5 Best Cafe’s in Sintra


Cascais will always be my favorite day trip out of Lisbon, but Sintra is a very, very close second.

Sintra is the phenomenal natural parkland about forty minutes north of Lisbon where the Portuguese royals had their summer castles and palaces. It’s a majestic city escape that puts you into the natural valley, and it’s your choice how deep you choose to venture.

You’ll need to eat while you’re here, and there is really great food to be found in Sintra. Here are five cafes to keep an eye out for in the main valley.

Fortuna Café in Sintra

Food prepared with so much love you’ll even get it on a heart shaped plate.

Fortuna Cafe has it all: breakfast foods, lunch mains, options for vegans and vegetarians, & the most wonderful selection of teas in the valley.

Fortuna Café in Sintra – by Fortuna Café – Uploaded by them

The wraps at Fortuna Cafe are particularly nifty to take along with you into any of the castles that you’re going to explore throughout the day. They hold up over long periods of time and even intense heat, making for a nice impromptu picnic when the hunger eventually sets in somewhere in the nature.

A friend recommended that I always order a side of the avocado dip if I am having toast, and using it as a spread. It’s genius, and not something one would usually think to do since it’s normally served as a salad dressing.

Address: Monday to Saturday — 9:30am to 6pm
ADDRESS: R. Marquês Viana 1, 2710-492 Sintra, Portugal
Train STATION: Sintra

Garagem Café in Sintra

The cafe with the quietest terrace and the most beautiful view of the valley.

Garagem Cafe is situated just before the train gets into the main Sintra station. If the village center is to the west of the station, Garagem is to its right.

This cafe looks over the largely untouched Monte Santos valley. Acres and acres of vast green space and blue skies (usually), all of which in full panoramic view for the duration of your meal. It goes without saying you’ll want to request a table on the terrace.

Garagem Café in Sintra – by Garagem Café – Uploaded by them

The meals are light but delicious; their avocado toast, granola bowl and veggie burgers steal the show. Those not in the mood for a heavy meal will enjoy their fresh baked treats along with a hot cup of tea or coffee. 

Address: Wednesday to Monday — 11am to 7pm
ADDRESS: Alameda Combatentes da Grande Guerra 12 A b, 2710-426 Sintra, Portugal
Train STATION: Sintra

Estefânea Cafe in Sintra

I just love the Estefânea Cafe in Sintra. There is something so heartwarming about having a meal here, and this spot always seems to pick your energy up when you really need it most.

I’ve only had breakfast here (pancakes, fresh orange juice, a small tart), but I know that the lunch options are worth the short drive to the edge of the valley. A friend of mine had only but good things to say about the salmon toast and sangria.

Estefânea Cafe in Sintra – by Estefânea Cafe – Uploaded by them

The menu is easily adaptable for vegans and vegetarians; the staff are happy to do so, too.

Address: Monday to Saturday — 9:30am to 7pm
ADDRESS: Largo Afonso de Albuquerque 11, 2710-519 Sintra, Portugal
Train STATION: Sintra

Casa das Minas in Sintra

I imagine if the royals were still summering in Sintra, and were in need of a cafe in which to eat, that Casa das Minas would be their go-to.

This is the most breathtaking, traditional Portuguese space. The cafe is simply an old house that has been converted to accommodate dining guests. It’s situated inside the Parque das Merendas, an untouched part of Sintra seemingly stuck in the past.

It’s cafe dining, but with strong Portuguese cuisine influence. Fish with boiled eggs for lunch? Why not.

Opt for a table on the back terrace, close to the rockery.

Address: Thursday to Tuesday — 11am to 7pm
ADDRESS: Estrada da Pena 1, 2710-551 Sintra, Portugal
Train STATION: Sintra

Dom Café in Sintra

Let it be known that there are a total of three Dom Cafe’s in Sintra, all with the same menu and services. The one at the address listed below is my favorite because of the panoramic views you get to enjoy over the valley.

Some argue that Dom is closer to a coffee shop than it is to a cafe. There are no actual meals on the menu, and customers come to enjoy a hot or cold drink of their choice accompanied by any of the baked treats.

Dom Café in Sintra – by Dom Café – Sourced from their Facebook

It’s a beautiful “cafe” in which to escape for a few hours with a book. Or bring your laptop along and do some work while the natural wonder of Portugal continues to exist around you.

Address: Monday to Sunday — 8am to 8pm
ADDRESS: R. Prof. Dr. Joaquim Fontes 53, 2710-634 Sintra, Portugal
Train STATION: Sintra

Espaco Edla in Sintra

Bright, charming, and right next to the Sintra train station as you arrive in the district.

Espaco Edla sees a lot of tourists scrambling for a quick bite to eat before catching the last train back into the city. In the same breath, Espaco Edla also sees a lot of tourists scrambling to book a room in which to rest their head in attempt to spend a full night in Sintra.

Espaco Edla in Sintra – by Espaco Edla – Sourced from their Facebook

This is both a cafe and a guesthouse, a reasonably priced one at that.

Perhaps sitting down for some coffee and pancakes will inspire you to spend a spontaneous night in the valley, who knows?

Address: Monday to Sunday — 8am to 7pm
ADDRESS: R. Dr. Alfredo da Costa 52, 2710-523 Sintra, Portugal
Train STATION: Staroměstská

There are guided walking tours available in all major parts of Lisbon and nearby. Make attending one of these a priority while in town; there’s no better way to experience a country than on the streets through the eyes of a local.

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