6 Fun Ways to Celebrate your Bachelorette Party in Lisbon


There are many kinds of brides, many of whom wish the happiest days for their engagement. These days often include the bachelorette party, which can be a little complicated to plan.

For all types of brides there is a perfect bachelorette party. From the women who beg their friends not to have any strippers, those who want an unforgettable night on a budget, the lazy women who don’t want to worry about anything, or the most daring who want fireworks, adventure, pampering and Las Vegas! Lisbon is a great city that can cater for almost any type of bride. You might as well just call it Lis Vegas.

Here I present several ideas and ways to spend this special day with your friends.

Bachelorette and her bridesmaids, image by Fernanda Prado sourced from Unsplash

1. The party bus

Mundial Eventos organizes bachelorette and bachelor party events. This has a program for parties on board a panoramic double-decker bus. This service, which is personalized and exclusive for each group, promises to bring you the best hours of your life, with lots of fun, music and a professional driver. The package includes the tour for three hours and a meal in the vehicle (you can choose from barbecue food, Thai food or sushi menus).

Vodka for apéritif and sparkling wine for toasts are always included. The program also includes an erotic cake, entertainment, and access to the guest list in a bar or nightclub in the city of Lisbon. The bars included in the guest list are “Art” and “Hawaii”.

To the dismay of some, and the excitement of others, a cheeky striptease show is also part of the package! You can opt for erotic and non-erotic shows, with a more fun side of it (dwarfs included) or a more sensual show.

If you choose the most “traditional” striptease performance, Mundial Eventos recommends that you choose the “Animation on Four Wheels” format. At a certain point in the program, there is an authority officer who intercepts the vehicle and, after a brief dialogue, begins the striptease show.

Party bus

Party bus by Nicole Penney of TRU LIMOUSINE by Wikimedia commons

Additional information:
Prices: Group of 38 people max. costs 1299,99€.

2. A memorable photoshoot

What if you celebrated your last single days with a sensual photo shoot? In Chiado, near Armazéns do Chiado, the Je Suis studio has a specific program for bachelorette parties. Here you can have some fun with your friends. The session includes a preparation meeting and a photo session for two hours (with no limit on looks or number of photos). Once every client is different from the other, Je Suis thinks and prepares each session differently, depending on the client.

In the end, you take home a CD with all the photos, another CD with the 75 best photographs treated, 30 photographs in the size 15X20cm and it’s also available a private gallery on the Internet just for you.

In order to guarantee the quality of the photo shoot, Je Suis studio advises that the activity does not exceed 12 people.

It seems a bit different from the usual bachelorette party, right? But the goal here is for you and your friends to feel good about yourself. The perfect plan before the big day!

Additional information:
Address: Rua Nova do Almada, 36 – 2º esq. 1200-289 Lisboa
Phone number: +351 210 965 513

3. The traditional program

Just want to get your friends together, go out to dinner and head to the disco? Vipdrive takes care of everything, customizing a special program for you. From transportation to the restaurant reservation, without forgetting to enter the best nightclubs in Lisbon or strip clubs, with them you only must worry about showing up. You can even choose another type of program, such as visits to museums.

Just worry about choosing the car – the fleet includes everything from the traditional Mercedes to the 1959 Cadillac Fleetwood.


Mercedes by Dietmar Rabich by Wikimedia commons

Additional information:
Phone number: +351 214 054 100

4. Big ideas with little money

Grand’Ideia has bachelorette parties for all tastes: on the beach, on the boat, at a picnic, by the pool or even at a sushi workshop. This is what is called “normal” programs. Then there are the low-cost options: if money is really a problem, but you don’t want to turn your bachelorette party to be a mess, here are some funny ideas.

The Pajama Party, for example, includes two sexy entertainers in pajamas, some goodies like shots of mousse, popcorn and chips, games and tickets to a disco.

There is also a Spa program that includes a water circuit and massage.

They also offer surf lessons, dance lessons, pole dancing, canoeing, among many other fun activities that you can enjoy with your friends, at very reasonable prices.

Grand’Ideia has also an interesting experience for those looking for a more radical bachelorette party. There is a section on the website called the “active bride” and includes various programs, such as diving, climbing, slide, 4×4, canoeing and snorkeling activities.

Bachelorette party

Bachelorette party by Ardfern by Wikimedia commons

Additional information:
Prices: from 16€

5. Boat party

Boat parties, impage by Drew Dau sourced from Unsplash

Sailing Lovers organizes bachelorette parties on board a sailboat. The program can be very simple, just to watch the sunset with friends, or extend for a whole day and include some more extras like a DJ, a photographer, sushi man, etc. When you enter the website, you can choose what plan you want, the extras included and how long you want it to be.

Enjoy the beautiful landscapes and breathe the pure ocean air of the south of Lisbon. Have a great time with your friends!

Additional information:
Reservations phone number: +351916227112

6. The bikini restaurant

In this restaurant, located near Roma metro station in Lisbon, you can have a traditional dinner followed by a lap dance, or other things you want for your bachelorette party.

Additional information:
Prices: starting from 30€ per person

As you can see, there are lots of fun activities to do with your friends on your bachelorette party, from the spiciest plans to the calmer and relaxing ones. There is no measure for fun and you should enjoy your day just like you dreamed of.

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