Is BeamZ the newest money-machine?
Discover Walks investigated

Make money with Beamz

Several of Discover Walks’ guides are now hosting live tours/shows on a new platform, BeamZ ( We received reports that, 5 months after launch, many of these BeamZ show-hosts are making over $1,000 a month, and a couple of hosts are now trending over $5,000 a month.

Is BeamZ the new money machine of the all-connected-all-the-time world we are walking into? We wanted to find out. First hand. So we asked BeamZ show hosts that also guide for Discover Walks for hard facts. Here is what they had to report.

All of them started making money right away – between $50 and $250 on their very first show. That is, they pointed, because, unlike a YouTube live or an Instagram live, BeamZ promotes new shows. Both internally to their viewers, and externally through online ads.

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We also got a peak at some of the BeamZ hosts’ monthly revenue reports. We can confirm that indeed at least two hosts net more than $1,000 a week. That’s $5,000 net/month.

The key, I found, is to generate emotions. To strike a chord. They money is real nice,” said to us Discover Walks guide-turned-Beam-host Patrick H.

These hosts spend five hours a week online on BeamZ. And that was another difference we saw with the other LiveStream platforms: unlike say on Twitch, here you don’t need to spend a lifetime online to reach these attractive revenue levels.

So what do we think? TRY IT! And try it now.

First, we couldn’t believe the promotion efforts that BeamZ is currently putting behind their new shows. We wonder if that kind of individualized support is sustainable in the long term. Equally importantly, the money to be made is way higher than we expected.

So our recommendation would be to jump on that BeamZ band wagon immediately.

The camera work takes a bit of getting used to. But really it doesn’t take all that long to figure out.” This is something we can look at in another article, but for people who already have a solid in-person show, like a walking tour or a music number, taking your show online will not be all that hard.

It looks as if the BeamZ money machine is just growing. BeamZ have told us:

We have proven ourselves in Travel. It works. We are now expanding to music, food, adrenaline sport shows etc”.

So our advice: climb aboard BeamZ now.

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