How To Honeymoon in Portugal


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After the wedding, it’s always common to make that first trip as a husband and wife. This is one of the first and best experiences for newlyweds. There may be many destinations to go to enjoy the honeymoon, but Portugal is really unique.

If you decided to go to Portugal to spend the honeymoon, then this is the right article for you and your partner.

In this country, you can find so many environments that can allow you to  have all kinds of adventures in the same destination.

Charming cities like Porto, Aveiro have beautiful beaches and places where you can take a boat ride, or walk the waters in the traditional moliceiros of Aveiro. You can also walk in the beautiful streets of Lisbon, such as Pink Street, and discover a place full of much tourism and history. Taste the delicacies of Pastéis de Belém to sweeten the moment even more. 

You can also explore the Portuguese coast, whether on the island of Madeira, the Algarve, or the hidden Azores that can make your honeymoon really intimate and unmatched.

In Portugal, you will find everything from modern cities, cities with history and culture, paradisiacal beaches and many beautiful landscapes to discover with the love of your life. This country is definitely a jewel of southern Europe and is a perfect choice for that special trip.

So if you haven’t made the decision yet, or the wedding day has not yet arrived and you are already anxious to have this first moment together as spouses, then pack your suitcases so that the day after the wedding you fly straight to Portugal for an unforgettable honeymoon!

Honeymoon in Porto, Lisbon 

Robe de mariée. Photo credit, Maya from Pixabay.

Porto is a city which should be mandatory on the list of places to visit on your honeymoon. Also known as the “capital of the north”, this is a very picturesque city full of history, where you can enjoy high-quality wines with which you can raise your glasses and make a toast once again. This city is full of places that hide unique places like the craft markets, or the Mediterranean-inspired signature cuisine that inspires anyone.

To tour this city, there is no better option than an old tramway, which still works since its founding in the nineteenth century, by which you can enjoy wonderful views through the windows. During the tour, you can see the old yellow houses, churches covered with tiles, and beautiful buildings with unique architectures and designs. 

In Porto, there is also a place that is ideal for newlyweds, the Crystal Palace Gardens, a very romantic place that inspires lots of love phrases. This is located in the upper part of the city and from there you can have a wonderful view of the Douro River. In these same gardens are immersed the Romantic Museum of Porto and the Garden of the Senses. Both places are perfect to make a love-filled combination for you and your partner.

Descending towards the Douro River, you can find the wine cellars in which you can enjoy a delicious glass of wine on the banks of the river; you can also take one of the city’s traditional boats and tour the waters, pass through the bridges and capture one of the best walks in the city.

In addition, the hotel offers in Porto is one of the best in Portugal. You can find from old mansions transformed into country houses, hotels and accommodation sites with unique and traditional decorations. You can find a hotel agency to help you choose the best one to stay with your partner during your honeymoon.

If you decide to travel in summer, you can enjoy and get to know up to 200 Portuguese festivals that are characterized by their music, dance and, above all, culture.

Another part very close to this city, allows you to see the imposing Duero River, a landscape that really leaves a mark on the heart of those who visit it. In the Duero Valley, you can find intimate atmospheres and enjoy good wines while admiring the many landscapes offered by this part of the city.

Many visitors and locals claim that the wine aged here is of better quality than from other parts of the country. In this valley, you can also find some cruise ships that can give you a tour through the Douro River and admire the scenery from another point of view.

Honeymoon in Lisbon, Portugal

Image by Pixabay from Pixabay

The “White City”, capital of Portugal, cannot be absent from your tour during your honeymoon in Portugal. This city is located on seven hills and flows into a river, the river Tagus. Through the city, you can notice that the streets and alleys make a unique contrast with the colorful buildings, mosaics and its characteristic yellow tram.

Lisbon is definitely a city that has managed to maintain the Portuguese essence but at the same time has been modernized in many ways. In addition, this city also has romantic walks that are ideal for this newlywed couple.

In Lisbon you can see several attractions, among the most recommended for spouses, is the Castle of San Jorge, located on the highest hill; the popular Tower of Belém, through which you can go to taste some rich “pasteis”; the Almada’s Cristo-Rei, a monument over 100 meters high; the Tile Museum, where you can learn a little more about the history of this city and the country, and the Sao Pedro Alcantara Vantage Point, which can have truly unique views of the entire city.

By Vitor Oliveira from Torres Vedras, PORTUGAL, Wikimedia

If you want to tour the city and get to know the specific places in the city, then you should take Tram 28. This zig-zag tour of all the characteristic sites of Lisbon also has to try the cream cakes and the typical dessert of the city: cream tortillas and puff pastry.

