8 Reasons to Buy Your Holiday Home in Lisbon


If you’ve got money to invest in Europe, Lisbon needs to be high on your list of cities worth considering.

Property in Portugal is a hot commodity, not to mention the country is considered one of the top holiday destinations in the world. You’d be crazy not to want a permanent home space here.

Read on for some more keen convincing…

1. Get Yourself a Golden Visa in Lisbon

If there were any reason to bother with buying property in Portugal, it’s definitely the perk of the Golden Visa.

Most countries in Europe will give you opportunity for permanent residency when you spend a certain minimum investing in Property. In Portugal, this minimum is €500,000.

Lisbon – by Thomas Peham – Unsplash

Following a successful purchase of a house in Lisbon, you’ll be given what is known as a “Golden Visa” that grants you residency for 5 years. After these 5 years, you’ll be able to apply for permanent residency if you so desire.

Essentially, buying property in Lisbon if your golden ticket to a very powerful new passport. At present, the Portuguese passport ranks 6th most powerful in the world, giving visa free travel to 185 countries.

2. The Portuguese Climate is Ideal for Holiday Makers

Buying a holiday house abroad is a big deal. It’s very different to purchasing one on the coast of your home country, because it’s never going to be just a short drive away (unless you live in Spain or France, of course.

You’ll have to travel to get to it, so seasons are a big part of when and how often you choose to do so.

Lisbon – by Clifford – Unsplash

The Portuguese climate has a wonderful detachment from the icy cold winters that the north of the continent experiences. While the winters get chilly, you’re never going to have to bundle up in Heat Tech clothing just to go outside.

Likewise, the warmer months in Portugal are phenomenal. There are few better spots to enjoy the European summer. A holiday house sounds like a fine idea, no?

3. Make Money off of Your Property via Airbnb

Something to keep in mind when considering buying property in Lisbon is that you’re going to be able to make a portion of your investment back.

More and more holiday makers are looking to Airbnb for their accommodation when visiting the country’s capital. Home owners can register their properties on the platform and reap monetary rewards from short and long term rentals.

Lisbon – by Ximena Nahmias – Unsplash

As a home owner in Lisbon, you’ll be able to open up your home to travelers at any time when you are not residing in the space. If you intend to use your holiday home for a few weeks a year, you have tremendous earning potential during all the time you spend outside of the city.

There are companies in Lisbon who will handle all rentals, cleaning and guest liaisons for you, so you won’t have to deal with any admin yourself.

4. You’ll Save Money in the Long Run

If you’re considering investing in a European holiday home, it’s likely you already travel to the continent regularly for work or vacation and will continue to do so for years to come.

In the long run, a holiday home investment eliminates the repetitive cost of accommodation during city visits. Instead, this money can be put toward maintaining or improving the home you now own.

Lisbon – by Thomas Peham – Unsplash

Renting in Lisbon is, of course, always an option. It’s possible to do even as a non-citizen, but it can rake up unnecessary legal and administrative costs over time. Buying is the way to go, and more & more travers are opting to go this route.

5. It’s a Transport Hub for Most of Europe

Something wonderful about owning a holiday home in Lisbon is that the city is somewhat of a transportation hub for both the rest of Portugal and Europe.

Lisbon’s airpot is used by many European airlines as a halfway point between the UK and Eastern Europe. It makes travel between these destinations a lot more accessible, and a lot cheaper, since more airlines have access to ports where they can collect sufficient travelers.

Lisbon’s train stations also have seamless railway networks between the city center, other major cities in Portugal and up through Spain, France and the rest of Europe.

In summation, travelers who like to venture upon arrival will have easy access at all times.

Lisbon – by Hugo Sousa – Unsplash

6. Spend All Holidays in Lisbon

A very obvious perk of owning a home in Lisbon is that you can quite literally spend every single holiday period at your newly purchased house.

Be it the entire month of December, the three months your kids have off in the summer, or seasonal breaks like Easter and Christmas, your home will be ready and waiting for you to arrive.

Those privileged enough to own homes in different countries will tell you what wonderful peace of mind it is to know there is always somewhere to go when you just need to get away. Bliss!

Lisbon – by Daniel van den Berg – Unsplash

7. Lisbon is One of the Most Affordable Cities in Europe

In terms of economy, Lisbon is one of Europe’s most affordable places to live. The cost of living in conjunction with quality of life means you’ll almost always be within your means whether you come as an expat or a traveler.

8. Become a Local in Lisbon

One of the greatest advantages of buying a holiday house in a foreign city is that it usually puts you straight into the heart of the local communities.

Lisbon’s center might be overrun by tourism, but the residential areas hold a strong sense of community that it’s hard to become part of unless you own a permanent piece of the land.

Combine your purchase of a holiday home with a course in the Portuguese language, and you’ll be joining your neighbors for Sunday Cozido before you know it.

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