Do you want to go to the Le Mans racetrack from Paris? You may have heard of the 24 heures du Mans, the oldest racetrack of endurance still existing today, and you may want to go there. The first race took place in 1923, in Le Mans. La Mans is a city located in La Sarthe, this city is known for the race and for its rillettes! Le Mans is not very far from Paris, here is how to get to Le Mans racetrack from Paris.

Dates and how to get tickets:


The race happens every year in June, check the dates of the event before going there, next year it will be from 18 to 19 of June. I recommend you to buy your tickets before going there so you’ll be sure to enter the event, moreover the website of the 24h du Mans can also be in English! Here is the link directly in English: The range of price goes from 78 euros to enter the event to more than 550 to go on the pit-walk.

Le Mans racetrack from Paris

Going to Le Mans racetrack from Paris:

Le Mans is not that far from Paris, but you have to know how to get there, especially if you didn’t rent a car. You can use car sharing because many people will go there from Paris during this weekend, for that you can book a place in a car thanks to Blablacar, here is the website in English but as it is in English the prices are in pounds. The place for a car is around 15 euros.

You can also get there by train, it will cost you between 20 and 40 euros, but pay really good attention to the duration of the ride because it can last from 50 minutes to more than 3 hours! Here is the website to buy train tickets in English, but once again the prices will be in pounds, don’t forget to take a look at the train station of departure it can be different from one train to another even if most of the time it is Gare Montparnasse!


Once in the Mans, some free shuttle will bring you to the race, or you use take the taxi, here are some numbers:
Taxis Radio 24H/24: 02 43 24 92 92
Taxis Station gare: 02 43 24 99 99
Le Mans Taxi radio: 02 43 82 07 07

For any further information you can use the website dedicated to the event, which is translated in English,

So now that you know how to go to Le Mans racetrack from Paris, enjoy the race AND the rillettes!

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