Want to know how to find award-winning bakeries in Paris? In France we have awards for the best baker, and it’s called “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” or “MOF” as an acronyme, so here is a list of MOF bakeries, in order to find award-winning bakeries in Paris, but also of not MOF bakeries that I really like.

Meilleurs Ouvriers de France

Laurent Duchêne:


Laurent Duchêne is a very good baker; he restyles the classics such as l’éclair, and offers innovative and very beautiful food. Example of price: 3€ caramel éclair.


238 Rue de la Convention, 75015 Paris

How to find award-winning bakeries in Paris laurentduchene

La Maison du Chou:

The House of Chou (as it would be called in English) is the bakery of Manuel Martinez, a star awarded chef. He creates there the best choux of the capital; this is the specialty of his bakery. You will find dozens of different tastes!

7 Rue de Furstenberg, 75006 Paris

Arnaud Larher:

Arnaud Larher was awarded MOF in 2007; his creations are very graphic but still very classic. Take a look at his amazingly beautiful lemon pie!


93 Rue de Seine, 75006 Paris



You may have heard of this historic Parisian bakery that Gaston Lenotre opened in in 1957. The bakery is now a chain in eleven different countries. The new chef is two times awarded MOF. If you loved it in France maybe you can find a Lenôtre in your own country!


61 Rue Lecourbe, 75015 Paris

Best but not MOF:

Some bakeries are not MOF, but they are still amazing.


La patisserie des rêves:

The bakery of dreams, as it would be called in English, is not only gorgeous but also amazingly good.

12 Rue Linois, 75015 Paris

Carl Marletti:

His creations are beautiful and classic, it’s a must try in the capital.

51 Rue Censier, 75005 Paris

Pierre Hermé:

The best pastry I have ever eaten is a 2000 Feuilles from Pierre Hermé’s bakery (I admit that I haven’t tried the MOF bakeries…). Pierre Hermé is definitely a pastry genius.


40 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris

So now that you know how to find award-winning bakeries, enjoy your French food, Paris is not only the city of love and fashion, but it’s also the city of food!

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