Want to know how to grab a quick lunch in Paris? It’s actually not that hard, even if you don’t want to eat a sandwich. Many restaurants offer take away lunches, or lunch menus that are served quickly. Here are few tips about how to grab a quick lunch in Paris.

Choose a restaurant that offers a take away option

You can find pretty much everything to take away in Paris, from Lebanese food, to bibimnap, to fish & chips that you can eat along the canal. Take away service is proof that they can cook and serve quickly.

Don’t try to find a fancy restaurant

Sorry, but quick lunch doesn’t rhyme with fancy restaurant. If it’s rainy or if you want to eat in a restaurant, try to find a cosy and nice place, where they provide a lunch menu. Lunch menu means that they usually have workers during the week, who come and eat here, and since workers in France only have one hour to eat, the service is quick. Everything should be done in less than one hour! It’s a nice way to grab a quick lunch.

As I travel a lot, I often have to eat quickly, and I can tell you that these kinds of places are the same in New York, London and Paris, it’s either cafés or pubs, or trendy and young restaurants.

How to grab a quick lunch in Paris

Choose a restaurant that is next to a park or a nice place to grab a quick lunch

If you want to take lunch away, choose a restaurant next to a park, or a nice place, such as a canal. There are benches pretty much everywhere in Paris, but some are not very well located.

Use foursquare to grab a quick lunch

I like to know where I eat and I always use foursquare or any other app that will provide me advice on the place I should go to.


Try to be in the right neighbourhood when you’re hungry!

Its better to eat around the Marais and the 11th, 10th around République, or in Saint Michel or the 1st arrondissement, than in the 14th, 15th and 16th arrondissement.

Now that you know how to grab a quick lunch in Paris, bon appetit!

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