In Paris, there are thousands of Cafés, and sometimes tens on a street, so it can be hard to choose THE café where you will enjoy your drink and have a peaceful time in the most beautiful city of the world. So now, a true Parisian will explain to you, how to choose a Café in Paris!

How to choose a Cafe in Paris

When you see a Café from the outside, there are a few things that help you know if it is a good one or not. First thing you need to know is that sidewalks are not always large in France which means that Terraces of Cafés can be just next to roads and there’s pollution, or that you will be disturbed a lot by pedestrians. So, if it is sunny and you want to enjoy the sun, avoid that kind of place! If the sidewalk is larger, but just next to traffic lights, avoid it too, because it will be really noisy and there will be a lot of pollution. So select Cafés far from roads, like some in pedestrian streets or tiny streets with really a few cars passing by.


Parisians have a reputation of being grumpy – I’ll say it’s mostly false, except when we are talking about waiters or waitresses: if you arrive at a Café and that the waiter is not smiling nor welcoming you, run away! If he/she is, it means that he or she will certainly be polite, which is, of course a good thing. If Parisians can be grumpy, tourists looking for a place in a full Café can be on the edge too. So avoid crowdy places and touristic places (Like Place du Tertre at Montmartre), but opt for little streets nearby, which are full of little cafés, much more agreeable, where you will really be able to enjoy your time.


Choosing a Café in Paris is also about the prices. If go on the counter, it will be between 1€ and 1,2€, if it’s more than that, leave. If you go outside on a terrace, just double the price. One little Parisian tip about this: if you take your coffee or your drink outside, on the terrace, you can stay on the terrace, as long as you can! You do not need to take anything else! Don’t worry if the waiter asks you “do you want something else”, you have the right to stay.

I’ve now shown you how to choose a Café when you do not have an address to go to. Check out “Top 5 Paris Cafés”, to find addresses highly recommended by True Parisians!

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