Langkawi Sky Bridge at Gunung Machinchang Photo by CEphoto, Uwe AranasBy Wikimedia

Top 10 Fun Facts about The


Langkawi Sky Bridge is a 125-metre curved pedestrian cable-stayed bridge in Malaysia. The bridge deck is 660 meters above sea level at the peak of Gunung Mat Cincang on Pulau Langkawi. The bridge was designed by Peter Wyss and completed in 2005. It was designed in a curved walkway to maximize the viewing experience.

In July 2012, the bridge was closed to the public for maintenance, upgrading and structural strengthening. Later the bridge was reopened in February 2015, although the accessibility was limited since construction was not fully complete till December 2015.

The Sky Bridge is one of the most popular tourist destinations and has helped increase the number of tourists visit in Malaysia. It is open daily from 9 am to 8 pm. The fee change is friendly and affordable to all classes of people. The admission fee for adults is RM 10 and for children is RM 5 for children aged 3 -12 years old. And all visitors are advised to wear comfortable shoes as the walkway is made of metal grates.

1. Great Place for a Photoshoot

This bridge is one of the best places for photo shoots and some amazing captures.  It is high and the view is amazing. The triangular viewing point where you can view all sides is one of the perfect places to take a photo.

It as well has cables and an aerial view of curved shining on a bright day resembles a piece of modern art which is a perfect place to take a photo with the aerial view.

2. It is on World’s Eighteen Strangest Bridge

Langkawi Sky Bridge at Gunung Machinchang Photo by CEphoto, Uwe AranasBy Wikimedia

The Langkawi Sky Bridge is one of the world’s strangest bridges. The World’s strangest bridges are bridges that are engineered with nothing but utility in mind for these, aesthetic design is secondary to safety and longevity.

This curved pedestrian bridge is 2000 feet above sea level at the top of Mount Mat Cincang in Malaysia.

3. It Can Accommodate up to 800 People

The bridge was designed with a plan when it comes to its height, strength and its size. The Langkawi Sky Bridge can accommodate up to 800 people.

 This shows how big and strong the sky bridge is. In case you are visiting don’t be scared that it might be full despite many tourists visiting on daily bases the bridge is big enough to accommodate you all.

4. It is Open to the Public

Langkawi Sky Bridge Photo By s13n1 Wikimedia

In July 2012 the bridge was closed to the public since some construction was going on for its maintenance and upgrading. In February 2015 it was reopened and to date is fully accessible.

Despite the sky bridge being open to the public to visit. It is good to note is not free to visit there is a fee charge but affordable.

5. Offers Stunning Views of the Area

If you want to experience and see what we call stunning views visit this bridge. You get to see the amazing view of the surrounding mountains and valleys below it.

You get to see the view of all of Malaysia as you enjoy the great quiet walk and admire the natural beauty of nature.

6. Bollywood Movie Don was Shot on this Bridge

It is fun to note that the bridge has been involved in a great project, a famous Bollywood movie ‘Don’ was shot here. Don is an Indian media franchise, centred on Don, a fictional Indian underworld boss.

However, it is the last thrilling scene in 2006 of this famous Bollywood movie Don was shot on the Langkawi Sky Bridge. This was a positive impact since it made the bridge famous and known by many all over, hence an increase in the number of tourists and revenue income.

7. Each End of this Bridge has a Triangular Observation Decks

Langkawi Sky Bridge Photo By Marufish from Alor Setar, Malaysia Wikimedia

The Langkawi Sky Bridge is designed with a unique structure. Each end of this bridge has triangular observation decks. When you are in the triangular observation site you can observe each side and you get a 360-degree view.

 This is amazing since you get a chance to admire nature as you breathe fresh air and make wishes to the heavens. It is a must-visit place and get to experience the most wonderful and refreshing experience.

8. A Cable Car Ride Takes You to the Bridge

A cable car ride takes you to the bridge when you visit the Langkawi Sky Bridge to get an amazing view of the sunset. The cable car takes only fifteen minutes to take someone to the bridge.  In the Sky bridge is one of the best places to get a spectacular sunset view, sundowner lover this is the best place for you and must visit.

However, if you are afraid of heights stay away from this experience, despite it being safe in all aspects, the height can be dizzying causing falling which is dangerous and it might cause death, I don’t think anybody can serve the fall from the bridge since is very high.

9. One of the Highest Elevated Single-Stay Bridges in the World

The Sky bridge is one of the highest globally, it has an elevation of nearly 1,000 meters (3,281 feet). Its construction was an achievement that required great courage, skill, and strength since it had to overcome structural challenges at great heights such as load management, structural balance from a single point and delivery of building material.

 However, despite the challenges its building was completed in 2004 and was approved as an engineering marvel. And today it is recognized as one of the world’s highest bridges.

10. Major Tourist Attraction

Langkawi Sky Bridge Photo By Marufish from Alor Setar, Malaysia Wikimedia

This pedestrian bridge is a major tourist attraction in Malaysia. Visitors from all parts of the world come to experience its unique beauty and stunning views.

If you visit and you are looking for adventure Langkawi Sky Bridge is the place to visit and you will see the whole of Malaysia from a new perspective. Thanks to Sky Bridge, Malaysian tourism is reaching new heights.