Here we have a suggestion of the 5 top snack places in Lisbon. We know that when you’re traveling and visiting a new city, you might end up getting lost in all the new places to discover and enjoy and sometimes you just need to grab a quick bite before moving to your next destination, so here you have our 5 top snack places in Lisbon.

Lisbon Top 5 Snack Places

Sol e Pesca


The first on our top 5 snack places in Lisbon is Sol e Pesca. Sol e Pesca is a small place in Cais do sodré, on the Pink Street and it’s perfect for a quick snack. Known for its traditional Portuguese conserves of as many fish as you can name, you can sit outside and enjoy your favorite conserve with fresh bread. It doesn’t get more typical than this for a Portuguese snack.

Lisbon Top 5 Snack Places

Mercado da Ribeira

Our second place on our top 5 snack places in Lisbon is Mercado da Ribeira. This is a food market by TimeOut magazine located in Cais do Sodré, by the river Tagus and just next to Chiado. Here, you can take your pick of what you’d like to try, from traditional cuisine to more international delicacies. You can check out other food markets in Lisbon here.

Lisbon Top 5 Snack Places

Croissanteria da Prata

Another on out top 5 snack places in Lisbon is Croissanteria da Prata. Now, this place is different from all the other suggestions. This is a very small café, which is known for having 21 different types of croissants. As you walk into it (you can barely fit, there’s no room for sitting), you choose what you’d like to fill you croissant with: from egg cream, to apple, chocolate or the traditional chourição (recommend it!). This really is a place to get a croissant and go and for you to get a chance to see a traditional tasca (a simple place where you can get something to eat).

Lisbon Top 5 Snack Places


On the other hand, our next venue in the top 5 snack places in Lisbon is Bernard. Bernard is an old fashioned pastry house. Right next to the famous Brasileira coffee shop in Chiado, I believe this one is much better – if you’re looking to have a good snack. From toasts to the mind-blowing traditional pastries, you can have a great breakfast, snack or light meal here.

Lisbon Top 5 Snack Places

Tasca do Chico

Lastly in our top 5 snack places in Lisbon is Tasca do Chico. This is a very simple venue where you can get a bite at traditional cheeses and sausages and have a drink while listening to live Fado. Check out more places to listen to Fado here. The original house opened in Bairro Alto but it grew so much in popularity, they opened a new one in Alfama, one of the most typical neighborhoods in Lisbon, where Fado was born. Want to discover more about Alfama? Great! Learn about our Alfama walking tour here.

See you in Lisbon!

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