10 Best Summer Activities in Lisbon


Europe comes to life in the summer season, there is no doubt about that. Portugal in particular is a fabulous place to be when the weather turns hot, offering one of the most balanced climates on the continent.

So what does everyone get up to when the sun is shining on the Portuguese capital? A whole lot. Here are ten great activities to help narrow it down.

1. Day Trip to the Beach Near Lisbon

This is my immediate go-to the second summer pokes its nose into the city. Flock to the nearest train station, buy the €5 roundtrip ticket and make the 40 minute journey straight out to Cascais.

Here you’ll be greeted by one of the most charming fishing villages in the country. A cluster of beaches, vacation houses, harbors and global cuisines in the most laid back environment.

Cascais thrives in the summer; prepare to share the train ride with an overflowing compartment of people and hot, sticky air.

The last train back to Lisbon departs Cascais at 9pm daily; be on it, or start looking for an Airbnb to spend the night…

by xiquinhosilva – Wikimedia Commons

2. Attend Summer Music Festivals in Lisbon

One thing that brings in travelers during the summer in Lisbon are the music festivals. While none of Portugal’s biggest festivals actually take place in Lisbon itself, there are two very close to the capital that can be accessed on a short train ride.

The NOS Alive Festival is the closest. Three days of music and art in the heat of the July summer. The entire event will cost you €149 to enter; alternatively there are day passes available at reduced rate.

The Super Bock Super Rock Festival is also not too far from Lisbon. This one also takes place in July, a week after the NOS Alive Fest. Super Bock Super Rock features some of the biggest artists in the world and full weekend tickets cost €105.

by Krists Luhaers – Unsplash

3. Take Boat Cruises in the Summer in Lisbon

The waters of the Tagus are high traffic zones during the summer in Lisbon! Everyone wants to get out on the water, and there are a range of boating excursions that can accommodate.

The big-boat ferries can be seen giving people water trips through the summer days. Lisbon yachting companies target more personal, intimate excursions intended for romantic boat trips or sunset excursions with a small group of friends.

BYX is a reputable boating name to look out for; their packages are also quite affordable.

by Joao Tzanno – Unsplash

4. Picnic in the Summer in Lisbon

Parks in Lisbon in the summer are an absolute must. This semi-tropical climate means that Lisbon’s parks never really die off in the winter, so come summer they are in full bloom within a very short recovery time.

Pack your treats, grab your friends and make your way to any of Lisbon’s public green spaces. The Parque das Merendas in Monsanto Park is widely known as one of the best picnic facilities in the city, especially if you like to sit on benches while you eat.

I do also love the lush grass areas at the Parque Florestal de Monsanto.

by britt gaiser – Unsplash

5. Visit the Sportágua Waterpark in the Summer in Lisbon

The Sportágua Waterpark is a mission to get to. It’s about an hour north of Lisbon, right on the coast.

There are few places as exciting as this in the summer, especially if you have kids to entertain. This waterpark has an array of pools, slides, play areas and grass spaces to be enjoyed by all who enter.

The Sportágua Waterpark is known for its impressive slides and clean facilities. You’ll love it!

Sportágua Waterpark – by Sportágua Waterpark – Sourced from their Facebook

ADDRESS: Av. Monsenhor Bastos, 2520-206 Peniche, Portugal
Metro STATION: Taxi Only

6. Enjoy the Somersby Out Jazz in the Summer in Lisbon

Every summer, the city of Lisbon welcomes in the annual Somersby Out Jazz festival that takes places every Sunday in various locations around the city.

From the first week of May, until the last week of September, there are live jazz concerts every single Sunday in one of five venues: the Jardins da Torre de Belém, the Jardim do Campo Grande, the Jardim da Estrela, the Ribeira das Naus and the Parque da Bela Vista.

Get onto the Somersby Out Jazz social media to keep in the loop about the upcoming dates and ticket information.

by Peter Okwara – Unsplash

7. Walk the City in the Summer in Lisbon

The best place to be in Lisbon in the summer is outside. Be that at the beach, in a park or simply roaming the streets.

If you’re new to Lisbon, you’ll want to take one or two free guided walking tours though the city center to get to know this historic part of Portugal. These walks take place daily, rain or shine; lucky you if you get to experience yours in peak season!

8. Roadtrip to the Algarve Near Lisbon

The Algarve is the Portuguese coastal region situated in the Faro District on the southernmost point of the country.

Getting here from Lisbon is easy if you have a car; it’s about a two and a half hour journey. One can also catch a train which will get you there in a similar amount of time; there are about 15 trains between Lisbon and the Algarve per day.

The Algarve sees its prime in the summer. It’s a place for swimming, tanning, exploring the outdoors and eating even more delicious food than you had in the capital — it’s true!

by Nathalie Ehrnleitner – Unsplash

9. Visit a Wine Farm Near Lisbon

The Portuguese are immensely proud of their wine, and there are many successful wineries located just outside the city center.

The Portuguese wine region sees its peak in the summer months, and there is no better time to visit. Depending on your grape preference, you’ll have to choose from red grape vineyards, white grape vineyards and Port wine makers; some as close as just fifteen minutes out of the city center.

Click here for a list of great wine farms near Lisbon.

by Tim Mossholder – Unsplash

10. Explore Sintra Near Lisbon…

It seems the summer in Lisbon is just an excuse to leave the city as often as possible. Sintra is another day trip most worth experiencing in the summer, as it requires one spend a lot of time outdoors!

Sintra is the old village north of Lisbon where the royals used to have their summer homes (castles). This valley of castles comes to life in the warmer months, when the lush jungle terrain has chance to thrive.

Take the train from anywhere in the city; it’s about a 40 minute journey! If there are three or more of you traveling then splitting the cost of a single Uber ride works out cheaper than buying individual train tickets — just FYI!

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