What do Italian people eat for dinner?


If there is one thing that Italians are good at, it’s food.

Italy has its own recipes reproduced and adapted by everyone all over the world. The Italian tradition is characterized by a great variety of products and foods. Each Italian region has its own identity, recipes that are handed down from parents and family. The origins of these dishes are complex to understand. Some of them date back to the Middle Ages.

But despite this, we love to taste traditional Italian dishes wherever we go. For this reason I will take you on a short journey through Italian cuisine. What do Italians eat for dinner? Let’s find out together!

Around the table

Dinner by Free-Photos da Pixabay

The typical Italian family loves to sit at the table altogether.
Whether it’s a lunch or dinner, from Monday to Sunday they love gathering.
Sitting around the table with the whole family is the best thing according to Italians.
Food is sacred and so it’s the family, which is why they love to spend time in front of a typical dish and good bread and wine.
We can easily say that conviviality is the keyword for the Italian families.
Wherever you find yourself passing by, you’ll smell sizzling sauce and freshly baked bread. 

Italian dinner 


Tomatoes by monicore da Pixabay


Dinner is a very fundamental moment for Italians.
At the end of the working day, the families love to get together and ready to taste the delights of the Mediterranean diet.
Dinner usually starts from 20 – 20.30 onwards. Usually, dinner consists of a multi-course meal. The full meal is not something that Italians eat every time. It is often a habit for holidays and special occasions.

Do you want to know more about the Italian dinner? 



There are lots of appetizers, to choose from.
Usually they are made up of many small samples of different food. Because the intent is not to get too much full!
You have to leave room for the first or second course!
The typical Italian appetizers are usually composed of simple things such as cold cuts typical of each region, panzanella bread, ascolane olives, supplì, mozzarella bites and more.
It all depends on the region where you are.
Italian antipasti vary from region to region and above all according to the season.
In summer, for example, you can enjoy Bassiano raw ham with summer melon! Gustoso!

First Course 

Pasta by Free-Photos da Pixabay

I have a very long list of first courses to offer you.
But I must tell you that in every region you will find the typical ones. I recommend you to taste everything you can!
Here in the Lazio region you can taste the famous “cacio e pepe” or  amatriciana, gricia or zozzona. I usually cover them with parmisan cheese as my gradnmother does!
Usually on Sundays,  lasagna or cannelloni are prepared. Without forgetting the tortellini or gnocchi, all handmade!

Pasta is an art here in Italy. You can search for cooking classes and learn how to prepare the famous fettuccine al ragù or more!

Second course

The main courses are different for each region and according to the proximity of the sea or the mountain.
You will find fresh meat and freshly caught fish.
Fried squid or cut of meat accompanied with typical vegetables of the area.
Salad or broccoli sautéed in a pan with garlic, or a side dish of roasted potatoes in the oven.  Second courses are usually accompanied with seasonal products. 

In autumn you will find pumpkin squash, chestnuts and potatoes. While during summer you’ll find  fresh salads, fennel, tomatoes. 


Tiramisù by silviarita da Pixabay

This is my favorite part of an Italian dinner. When they dine at home, Italians always love to finish their dinner with a good homemade dessert or one bought from the typical “forno” of the town.
Grandmothers, for example, love to prepare sponge cakes or the typical “moretto” with chocolate.
Desserts are often typical of each region. Tiramisu, ice cream, tarts and grandmother’s desserts. Without forgetting strudel, Sicilian cannoli and amaretti.
Desserts are homemade, even by restaurateurs. Indulge and try them!
You need to leave room in your stomach for this goodness.

Even the desserts are seasonal. For example, during Christmas italians like to have the classic “pandoro” or “panettone” cake.  They are usually sprinkled with icing sugar before being served.


Yummy! A simple Margherita pizza, image sourced from berberepizza.it

We must talk about pizza.  

Pizza is something that italians love. And when they don’t want to cook they like to go out or oder pizza for a dinner at home. Italian pizza it is prepared following the typical recipe. It can be Roman or typical Neapolitan it doesn’t matter.
The important thing is that it is well stuffed and cooked  without burning the “cornicione”. 

When italians go out for a pizza they usually order antipasti and after a pizza.  When in Italy you need to taste it!