Whether you are a movie buff who enjoys seeing the newest releases in the theater, or you just enjoy being inside the cinema on a rainy day in Prague, it is key to know the best spots to watch feature films in person.

However, sometimes when you are traveling around Europe, it is difficult to find theaters that have English speaking movies or films that are subtitled in English. Luckily, the international film market is only growing, so that means some of the most popular new releases can easily be found all around the world – especially in an inclusive and English-friendly city like Prague.

When you finally decide it is time to take the afternoon off and enjoy a dark couple of hours in the cinema, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when finding the best movie experience in the Czech capital.

Choosing the Movie



Although you might feel like everyone in the world speaks English, that doesn’t mean it is the country’s native language – and you need to keep that in mind. Not all films will be granted an international release, so you might not be able to find the selection you would in America abroad in Prague.

However, you can usually find the most popular movies with ease – think of those that have won awards, are featured on Netflix, or have been rave-reviewed by various sites. Once you have decided what you are in the mood to see, choosing the theater is the next step.

Choosing the Theater

Finding a movie theater in this bustling city is an easy task – they are everywhere. If you have a working phone, a friend with an iPhone, a hotel front desk with a computer, or you are not afraid to ask someone for help, a simple Google search can reveal the closest locations to you at that exact moment.

Although the most popular theaters are located in the Old Town, this is also the most crowded – and you might be trying to avoid crowds. However, some of the smaller cinemas that are located on the outskirts of the center city and Old Town only have Czech titles, so you will have to settle for a chain theater with a decent reputation. We recommend Cinema City – one of the chain locations is located at the Novy Smichov shopping mall, which is extremely easy to find.

In addition to this location, there is another Cinema City by the shopping center Slovanksy dum. The chain also has additional venues in Prague 3 in the popular and trendy neighborhood of Vinohradska, in Prague 9, and in Prague 10. No matter where you live or what location you choose, this cinema has earned a reputation for being a provider of commercial films, premiers, and an annual film festival every winter.

Along with Cinema City, Cinestar Andel is an upscale movie theater that features comfortable seats, plenty of food and drink for the entire movie, and is located conveniently in Praha 5.

Another option for your cinema afternoon is Kino Svetozor located in New Town, with the closest metro stop being the popular Mustek. If you want to brush up on your Czech, or don’t want to venture outside of New Town, this theater features Czech films with English subtitles.

If you are still in New Town, but haven’t gotten your fix of movie goodness, then Lucerna can be just what you are looking for. A beautiful and atmospheric spot, this theater is one of the oldest cinemas in Prague, featuring both Czech and English films.

Buying Your Ticket

Just like any theater that you would visit in the United States, Cinema City is your typical theater chain that accepts in-person or online payment. To make the transaction a bit easier and quicker, you can purchase your ticket ahead of time online. The ticket-taker will even have the technology to scan the barcode ticket off of your screen – and off you go!

Instead of waiting in line to buy a ticket, print out your confirmation, or talk to the box office attendant for a long period of time, the phone option is the easiest and fastest option for English speakers.

Once you are safely inside the theater, with a bag of popcorn perhaps, you have the luxury of choosing your seat. The workers at the theater will show you a chart of the theater, and allow you to select what vantage point you want to view the feature film from.  Say goodbye to the days of sitting right next to a screaming child.

Watching the Movie

The time has finally come. You have made it to the theater, you are inside the theater, and now you are ready to relax, kick back, and watch your film. Enjoy gazing at the foreign previews and commercials before the movie starts, taking note to see if you have picked up on any Czech during your stay.

Once the lights dim and the movie seems to be about to roll, keep in mind that you will most likely have to deal with Czech subtitles at the bottom of the screen throughout the duration of the movie. Most of the audience will be non-English speakers, and will most likely be Czechians who want to enjoy a popular American movie!

Make sure before you even get to the theater, or when you are purchasing your ticket, that you ensure the foreign language film is in English. If you finally sit down in your seat and realize the movie is not in English, and the subtitles are in Czech, then you will have no idea what is going on – for about 2 hours. Not fun.

Going to the movie theater in Prague doesn’t have to be a daunting task! By following our guide you can easily find what movie you want to watch, what theater you want to explore, how to successfully purchase a ticket, and what to do when you make it inside the theater. We know your next rainy day activity in the beautiful Czech capital of Prague!