Want to know how to choose a 3 star hotel in Paris? You’re looking to visiting Paris and you’re willing to make this experience unforgettable and want to rent a 3 star hotel room? Here are few tips to help you choose a 3 star hotel in Paris!

To choose a 3 stars hotel in Paris, pick a great location


Chose a hotel near a metro station (and even more convenient between different metro lines!) and you should encounter no problem to travel inside the city.

Then the location in Paris depends on what you want to do. You want to visit Eiffel tower and Trocadero? Head left bank and the West of Paris!

You are more into nightlife, going out and pubs? Head East and right bank, like the XI arrondissement! But don’t worry, from anywhere you are, you can go anywhere else with the metro, it will just be longer depending from where you start.

The location can also sometimes allow you to have an amazing view from your window.
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Rules to choose a 3 stars hotel in Paris

  • Book through a website such as booking or trivago, it will allow you to have a list of the choices you have. Comparing hotel by hotel can be pretty exhausting.
  • Read the comments on the hotel! You’re renting a 3 stars hotel, it has to be perfect, if people say it is disgusting and that the staff are not polite don’t rent a room, you deserve better!
  • Carefully look at the pictures (and rent an hotel room with pictures). Some hotels offer special rooms, maybe the theme of the room won’t fit you, so be sure that what you rent is what you want.
  • Read carefully the rules of the hotel, is there a curfew? Do you have to leave at 7 in the morning? Do you have breakfast included? These are many things that can change the way you’re traveling.
  • Is there a parking lot? If you rented a car the answer is important.


So now that you know how to choose a 3 stars hotel in Paris, the city is waiting for you! Enjoy our wine, cheese, and macarons!

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