How to Dress for Lisbon in Summer


What do you need to know about the Portuguese style?

The typical trait of the Portuguese is leisure and calm, they are never in a hurry. The Portuguese, unlike their neighbors, the Spaniards are not noisy and accept other languages well, you can easily explain yourself here in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

The Portuguese are friendly and arrogant at the same time, but not shrill nor they are aggressive. The manner of communication is calm and quiet.le sit with their grandchildren, although there is a developed network of kindergartens.

The Portuguese love to celebrate holidays and just get together to chat with all the relatives, especially in restaurants with national cuisine. They love their national wines and love coffee and, unfortunately, they smoke a lot. Here, perhaps, the main features of the Portuguese character, which contribute to the development of tourism in this country.

How to dress for weather in Portugal

Definitely clothes and shoes should be comfortable. Clothing depends on the season in which you are traveling. Despite the fact that the climate in Portugal is mild – it often rains in summer. If you are traveling in April -June months or a bit, be sure to put an umbrella, warm clothes, and pajamas in your suitcase.

And in the winter and summer, there is a lot of sun in Portugal. It is bright, therefore, you will need sunglasses at any time of the year. And in the summer also sunscreen and a hat.

Which to take to Lisbon

Real leather Portuguese shoes, sourced from Pixabay

At risk of repeating myself about shoes, it should be comfortable and a non-slippery sole.

Stiletto Heels is a beautiful item, comfortable on the asphalt, not pavement! Girls, you are pretty, but take pity on your beautiful legs, and leave all your high and thin heels at home.

The hills and cobbled roads in Lisbon make every woman suffer. There is no way you will be comfortable wearing your most beautiful Louboutins. Your choice for Lisbon would be sneakers or a pair of Converse. If you are traveling in a hot season, try flat sandals or maximum a 3-5 cm heel.

Which clothes to take to Lisbon

True, the rules of the comfort of clothes and shoes do not apply to those who decide to experience fortune and visit a casino or a theater in Portugal. In institutions of this type, it is desirable to comply with the dress code: for men, a jacket and tie, for women, an evening dress. The same rules apply if you are going to dine in Michelin restaurants.

You should not take a lot of clothes with you; you can buy everything you need in Portugal at quite attractive prices.

What to pack for Lisbon in Summer

I would highly suggest you take at least 2 pairs of T-shirts or tops per day. The temperatures in summer can get up to + 38 Celcius. If you were planning to walk around and see the city – that would be a great idea to have a spare top to change.

Linen tops, skirts, and trousers might be your number one choice in Lisbon. 

Please make sure your clothes are all made of natural materials like cotton, linen or silk. I am stressing on materials so much because your skin still has to breath and with a polyester material you can literally get a stroke under the sun. Hopefully, you can find something purely natural or could also visit a store in Lisbon. This season, you could find a lot of linen material in the shops like Mango and Massimo Dutti.

Do not forget about sun protection like hats, sunglasses with a UV filter and folding fan.

There is a big choice of straw hats in Lisbon souvenirs shops if you have no time to wander around the stores looking for the perfect size. However, if you do, please visit Zara. This season they have a great alternative for ladies and fashionistas only for 19,95 Euros.

what to wear Lisbon

A straw hat from the Summer 2019 collection, sourced from Zara

Come to Lisbon with a good pair of sunglasses

The sun in Portugal is very strong and most likely your eyes will suffer every time you walk out of the hotel room. If you are still a busy tourist, please check out the sunglasses range at a budget store of Mango. They have a wide range for those who still want to stay on top of the fashion trend.

Budget,  quality sunglasses,  sourced from Mango

Folding Fans

A foldable fan for Lisbon, sourced from Pixabay

If you do not wish to spend a lot on a foldable fan you could easily find it in the Chinese shops all around Lisbon. As these shops do not have any websites and are not located on Google Maps, you would have to ask a local about it.

The price of the fan is 2-3 Euros. Otherwise, feel free to visit a big supermarket like a Continente so you could find literally anything you need including the fan.

This thing could save your life if you are coming during the hot season like July-August. This fan will become your super magical wand because not everywhere in Portugal you will be able to find a place with airconditioning.

Resting at the beach in Portugal, Lisbon, sourced from Pixabay

Dear Lisbon visitor, please be careful during this time of the year. The heat in Portugal might be just like in the Emirates. Avoid the sun during lunchtime, the hottest part of the day.

Also, a lot of jewelry can cause you to overheat if it is made of brass. Use your time wisely and try to enjoy the time near the ocean to catch the fresh breeze.  They serve a great Sangria at the shore area, so indulge yourself!

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