Eat Halal in Lisbon


As far as European cities go, eating halal in Lisbon is actually really convenient. It’s known as one of the most halal friendly cities on the continent, with an array of suitable restaurants to keep religious travelers fed throughout their trip.

What I like most about the halal scene in Lisbon is the cuisine diversity. Other cities tend to limit their halal options to kebab eateries, but in the Portuguese capital you can eat everything from halal pizzas to halal tajines.

Ahmad Halal Foods in Lisbon

Speaking of the Portuguese capital, how lucky are we that Ahmad Halal Foods exists? This is authentic Portuguese cuisine made entirely halal.

Bacalhau, grilled sardines, Piri Piri chicken… all with the certification of having been killed suitably under Muslim Law. The rest of the menu is your basic kebab and rice plates, as well as some north African stews.

Ahmad Halal Foods in Lisbon – by Ahmad Halal Foods – Sourced from their Facebook

Ahmad is in the city center, close to the northernmost boundary of the Alfama district. You’ll get off at the Martim Moniz metro stop, putting you in the center of Martim Moniz Square.

This neighborhood in Lisbon is known to be an immigrant village. There are communities from different parts of Asia and North Africa living and trading here. You’ll find many halal restaurants in the immediate vicinity.

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday — 8:30am to 2am
ADDRESS: Calçada Garcia 14, 1150-049 Lisboa, Portugal
Metro STATION: Martim Moniz

Taste of Pakistan in Lisbon

One of those restaurants is the Taste of Pakistan, satiated a short walk from Ahmad, also close to the Martim Moniz stop.

As the name suggests, this will be a dining journey through the flavors of Pakistani food, all under halal certification.

Taste of Pakistan in Lisbon – by Taste of Pakistan – Sourced from their Facebook

Pakistani food is very similar to Indian food in that they make delicious curries using both meats and vegetables, served alongside great breads & light salads. To make the menu more extensive, you’ll also be able to enjoy grilled fish and a few Pakistani chicken mains, also halal!

It’s a no frills, reasonably priced spot that recently underwent new ownership. Show them some love!

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday — 11am to 4pm // 6:30pm to 12am
ADDRESS: R. de São Pedro Mártir 46, 1100-528 Lisboa, Portugal
Metro STATION: Martim Moniz

Turkish Kebab House in Lisbon

Almost all kebab shops in Lisbon are halal certified, but one should always double check before ordering blindly. These shops are prone to changing ownership quite regularly, so while one might be halal one week, the next it might use regular meats.

The Turkish Kabab House has stayed true to their halal beliefs since the beginning. This remains one of the best places in Lisbon to eat kebab, as well as a great spot for late night dining close to the Alfama.

Turkish Kebab House in Lisbon – by Turkish Kebab House – Sourced from their Facebook

They are famous for their döner kebabs. You can choose to eat yours either on a plate with an array of sides, in a pita or as a shawarma.

Prices are low, portions are large, and flavors are decent. Great halal in Lisbon.

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday — 12pm to 12am
ADDRESS: Av. Alm. Reis 40A, 1150-019 Lisboa, Portugal
Metro STATION: Anjos

Marrakesh in Lisbon

I’ve eaten at Marrakesh a number of times, and only recently learned that it’s been fully halal for a few years now.

As a lover of Moroccan cuisine, Marrakesh is one of the best places to enjoy it in Lisbon. The restaurant itself is incredibly laid back, but the food is absolutely authentic and served with love and pride that is tangible.

Marrakesh in Lisbon – by Marrakesh – Uploaded by them

The menu is your choice of different flavored tajines and/or couscous dishes. Meats are varied depending on your preference, but all are halal compliant.

As with any traditional Moroccan dinner, end your meal off with fresh mint tea and the fresh baked treats of the day.

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday — 12pm to 3pm // 7pm to 11pm
ADDRESS: Av. Conde Valbom 53, 1050-066 Lisboa, Portugal
Metro STATION: Saldanha

Pizzaria Tradicional Turca in Lisbon

Halal pizza in the capital of Portugal? Must be Pizzaria Traditional Turca.

Situated in the far north of the city, you’ll have to make a note to stop by if you’re ever in this area for the Viewpoint of Monte Agudo next door.

by Thomas Tucker – Unsplash

Pizza is their main menu, but they acknowledge that not everyone likes cheesy bread and so they’ve extended their cuisine just slightly. In addition to the Italian pies, you’ll also be able to eat from a counter-back buffet featuring meats, seafood, salads and grilled dishes that are used to build custom plates.

To accompany your dining experience they have mint tea and shisha. There is no alcohol available at Pizzaria Traditional Turca.

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday — 7pm to 11pm
ADDRESS: Av. Alm. Reis 59D, 1150-152 Lisboa, Portugal
Metro STATION: Anjos

Mr Halal Taste in Lisbon

On the Internet, this restaurant goes by the name Mr Halal Taste. When you arrive at the physical address, you’ll see it goes by the name Taste of Punjab.

Either way, this Punjabi eatery is fully halal and serves great tastes seven days a week. Punjabi food features a lot of delicious curries, fragrant rice dishes and fresh baked breads in specialized ovens.

by Steve Tsang – Unsplash

The space is clean and neat, and you’ll usually never have to wait for a table. The owner, a wonderful old man with a heart of gold, will bring you each dish himself, always with a smile.

A great spot for halal families as kids love this cuisine, too. I would recommend Mr Halal Taste to non-halal eaters as well, purely for the wholesome dining experience.

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday — 10am to 10pm
ADDRESS: R. Bombeiros Voluntários 8A, 2675-303 Odivelas, Portugal
Metro STATION: Senhor Roubado

Wherever you decide to eat your halal food in Lisbon, take some time out for a free guided walking tour through the center when you get a chance. Walking Lisbon is the best way to experience the city, regardless of the time of year.

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