Glass Blowing Courses in Paris


They say that glass blowing is a craft that every individual should attempt at least once in their lives, if not only just to see exactly how glass objects are made before they find permanent residency in our homes.

Glass blowing, at its essence, is an art form. One that professionals in industry practice to perfect over a number of years.

The actual process of heating and shaping glass from scratch is a therapeutic one. It is a recommended activity for those who suffer from stress and anxiety.

by Johannes W – Unsplash

Being the trés arty city that it is, it surprised me to learn that there is only one glass blowing course available in Paris. It seems this craft is yet to take off as a popular Parisian pastime, currently being trumped by regular art classes and language courses.

There are many actual, practicing glass blowers in Paris; but none of them are in the business of passing their knowledge on to others bar the one studio I mentioned.

Nevertheless I took a closer look at this studio to see what they have to offer. Get good enough and bending glass and who knows, perhaps your work will find its way into the likes of the Louvre or Orangerie someday…

Le Four in Paris

If you were to head down south of Paris’ Right Bank you’d be en route to the only glass blowing course in the French capital.

To give you a geographical perspective, begin at the Place de la Nation and make an imaginary triangle between here, Bercy Village in the south, and Bastille further north: le Four Glass Studio falls exactly in the center of your Paris triangle.

Glass Blowing at le Four – by le Four – Sourced from their Facebook

This studio is run by Jeremey, a skilled and well practiced glass blower who is only too happy to share his skills with those who are inquisitive enough.

Since his studio is on street level, passers by gather around by day to witness the magic happen. Those who would like to join in need only book with Jeremy via email or directly through his Facebook page.

Student at le Four – by le Four – Sourced from their Facebook

If you do end up following his social media you’ll be given access to regular updates of glass blowing workshops that he holds in Paris. These are monthly events hosted by Jeremy himself and are the perfect introductory course for those who maybe aren’t so sure about the craft just yet.

Private sessions are always the best way to learn, so if this is something you intend to take seriously I recommend booking a one on one with him to get things rolling.

Students at le Four – by le Four – Sourced from their Facebook

All materials and instruments are included in the studio space, you need only bring yourself (and perhaps some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty).

There isn’t much happening in this part of Paris other than craft studios. Once you cross over the Seine by le Four, you’ll be on the Left Bank and right by the entrance to Paris’ Botanical Gardens. From here, much exploring can happen .

Facebook: Click Here


Headquarters: 101 avenue Daumesnil, Paris

Nearest Metro: Reuilly – Diderot

La Soufflerie in Paris

I’m going to mention La Soufflerie despite the fact that they have no actual glass blowing courses on offer at present. The studio is ideal for anyone with a specific glass creation in mind who would like it custom made while in Paris.

The studio is situated in Necker, a small suburb just west of Montparnasse.

La Soufflerie – by La Soufflerie – Sourced from their website

It is a family run business that aims to support Parisian glassblowers from an ethical standpoint. Everything that is made at la Soufflerie is made with recycled glass and is a one of a kind piece.

As mentioned, this is not a glass blowing studio where courses on the craft are available to the public. It is, however, the perfect place should you have a creation in mind that you are happy to hand over to a small business to bring to life.

Made at La Soufflerie – by La Soufflerie – Sourced from their website

La Soufflerie have been serving the city of Paris with their recycled creations since 2007. Supporting small businesses like this keep the art of glass blowing alive and pave way for future opportunities for things like courses and open studios.

Contact: Valentina +33 (0)6 20 75 73 06


Headquarters: 26 rue Lecourbe, Paris

Nearest Metro: Ségur

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