-169 Lisboa, Portugal
Metro STATION: Cabo Ruivo