The Best Vegan Burgers in Lisbon


The vegan lifestyle movement has hit the Portuguese capital hard and fast. Every week there seems to be a new vegan concept store or eatery popping up, as well as most local restaurants adding plant based dishes to their existing menus.

This has quickly made Lisbon into one of the most vegan friendly cities in Europe, following closely in the footsteps of places like Berlin, Amsterdam and London.

by Gabrielle Cepella – Unsplash

One thing that is still slightly harder to track down, however, is the perfect vegan burger. Meat substitutes aren’t a big thing in Lisbon just yet, and so burger patties are left to the creativity of the chef in question.

I believe I’ve tracked down every vegan burger worth eating in Lisbon. Read on!

Vegana Burgers in Lisbon

Vegana Burgers is a concept cafe in the far north of Lisbon’s center, up past Santa Cruz. I wish I could say the food is not worth the mission up to these parts, but it really is.

The aim of the cafe is to offer regular fast food options made all entirely plant based. They have also added the creative element of brightly colored bread rolls with each meal, making your plate extremely Instagram worthy in the process.

Vegana Burgers in Lisbon – by Vegana Burgers – Sourced from their website

I have an inkling that part of the goal was to make vegan burgers appealing to a younger crowd as well, which they have done well in doing! Children love Vegana Burgers and selecting their colorful choice of buns.

They have a wide range of interesting burger flavors and toppings. You can rarely go wrong with a sweet potato based burger, this is always my go-to.

OPENING HOURS: Monday TO Sunday – 12pm to 11pm
ADDRESS: Praça Duque de Saldanha 1, 1050-094 Lisboa, Portugal

Ao 26 in Lisbon

Ao 26 markets itself as a “vegan food project” close to Chiado and within walking distance of many attractions on the Tagus .

This is where you’ll have the best of the best vegan burgers in Lisbon.

The menu is really short and sweet, offering options of four main burgers to choose from. They also do great salads and hand cut fries on the side.

Ao 26 in Lisbon – by Ao 26 – Sourced from their Facebook

Vegans missing fish will be blown away by their crispy tofu burger. I’m not usually one to order tofu myself, but this I would eat again and again.

The popularity of this restaurant has gone through the roof as word of it’s existence continues to spread amongst the vegan community. There are rarely walk-in tables available and I would suggest either getting there the minute they open or calling in advance.

OPENING HOURS: Monday TO Saturday – 12:30pm to 6:30pm // 7:30pm to 11pm
ADDRESS: Rua Ângela Pinto, 40D 22/23, 1900-069 Lisboa, Portugal
METRO STATION: Cais do Sodre

Veganapati in Lisbon

Veganapati has made waves throughout Lisbon as now one of the favorite eateries for locals and tourists, both vegan and non.

Their menu is entirely plant based, but the dishes are so well crafted and executed that most of their clientele aren’t even vegan! They just love the food and could care less about the lack of animal parts.

Veganapati in Lisbon – by Veganapati – Sourced from their Facebook

Veganapati is a beautiful space filled with plant life and happy staff. Their menu is overwhelming in the best possible way; the kind that takes you a full on process of elimination in order to come to a single order conclusion.

They only have one burger on offer, and it’s really all that they need. It’s a black bean and tofu mixed patty served with lime mayo, caramelized onions, avocado and greens. They serve it on a bright pink bun alongside pink ketchup and fries. It’s really the vegan burger of your dreams.

OPENING HOURS: Monday TO Sunday – 8am to 11pm
ADDRESS: Rua da Prata 242, 1100-423 Lisboa, Portugal

A Cultura do Hambúrguer in Lisbon

A sneaky hidden gem deep inside the streets of Bairro Alto. One could walk past it daily on a free guided walking tour and not even know it was there.

Once inside, you’ll be blown away but the beautiful ornate decor that this hamburger joint has opted for. The artisanal burger scene isn’t a big one in Lisbon, so there aren’t many spots doing the cuisine quite like this in the city.

A Cultura do Hambúrguer in Lisbon – by A Cultura do Hambúrguer – Sourced from their Facebook

You’ll dine in a classy environment on burgers beyond your imagination. For meat eaters, this places is heaven. For vegans things are a little more limited but delicious nonetheless.

The do a veggie burger that is easily vegan just ask for it without the cheese and mayonnaise. 

Prices here are also extremely reasonable considering the dining experience you are given and the quality of the food.

OPENING HOURS: Monday TO Saturday – 12pm to 12am
ADDRESS: R. das Salgadeiras 38, 1200-086 Lisboa, Portugal
METRO STATION: Cais do Sodre

Café do Rio – Hamburgueria Gourmet in Lisbon

Further south toward the Tagus is Cafe do Rio, where gourmet burgers are the order of the day. They also do great milkshakes which are unfortunately not vegan friendly as of yet.

This is a suitable spot for both vegans and gluten free eaters who want to enjoy the hamburger experience. They do fantastic bunless burgers for those who can’t eat gluten, and have a number of veggie options for the plant based customers.

Café do Rio – Hamburgueria Gourmet in Lisbon – by Café do Rio – Hamburgueria Gourmet – Uploaded by them

My favorite experience here involved their lentil and hummus burger. Portions are huge, expect to take home enough for round two tomorrow.

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OPENING HOURS: Monday TO Sunday – 9am to 3pm // 7pm to 11pm
ADDRESS: Rua da Alfândega 114, 1100-016 Lisboa, Portugal
METRO STATION: Terreiro do Paço