Another attraction of the city in the surprising gastronomy influenced by-products of the sea. Among the most delicious dishes are cod fritters and rice with octopus, in addition, these dishes can give an aphrodisiac touch that can benefit them for their honeymoon. During the night, you can go along the popular Rua da Rosa or Calle Rosa and enjoy live music and tasty cocktails or traditional local wines.

Photo by Sara Darcaj on Unsplash

A place that we have not mentioned but is of much interest is the Baixa. It is located in Lisbon, on Rua Augusta, in the center of the city. In this sector, you can make tours to learn a little more about the traditional Lisbon and visit the Praça do Comércio with its arch.

Alfama and Chiado are one of the oldest neighborhoods in Portugal. Here you can find the Fado Museum, and learn more about its culture and history by attending a show.

In this neighborhood, you will find a statue of Fernando Pessoa on the terrace of Café A Brasileira, where you can enjoy an excellent coffee in Lisbon. You can also go to Rua Garret and Rua do Carmo.

For those who are going to spend several days in Lisbon, there is a place that is really worth getting to know, the romantic Sintra. Heading towards Cabo do Roca, the westernmost point of Europe, it is the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful sunset with the love of your life. On the way back, you can visit Cascais or Boca do Inferno.

Very close to Lisbon, in Sintra, is Monte de Lua. A place where you can meet palaces and houses of the nineteenth century, which several of them are still populated, and provide a very romantic environment. Around it, you can enjoy a beautiful landscape proclaimed a World Heritage Site. This is really a place worth visiting on a honeymoon.

Honeymoon on Madeira Island, Portugal

Madeira wedding, sourced from Pixabay

Madeira Island is the perfect place to go and disconnect from everyone, this is also known as “island of flowers”. Madeira Island corresponds to an archipelago in the Atlantic, which is identified as a volcanic island but is really a paradise.  

This place is one of the most natural you can find in Portugal. On the island, you can find cliffs, giant rocks, botanical gardens, many beautiful flowers full of colors, a jungle, beautiful beaches, etc. You and your partner can tour the island thanks to the excursions and guided tours offered by some travel agencies.

You can also opt for an out to sea tour in which you can clear up even more, even observe the dolphins. In Madeira, you can also make trips outside the sea or the beach through the beautiful city of Funchal and admire the white houses that stylize between place, in addition to its squares and alleys.

On this island, you will also find luxurious hotels and urban taverns that are surrounded by unique environments. These places are ideal to enjoy the good wine of the area and the special dishes of the house as the skewer of beef roasted in a branch of laurel, with fried corn.

As expected, you can also enjoy fish and seafood dishes with exquisite flavors. You can find many varieties; tuna, swordfish, limpets, octopus, etc. As well as enjoying a great variety of delicious fruits.

This island is really a charming place and you will not cease to be surprised from the first moment you arrive. Here you will find combinations of colors, modernity, and cultures. All in the same environment.

In addition to these cities mentioned above, there are other places you can go to meet your spouse during your stay in Portugal. Some of them we have mentioned: the Sao Pedro Alcantara Vantage Point, where you can walk and enjoy different views of the city. The tram 28 that will allow you to pass through the most symbolic places, starting from Estrela to Graça.   

As you can see, Portugal is a country full of landscapes of all kinds, a lot of cultures and a unique history. If you are looking for even more luxurious experiences you can venture out of the aforementioned destinations and find magical and inspiring places such as Óbidos, a small walled village; Quinta das Lágrimas, in Coimbra, and Mata do Buçaco.

The Vidago Thermal Park, located in the north of the country, is a unique place not only to get to know during your honeymoon but also to celebrate the wedding itself. 

If you are looking for something even more romantic or intimate to be with your partner, then you can come to Costa do Estoril to enjoy a dinner full of romance and intimacy on the shores of the sea.

Azenhas do Mar on Costa do Estoril, image sourced from Pinterest

This place is undoubtedly one of the best and most luxurious places in Portugal where you can come during your honeymoon and enjoy like a king and a queen. The southern part of the country offers you the beautiful Algarve, where you can also appreciate the golden cliffs and hidden beaches that can allow you to live special moments with your partner.

So don’t think about it anymore, go to your travel agency or make your reservations at once and go to Portugal to enjoy a honeymoon full of love, fun, culture and beautiful landscapes that will make you and your partner live an unforgettable experience.

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