How to enjoy a Paris business trip can be a difficult task. Coming to Paris for business might even be a frustrating experience: you do not get a chance to visit the city, and you are also probably in a rush. There are however plenty of activities to enjoy that Paris business trip nonetheless! This article will help you to find these hidden events. If you are really short on time, consider taking a walking tour especially designed to meet business men and woman’s needs! Here’s how to enjoy Paris during a business trip.

How to enjoy Paris during a business trip

In Paris, the business district is in La Defense. As the law in Paris forbids building of skyscrapers inside the city, the business district was built outside the city. For this reason, La Défense is actually a city outside Paris, but it is really easy to go to, you just have to take the first metro line. The district of La Défense is mainly for work purposes. If your plan is to rest in a good restaurant or have a walk in the evening; La Défense is definitely the place you need to avoid.

That is why I do not recommend that you book your hotel in La Défense, even if it is convenient for you to be close to the place where you have to meet your colleagues. If you want to visit the city a bit, just book your hotel next to a metro station on the first line and from the core of Paris (next to Châtelet or Hotel de Ville), as it is going to take you around 20 minutes by metro to go to La Défense. This is really fast, and I can tell you that booking your hotel in Paris is going to be way better for you because restaurants are closer and you can easily go to the airport or any train station, and this is the only way for you to enjoy your stay in the city.

If your Paris business trip is very short but you absolutely want to see the main landmarks of the city, I have something for you. To take advantage of the major buildings in Paris, you do not necessarily have to visit them, but you can actually go to a restaurant inside. Usually, you find very good restaurants in the important buildings in Paris.

For instance, there is an exquisite restaurant at the first floor of the Eiffel Tower called the ‘Jules Verne’. You can find a gourmet menu and enjoy the view at the same time. However, you need to reserve a table beforehand as a lot of people want to eat there, even though the prices are slightly higher. This restaurant is really the place to go if you want to impress your customers or colleagues while for you it will be the perfect place to enjoy the Eiffel Tower.

The Jules Verne

The other iconic restaurant from which you can have a great view over Paris is at the top of the Pompidou museum, in the core of Paris. The Pompidou Museum is a museum of modern art with a very specific architecture. George at the top of the Centre Pompidou is a nice place with strange structures inside, a nice view over Paris, and lounge music.

It is much more modern than the Jules Verne. Jules Verne is more of a traditional French cuisine restaurant whereas George is much more inventive, but it all depends on what you want to see. This restaurant is especially nice during the summer when you can go on the terrace and enjoy the sun during your lunch. The only downside to these restaurants is that they are expensive, but during business stays in Paris, eating in great restaurant is like a tribute to the whole country.

The George restaurant

The only skyscraper in Paris is the Tower Montparnasse. Also, if you have an appointment at the tour Montparnasse, do not hesitate to go to the top of the tour from where you will enjoy a great view on the Eiffel tower and on the whole city. It’s the same thing if you have an appointment in one of the towers in La Défense. Try going to the top and enjoy a panoramic view over Paris.

The last thing you need to know during your Paris business trip is that if you are working all day long but want to see a museum, there is something for you too! Once a week, every museum closes its doors late in the evening, between 9 and 10 PM. This is a good occasion to visit a museum because it is less crowded and the atmosphere is intimate.

Here is a small list of the museums closing late in Paris once a week:


Up to 9 pm: Marmottan – Monet Museum (16e)

Up to 10 pm: Louvre Museum (1er)
Up to 10 pm: Grand Palais (8e)

Up to 9:45 pm: Orsay Museum (2e)
Up to 10 pm: Centre Georges Pompidou (4e)

Up to 9 pm: Quai Branly Museum (7e)
Up to 10 pm: Louvre Museum (1er)

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