Top 10 best universities in India

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India has many institutions of higher learning. And it is believed that Āryabhaṭa who invented the digit 0, was from India.

India is a large country and apart from the locals; the country is always attracting millions of students from all over the world who study in the over 20,000 colleges, more than 40 central universities, 275 State Universities, 130 Deemed Universities and over 90 Institutions of National Importance!

Here are some of the universities in India that are worth checking out!

1. University of Delhi

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the University of Delhi was established in 1922, with only three colleges- Hindu, Ramjas, and St. Stephens; with only 750 students. The founding Vice-Chancellor was Hari Singh Gaur. Now the university boasts of 77 colleges and 15 faculties! Real growth! Delhi University College is a home of diverse cultures, vibrant people, and ideologies. First of May is the Foundation day at the University of Delhi, and a flag hoisting ceremony is hosted annually during this day. 

The university is known for many things; it has a flower exhibition annually, the Ridge at the Northern Campus which is where the 1857 revolt culminated, the famous Indian Coffee House, the Vice Regal Lodge, there are also many societies and activities to do on campus.

2. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB)

Image: IIT Bombay

Located in Mumbai is a public, technical and Research Institute, the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB). If you love engineering and technology, then IITB is the school for you as it has over more than 60 courses in Science, Management, Engineering, and Technology. It is ranked as the 152nd University in the world and one of the leading in its courses.

The university was credited as an ‘Institute of National Importance’ in 1961 it now offers the courses in undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

3. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

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Prif. Kamayun Kabir officially inaugurated the Institute in 1961, as an institute of Science and Technology. The institute is now a very big institute with more than 60 courses. 

The institute, one of the 23 IITs, is now a research and development in engineering, science, and technology. The institute now boasts of almost 50,000 graduates since inception. 

4. Indian Institute of Science (IISC) Bangalore

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The Institute is located in Bangalore in the state of Kanakarta, the Indian Institute of Science, also known as IISC is best known for research in engineering, research, management, and design. The institute is over a century old, having been founded in 1909, by Jamsetji Tata, Krishnaraja Wadivya IV. It launched its brand statement ‘Discover and Innovate; Transform and Transcend; Serve and Lead’, and now offers Doctoral Courses in more than 40 courses, Masters (coursework and research) as well as Degree courses. The institute works with government and private companies to do research work.

5. Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR)

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This is the oldest training institute in Asia, established in 1847! It was first the College of Civil Engineering- Roorkee. The university gained IIT status in 2001, thanks to its fabulous reputation, student employability, staff with a high level of education, and even paper citations!

 You will get a wide range of engineering, technology, and architecture courses at the institute, at the postgraduate and undergraduate levels. The university is big enough to accommodate clubs, societies, and other school activities!

6. Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati- IITG

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The IITG is one of the youngest institutions of higher learning in India, a member of the 26 Institutes of Technology (IIT) in India. It was established in 1994, as the sixth member of the IIT. IITG Guwahati offers courses around engineering, science, and humanities, offering them in undergraduate, and postgraduate levels. All these are taught in state-of-the-earth facilities built on the more than 280 hectares of land near River Brahmaputra. It is also located near hills and vast land therefore students learn in a peaceful environment.

The university offers various scholarships in the fields of science, engineering, and humanities!

7. University of Hyderabad

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The University of Hyderabad has 2 schools of study! So many to choose from: Schools of Humanities, social sciences, Arts & Communication, Medical Sciences, Engineering, Physics, Science and Technology, Computer & Information Sciences, Economics, Life Sciences, Chemistry and Mathematics, and Statistics. With these, you will find 97 courses managed by a faculty of over 400!

The University was established in 1974 requires on to take an entrance test and admission is based on the results of that course, and offers financial assistance to 600 students every academic year!

8. Indian Institute of Science

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The Indian Institute of Science is one of the oldest institutes of higher learning in India; it was established in 1909 and is best known for research in science and engineering. It has over fifty departments and a faculty of over 500. Its high caliber has made it popular and very competitive. The institute has a student population of 4, 200, 950 masters students, and 2,750 doctoral students admitted as of April 2020! 

The campus is located in Bengaluru, India’s Silicon Savanna, and has a new campus in the district of Karnataka. The university is developing solutions and research in medicine and energy, using modern facilities available to them.

9. Indian Institute of Kharagpur 

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The Institute is a historical one since it was the first of the Institutes of Technology (IITs) to be established, and is recognized as an Institute of National Importance. The institute was founded in 1951 by Jawaharlal Nehru and has one of the largest libraries in the region. The university had only one course during its foundation- Civil engineering and now has about 18 departments!

10. Jawaharlal Nehru University

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The university was established in 1969 by Jawaharlal Nehru, who was the First Prime Minister of India. The university is best known for its humanities and social sciences courses. The university has about 104 courses in its 13 schools, seven special centers, and 55 centers. The University Grants Commission has recognized it as a University of Excellence and it also offers foreign languages integrated to some of its Master’s Programmes. 

The university has 13 campuses and offers scholarships to students in some of its programs. Some of the courses are in sciences, political science, French, and Japanese among others.