It is absolutely necessary to know how to choose a Montmartre Tour in Paris. The hill of Montmartre and its famous ‘Sacré Coeur‘ are key landmarks of Paris. That is precisely why you have to learn how to choose a Montmartre Tour while you are in Paris, otherwise you might miss it all.

The first thing you must be aware of while choosing a Montmartre Tour in Paris is not to follow the crowd. If you choose a Montmartre Tour that follows the path of the touristic crowds, that is to say the huge staircases in front of the Sacred Heart (Sacré Coeur), you will definitely miss out all the magic and authenticity of Montmartre’s daily life. A perfect way to get the best insight in the history and current life of Montmartre is to follow the Tour of a Parisian.

We grumpy Parisians, we want to avoid the crowds and we love to sneak our way to the most interesting spots without doing any line. This is exactly the kind of Montmartre Tour you need to choose if you want to enjoy it at its best. A good Montmartre Tour avoids the crowd and enters the core of the hill of Montmartre. It should broach the subject of Impressionism, of the old religious traditions of the hill, and mention how Montmartre became a red light district of Paris. A good Montmartre Tour must also give you the impression of being far away from the centre of Paris, as if you were in a country side village of France.

How to choose a Montmartre Tour in Paris

Also, if you want to know how to choose a Montmartre Tour in Paris, you must take into account the weather and the hour of the day. In summer, when the weather is sunny, I think the best moment to enjoy a Montmartre Tour is to do it in the evening or at the end of the afternoon. The view over Paris from the hill of Montmartre is gorgeous when the sun sets. If the weather is overcast, it is better to do the Montmartre Tour in the morning. In winter, choose a Montmartre tour that starts late in the morning or at the beginning of the afternoon if you want to have some day light during your Tour. A Montmartre Tour late in the evening or at night can also be great because the bars and the cabarets of the area come to life.


Either way, remember that when you know how to choose a Montmartre Tour in Paris, it means that during your tour, you have the impression of being a privileged person discovering the underworld of Montmartre with a Montmartre native. You must feel that Montmartre is all yours but that at the same time it is teeming with life and freedom.

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