Want to know how to choose your accommodation in Paris? You’re deciding between an apartment and a hotel? Here is a little guide to help you choose your accommodation in Paris!

Pros and cons of hotels, to choose your accommodation in Paris


  1. Choice: You will have more choice by renting a room in a hotel than by renting an apartment or an airbnb.
  2. Parking lot: Almost every hotel provides a parking lot, if you’re renting a car or if you drove here, it can be great, because it’s very expensive to let your car in the street and Paris (and it’s also very complicated to find a place for your car).
  3. Service: You will always have somebody to answer your questions.
  4. Breakfast: Most hotels are breakfast included, which means: No need to cook in the morning! Yay!
  5. Cleaning lady: In many hotels you will find a cleaning lady who will change your towels and make your bed every day.
The Eiffel Tower and the La Défense district

The Eiffel Tower and the La Défense district – Wikipedia


  1. Price: Hotels are often more expensive than airbnb or apartments.
  2. Quality: Read the comments, some hotels have very bad reputation!


Pros and cons of airbnb and apartment, to choose your accommodation in Paris

  1. Price: It is cheaper than a hotel.
  2. Kitchen: If you rent a full apartment you will have a kitchen. Kitchens are something that lacks in many hotel rooms, because it will help you save some money, as you won’t have to go outside to eat all the time.
  3. No time schedule: You won’t risk missing breakfast if you stay in bed all morning!
  4. Intimacy: If you rent a full apartment you will have it for yourself and you wont cross the path of other people renting rooms or of the staff.


  1. Intimacy: If you rent a simple bedroom in an apartment, you might have to share the kitchen and the bathroom with other people.
  2. Service: If you have any problem, nobody will be at the entrance of your building to help you!

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So now that you know how to choose your accommodation in Paris, you just have to book it! Enjoy your stay in our wonderful city!

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