How to flirt in Portuguese

When in a new city, we always feel drawn to meeting new people, and eventually a new lover! Who knows? While in a Portuguese-speaking country, you will probably meet a few attractive people you wish to know a little further and flirt with for a bit. This is why I’ve decided to write an article about how to flirt in Portuguese. This is only to give you a few tips on how to approach the person you want to flirt with. Because each country is different, each people is different, and since you might not be able to have full conversation in Portuguese, I want you to know how to make the first step, so that you can enjoy your time in a Portuguese city or any other Portuguese-speaking country!

Any moment can be an opportunity for you to flirt with a potential lover. You just need to make the right moves and be confident, but not cocky! Read on this article and find out how to flirt in Portuguese!

Be yourself


My first advise on how to flirt in Portuguese is for you to be yourself! Flirting should not prevent you to feel comfortable to be yourself. Plus, it is the best way to find out if the other person is worth your time. Because if she or he is not interested in your true personality, why should you waste your time? No one should be the reason for you to change, unless it is harmful.

Flirting is the opportunity to create a new relationship, that may lead to a love one. So it is important that both person accept each other for how and what they are. It should be effortless. So always be yourself, no matter the circumstances!

Try to speak a few words of Portuguese


My second advise on how to flirt in Portuguese, and it truly is a great one that will come very handy, is to try to speak a few words of Portuguese!

At first, I recommend you to check if she or he speaks English, otherwise the conversation won’t be as easy. Even if he or she does, you definitely have to try speaking a little of Portuguese. If you want a little help, you can read this article about some of the best Portuguese sentences for a trip to Lisbon!

Tu és linda for a woman, tu és lindo for man, which means “you are gorgeous” in English, in case you want to compliment them.

Make her or him laugh


If you manage to make her or him laugh, you’re off to a great start! Tell a few jokes, tell him/her about a funny situation you’ve experienced during your stay, share your thoughts, ask them about theirs.

Laughing together will surely break the ice, so it’s definitely positive if you’re able to make him/her laugh. They will feel more comfortable and open to having a conversation with you. Portuguese people are very friendly and love a good laugh, so I think this won’t be a challenge for you! If they like you, they will certainly make a few jokes themselves!

Don’t be rude

If you’re wondering how to flirt in Portuguese, there is one thing you definitely should NOT do, it is to be rude! Do not be rude.

If the other person does not want to talk to you, you need to respect their decision, don’t insult them just because they’ve “rejected” you. You will make a very bad impression. Keep a high profile and simply walk away.

Also, making naughty comments about the other person is the worst. It is awkward and they will feel very queasy. Avoid this kind of embarassment. Avoid spoiling the moment.

Compliment her or him


Make them feel special. Compliment her or him. First of all, they will get to know which of their attributes caught your attention. It’s always a great way to start flirting with someone.

While complimenting, make eye contact and try lowering the tone and volume of your voice. It will sound sexier and they will have to lean a little forward to be able to hear you. So, you will be more intimate.

Try breaking the “touch barrier”


Don’t be too invading, but try to break the “touch barrier”. While talking to them, you can try touching their forearm as you talk, for instance. If they don’t step away from you, it is a good sign. You can also “accidentally” get too close while having a conversation. These few moves will enable you to break the “touch barrier”.

Keep it simple and short

One of the greatest flirting rules is to keep it simple and short. Make eye contact, try getting their attention by looking at them and smiling, try initiating the conversation, try figuring out if they’re open and interested in you as well, but keep the conversation short. As soon as you get to know a little more about them, stay mysterious and walk away. Tell them someting like “I won’t bother you anymore… I hope to see you soon”. If you want to say it in Portuguese: “não te incomodo mais… espero voltar a estar contigo em breve“. Their heart will melt if you say it in Portuguese!

This approach may provide you a phone number! Who knows? Plus, it will also allow you to avoid awkward silences… Because you two will still be getting to know each other and there might be moments of silence, which need to be avoided.

I hope that you know now how to flirt in Portuguese thanks to my article! Flirting in Portuguese should be easy, because Portuguese people are very friendly and open-minded. They love to meet new people, so I’m sure you won’t have any issues to initiate the conversation. What you really need to do is speaking a few words of Portuguese! This will help a lot and the break the ice. They will see you’re making some efforts and will be more open to talk to you.

Plus, the language barrier can be an advantage, because they can teach you a few things about the Portuguese language and you can teach them a few things about yours! For example, get close to them and ask them “how do you say “you are beautiful” in Portuguese?“, they will tell you how, then repeat it to them. They will definitely laugh! Take advantage of the situation and be confident. One of my favorite sayings is “He who tries nothing has nothing”! So, be brave and go get’ em! If you need further information about anything, feel free to contact us! I hope to see you soon in one of our tours in Lisbon!

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