Want to know how to find English speaking shows in Paris? We don’t have many English speaking shows in Paris but we still have some, here are three shows you can go to if you don’t understand French. Here are few tips to find English Speaking Show in Paris.

How to become Parisian in one hour


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“How to become Parisian in one” hour is a very funny one man show by Olivier Giraud, here is what is said about it:

Show 100% in English, in Paris. You love Paris but you think that Parisians are rude? You’re right, they are! Don’t wait and come to the training “How to become Parisian in one hour?” approved by more than 450 000 spectators! After the show, you’ll act like a real Parisian in every situation encountered during your trip: shop, restaurant, taxi, metro, night club… Even your intimacy with your partner will never be the same!

How to find English speaking shows in Paris

New York Comedy Night


It is a selection of one man shows in English, the people playing are not always the same, you should take a look at their website! Here is what is said about the show:

Sebastian Marx hosts a selection of the best English-speaking stand up comedy in Paris. An all-star lineup of local and international English-speaking comedians do their best material for an unforgettable night of laughs.


Theatre In Paris


I really like the idea of Theatre in Paris, it allows English speakers to go to French theatre thanks to “surtitles” (subtitles but at the top of the scene). You’ll find many different plays that are subtitled in their website. Here is how they explain the surtitling:

‘Surtitles’ are the projection of the translation, or the script of the play, above the stage onto a screen. They allow for (in our case) total understanding of a foreign language play, or otherwise to enable the deaf and hard of hearing to understand a performance. We have a dedicated team of surtitlers who project the text in perfect synchronisation with the play.

One last thing:

I recommend you to take a look at what is playing in the capital when you go there. Some shows are only playing for few weeks, so you may find more English speaking shows when you come! So now that you know how to find English Speaking Show in Paris, enjoy your evenings in our pretty city!

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