The Best Turkish Restaurants in Lisbon


The Turks have given us a lot to be tankful for when it comes to good food. Unfortunately the few spots to enjoy it in Lisbon remain alertly informal eateries and kebab shops for very casual dining.

Turkish food is interesting because it contains influence of both Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines due to it’s unique location. Sampling the dishes when you get the chance, even in foreign lands, is always a great idea.

Here are the few you can expect to find in and around Lisbon.

Istanbul in Lisbon

Despite being very casual, Istanbul is one of Lisbon’s better quality Turkish eateries.

It’s on the street just behind the Terreiro do Paço, a popular public square known for breathtaking sunsets.

A lot of people actually get take away meals from Istanbul and walk down to the plaza to sit, eat and watch over the river. They do classic kebabs and Turkish salads, as well as a few of the national dishes & dips, making for a great mezze-style spread of a meal.

Istanbul in Lisbon – by Istanbul – Sourced from their Facebook

There is also a salad bar located behind the counter, where you can choose individual salad items and build up a plate accordingly.

Would I recommend this spot for vegans? Yes and no. If it’s late at night and you’re desperate for something to eat, vegan eaters can take full advantaged of some salads and fries. For regular daytime dining there are better options nearby.

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Sunday — Various
ADDRESS: R. do Comércio 2 22, 1100-016 Lisboa, Portugal
METRO STATION: Terreiro do Paço

I Love Kebab in Lisbon

If you’re staying further north in Lisbon, away from the city center, then I Love Kebab is your nearest go-to.

As the name suggests, this Turkish owned eatery’s sole focus is on the art of their kebabs. While the flavors are great what’s truly astounding are the prices.

I Love Kebab in Lisbon – by I Love Kebab – Sourced from their Facebook

For just €6 you can get a heaped plate of kebab of your choice, sides and a drink. Falafel is available as an option to anyone who is dining vegan/vegetarian. The secret is in their white sauce; you can’t compare it to other kebab houses.

If you prefer your meats wrapped up, they do a really nice sandwich that comes with a side of chips. Also in the €5 region.

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Sunday — 12pm to 11:30pm
ADDRESS: Av. Conde Valbom, 1050-099 Lisboa, Portugal

Dervixe in Lisbon

Halal eaters listen up, this one is for you.

Dervixe is right on the edge of the water where the Tagus meets the city. It’s one of the most vibrant eateries in this area, for a multitude of reasons.

Despite being incredibly low-key and informal, Dervixe is buzzing almost constantly.

Dervixe in Lisbon – by Dervixe – Sourced from their Facebook

For one, the food is really good. They do kebab, halal dishes, a vegetarian menu that can be made vegan, and some of Turkey’s most notorious dishes made authentically. Secondly, it’s very reasonably priced for the quality and service is always top notch.

And lastly, this is a bring your own alcohol establishment. It’s the only Turkish spot in Lisbon currently offering this as a feature, and it’s made customers very happy. You can bring along wine, beers or spirits of your choosing, they only ask that all waters and soft drinks be purchased from the restaurant.

There are also daily lunch specials around noon time! Don’t miss out!

OPENING HOURS: Tuesday to Sunday — 10am to 12am
ADDRESS: Av. 24 de Julho 84A, 1200-211 Lisboa, Portugal

Turkish Kebab House in Lisbon

It pains me to say a bad word against a spot serving a highly underrepresented cuisine in Lisbon, but unfortunately the Turkish Kebab House is a bit of a hit or a miss.

They have a lot of loyal patrons, and this probably has something to do with their halal certification. I also have some friends who frequent a club nearby and will eat here religiously after one too many drinks.

This is a very simple, shop-style eatery where you order over the counter and eat off of a tray. A meal of kebab, fries and a drink costs just €4.50.

Turkish Kebab House in Lisbon – by Turkish Kebab House – Uploaded by them

The food is incredibly oily, in my experience. But it didn’t look like all of the meats would be served this way. They also have pizza on the menu, which is out of place yet probably a satisfying option regardless.

Service could be improved upon; but again, for €4.50 we can’t really ask so much. Pick your battles!

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Sunday — 12pm to 12am
ADDRESS: : R. Luciano Cordeiro 65, 1150-341 Lisboa, Portugal

Turkish Kebab & Chicken Wings in Lisbon

Our last spot is also in the north of the city, just next to the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum that I do hope you will visit while you’re in town! Entry is free on Sunday afternoons and you’ll probably see me there.

This little kebab shop has really gone above and beyond to make themselves more appealing, more successful and more well known on the Lisbon streets. They have even added an official chicken wing menu into the mix, which is great for anyone unfamiliar with the kebab cuisine.

Turkish Kebab & Chicken Wings in Lisbon – by Turkish Kebab & Chicken Wings – Sourced from their Facebook

The food is very affordable, the vibe is casual but cool — you can sit back and enjoy a cold beer along with your meal. Again, not many Turkish restaurants in Lisbon have alcohol availability so if this is important to you, take note!

OPENING HOURS: Monday to Sunday — 12pm to 1am
ADDRESS: : Avenida Ressano Garcia 9A, 1070-128 Lisboa, Portugal

Along with the Calouste Gulbenkian I also highly recommend a guided walking tour at some point during your visit to Lisbon. It’s undoubtably the best way to connect to this very historic city, and there are a few free tours on offer too!

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