10 Things to do at Lisbon’s LX Factory


You’ll find the LX Factory down the coast of Lisbon. It’s fast becoming one of the city’s most renowned attractions, with thousands of travelers heading through to visit the grounds each day.

The LX Factory is an abandoned factory yard that was recently transformed into a public attraction. It features an array of restaurants, concept stores and entertainment facilities & is open seven days a week.

Opening Hours: Daily
ADDRESS: R. Rodrigues de Faria 103, 1300-501 Lisboa, Portugal
Metro STATION: Alcantara-Terra

1. Eat Global Cuisine at Lisbon’s LX Factory

The cuisines available at the LX Factory are seemingly endless. The yard streets are lined with dining options, ranging everywhere from traditional Portuguese to sushi, Thai to Mexico, confectionary to vegan.

Everyone is catered to at the factory, but for most of the restaurants you will need to make a reservation come dinner time. I highly recommend Mez Cais LX, situated on the rear end of the factory.

LX Factory – by Kent Wang – Wikimedia Commons

2. Catch an Arthouse Film at Lisbon’s LX Factory

One of the factories on the grounds was once a successful printing press. This now houses Ler Devagar, a massive double story bookstore with books from the floor to the ceiling. The old print machinery lives in the center of the room, and you can actually climb up into it to explore.

The second story of the bookstore leads into a separate room, used occasionally as a screening space for art house films. Get onto the Ler Devagar social media platforms to find out what’s coming up!

Ler Devagar – by LX Factory – Sourced from their website

3. Enjoy Sundowners Over the Tagus at Lisbon’s LX Factory

The ground level at the LX Factory is generally used for eateries and shopping facilities, while the upper levels, particularly the rooftops, are all dedicated to nighttime entertainment.

Most people will start their evening at the LX Factory with dinner and then move up into the bars on the top stories. Follow the signs for the elevators and use them to get to the rooftops. All of them overlook the Tagus and the Pont de 25 Abril.

LX Factory – by Alex Lehner – Wikimedia Commons

4. Explore the Art Installations at Lisbon’s LX Factory

To curate the space, the creators of the LX Factory brought in various local artists who designed panels and installations throughout the yard. The factory has become known for its great artworks, and as you walk through the space you’ll get to enjoy the careful curation of each piece.

LX Factory – by TJ DeGroat – Wikimedia Commons

5. Splurge at the Concept Shops at Lisbon’s LX Factory

The LX Factory is all about owning one’s creativity, and exploring new, innovative ways of doing things.

Take Tsuri Lamps, for example. They make custom lamps out of different types of quality paper, and the results are astounding. Each one is unique and not available anywhere else in the world.

Or you can wander on into Rutz, a shoe retailer that makes their merchandise entirely out of cork.

Nae is not far away, and is one of the first completely vegan footwear labels in Portugal. 

Tsuri Lamps – by LX Factory – Sourced from their website

6. Partake in an Escape Room at Lisbon’s LX Factory

Push your friendships to the limit and sign up for the LX Factory’s very own escape room.

This puzzle is 60 minutes long and is burlesque themed. To get out of the room, you and your team will have to delve deep into your own creativity, analysis and reasoning to unlock the clues presented to you.

It’s such fun, and an easy way to lose an hour in the factory grounds. You’ll find it on the 1st floor of the main building.

LX Escape – by LX Factory – Sourced from their website

7. Make Art at the Studio at Lisbon’s LX Factory

Keeping to the creative niche, the LX Paint studio is Portugal’s first social painting studio.

This space is aimed at any individual who is looking to connect with his/her artistic side while simultaneously connecting with like-minded individuals from around the world.

No prior art experience or skills are required. You simply show up, sign up and take part in this memorable experience while sipping a lot of Portuguese wine. For more information, visit the LX Paint Studio’s social media.

LX Paint – by LX Factory – Sourced from their website

8. Get Inked at LX Factory

Fancy leaving Lisbon with a new tattoo? The Queen of Hearts Tattoo Studio is situated on the ground floor of the LX Factory.

Their team of skilled artists would prefer it if you arranged an appointment time with them prior to arrival, but they also welcome walk ins and will do whatever they can to make your ink dreams a reality.

If you’re not feeling that brace, Queen of Hearts also has a skilled body piercing technician on site at all times.

Queen of Hearts Tattoos – by LX Factory – Sourced from their website

9. Get Some Work Done at Lisbon’s LX Factory

Those who need some sort of work space while in Lisbon can find one right here in the LX Factory.

Coworklisboa is a cross-field workspace for freelancers or temporary workers looking for an office-type setup to use while in Lisbon. They have different space options, including individual desk space or studio sized private offices.

Registration is easy to do online and is necessary prior to your arrival!

Coworklisboa – by LX Factory – Sourced from their website

10. Immerse Yourself in Drag Culture at Lisbon’s LX Factory

Ever wondered what it feels like to be part of the world of drag?

At Drag Taste in Lisbon’s LX Factory you can now have an authentic drag experience, seven nights a week. These are their drag dinners, where you’ll be treated to some fine Portuguese dining while being transformed into your inner drag queen.

Drag Taste – by LX Factory – Sourced from their website

The studio holds hundreds of costume pieces, including wigs and shoes, & the experience is suitable for people of all shapes and sizes.

In addition to drag dinners, they also do drag wine tasting, and drag brunches. Booking is somewhat essential so get in touch with them before hand. To book, simply email bookings@dragtaste.com, or visit their social media pages.

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