Top 10 chic Italian men shoe brands

The Italian style can be easily recognized from afar.
Wearing totally Made in Italy accessories will give you that extra touch of class.
It will make you different from the crowd. For this reason, your style will be unique and offbeat.  Italian footwear will make your outfits fashionable and different every time.
This is why I recommend investing in Made in Italy footwear. As you will get a quality product tailor-made, you will feel special and wonderful while wearing them. 
And how we say here in Italy ” tutto il resto è storia!” 
Let’s see together the Top 10 chic Italian men Shoe Brands.

Bontoni shoes


Shoes by Pexels – Pixabay

In the first place, I decided to include Bontoni.
The company was born in the Marche, a special place in the heart of Italy.
The Marches are surrounded by mountains, medieval villages, terraced vineyards and breathtaking landscapes.
The Bontoni brand was born in the basement of Guido Gazzani’s house in the Marche region.
Gazzani was a shoemaker who has been customizing shoes for locals and merchants since 1958.
For 70 years Bontoni shoes have been part of the traditional history of brands.
Bruno and Manfredo have continued to keep the tradition alive
going against industrialization and continuing to customize their bespoke products.
In 2004, the next generation took hold and the cousins Gazzani and Cutillo launched the “Bontoni” brand.
For more information check their website here 

Stefano Bemer

Shoes by Free-Photos da Pixabay

Stefano Bemer is a Florentine brand led by Tommaso Melani.
The brand was born in 1983 with the intention of creating unique and tailored shoes.
The brand responds to high standards of quality and elegance and is synonymous with style and fashion.
The shoes are beautifully made to measure and created perfectly and ready to be worn.

For more information about their products check their website here 

Riccardo Freccia Bestetti

Shoes by Foto di Pexels da Pixabay


Bestetti’s leather shoes are appreciated all over the world.
The skilful processing of the leather allows the creation of customized or ready-made products. All different from each other.
The company’s shoemaker will make ergonomic and luxury shoes for you. For more information about Bestetti and their shoes check their website here


foto by Kris Kurn da Pixabay

The company was founded in 1975 by Andrea Santoni.
Santoni has remained faithful to tradition with an eye to the future. Their production centre in Corridonia was made of 90% recyclable materials.
Plus their company gets clean energy from solar panels!
They care a lot about the environment. If you are in Macerata then stop by and pop into their company. Their products are unique and will make you feel stylish.

If you want to know more about their wonderful products check their website here 

Antonio Meccariello 

shoes by Naveed Ahmed da Pixabay

A pure example of the true excellence of Italian shoemaking is Antonio Meccariello. His workshops are located in Airola and Benevento.
Dove Meccariello offers creation and customization services.
You can also find his shop online to order your favourite shoes.
Prices are competitive and affordable. They range from $ 550 – $ 2,800. If you want to know more about their shoes and products check their website here 

Rosso & Snow shoes


In the beautiful and smiling Florence, you will find the beautiful Ross & Snow shoes.
Founded in 2017 by Fred and Meghan Mossler. They make shoes for the winter with water-repellent materials.
Thanks to the use of unique and ethical materials, they offer elegant and at the same time functional products.
There are no other contenders here in Italy. For more information about their shoes and functional products check their website here 

Franceschetti Shoes

Foto di Goumbik da Pixabay

Franceschetti is the name par excellence of Italian handmade.
They make shoes for free time, for streetwear or for gentlemen of all ages.
The Franceschetti family has been doing this work for four generations since 1920. Their products are the best combination of design, innovation and craftsmanship.
Their shoes represent the Italian tradition.

For more information about their website check here 

Paolo Scafora

Shoes by Free-Photos da Pixabay

Paolo Scafora In Naples at Casandrino you will find the Scafora shop. Today it is held by the nephew of Paolo Scafora and the brand is known for the excellent relationship between quality and price. The prices of the shoes go up to $ 2,000 and it only takes 4 – 6 weeks to get the finished product.
For information about their products and materials check their website here

Salvatore Ferragamo 

Foto by StockSnap da Pixabay

Ferragamo represents elegance, design and comfort.
They adapt to every outfit and event you have to attend.
Elegance and quality are in the first place.
Ferragamo’s shoes have made history and if you want to know more about their creations, go and see their museum.
At their museum, you can learn about the evolution in the shape of their shoes.

For more information visit the website here  You will be speechless!

Moreschi Shoes

Shoes by Pexels da Pixabay

The Moreschi company was founded in 1946 by Mario Moreschi in the beautiful Vigevano.
Their shoes are of quality and stand out from the others because of this. For the passion with which they are made and the materials used. You can choose from beautiful tailor-made shoes or the ones you prefer in the shop.

For more information about their history and all products check their website here If you prefer you can buy their shoes online!