Joining one of our discover walks tour includes… walking of course! And generally during your stay in Paris, you’ll be walking a lot because you want to discover the most of our beautiful city. Therefore, the question that might have hit you while packing is « How to dress for a summer walk in Paris.

We Parisians do actually walk a lot ourselves on a daily basis. Going to work, meeting friends at a café, shopping in the Marais, looking at an exhibition in the Pompidou center… everywhere!

And you will notice that, however, Parisian style is not a myth. Myself, as a discover walks guide and as a personal stylist and shopper, I am always on the go. So let’s share our Parisian’s secret to be chic – go for a walk. Here are my favorite items to be both elegant and comfortable for walking in Paris and blend into the locals.

1.) Flat shoes


flat_shoeIf you do not want your feet to scream « I am a tourist », I advise you to avoid those big white running sneakers, hiking shoes or tongs.

Any leather flats
Choose the ones you are comfortable with (aka not new ones, which may give you blisters). They can be any type: brogues, loafers, moccasins, boots, low boots, etc.

Yes, you read it properly. But i mean street sneakers, not sport sneakers. Noble fabric such as cotton leather or suede are my favourites. By the way, please forget those thick sport socks at home and rather go for low cut ones to reveal your ankle « à la parisienne ».

Sandals with a nice pedicure
More of a ladies choice of course, even though men can wear sandals. They can have a little wedge which it is actually even more comfy that none. And, believe it or not, Birken stocks are back in trend, even the great Garance Doré, says so. If you wear them with a chic basic outfit and nice nail polish (and NO socks), you’ll be just fine.

2.) Tees, sweaters and blouses

Anything adapted to the season in a nice fabric can do the trick. Just avoid clothes that are related to sport like those with fluorescent colors, huge brand printing, etc. Remember that you are going for a walk, not for a run or for hiking.


3.) Comfy pants or skirts

Yes we Parisians do love them. With a good cut, an elegant top and nice shoes they are effortlessly stylish.

The perfect summer pants for both men and women: light, solid and not too tight.

If they are long enough, and not too tight, why not choose a skirt too walk all day? Except for men of course. Well except if you are Irish. Or if you are Marc Jacobs. Avoid those pants full of pockets, shorts and, of course tracksuit pants.

4.) A trench and an umbrella

summer_fashion1There is always a risk of unexpected rain in Paris, so be prepared!

Whether you are a man or woman, you cannot go wrong with a trench coat in Paris. Beige is a must-have. Paired with an umbrella, it is the perfect rain proof outfit :)

5.) A classy yet practical bag

It should be large enough to fit all your stuffs for the day, comfortable enough to be carried around, resistant enough not to be damaged and classy enough to be stylish. Shall you take only one, choose a classic that’ll match all your outfits and can be worn both day and night.

A comfortable bag has to be light, can be carried on the shoulder (or on the back, but careful, not a sport or hiking one) and have large straps. Avoid those that you have to carry on the elbow or in the hand, you’ll get tired. Add a cotton tote bag inside just in case you need to carry more.


6.) Hat or sunglasses

What better option to protect yourself from the sun than to wear a hat? Straw hats are very fashionable for both men and women: borsalino, boater-hat, wide-brimmed-hat, etc. Sunglasses are a good choice as well, but do not choose the one that are made for cycling or skiing.

7.) Some accessories

Accessories are essential to be stylish. Especially when you only have a small luggage. Men can pack a light scarf for the evening and a classy hat. Women can take some jewels, a scarf and… lipstick! Indeed, for ladies, my better trick to play it chic with an understated outfit is to wear bold lipstick.


Now that your luggage is packed, you are ready to join us on the trendy Marais tour.

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