Fun and Cheap Hostels in Prague


Prague View from Old Town Hall Tower – By A.Savin (Wikimedia Commons · WikiPhotoSpace) [FAL]

Okay, money’s tight this month – but you still need a holiday. What now?

Prague is the place for budget travelers. With beers under $2, millions of money-conscious people flock to this city in hopes of having a fun holiday that won’t break the bank. Many of the tourists that come to the city are young and in search of like-minded adventurous people to spend a few days with. I mean personally, when I travel I’m on an extreme budget. I don’t stay in hotels, I don’t go out to eat that much, and I try to keep the pints to a minimum (try being the keyword). However, in a place like Prague, you won’t have to worry about it. The hostels here are not only inexpensive but exciting to stay in. We don’t mean fun as in so unexpectedly bad that you have to laugh about it, but more like we’d love to come back and stay here again. After all, you want to feel comfortable where you’re staying so you can worry about other aspects of your trip – like which street is the hostel is on after a few too many beers. Here we’ve rounded up a few fun and cheap hostels that you can feel good about booking.

Clown and Bard – for the location

Charles Bridge (Karluv most) is a famous historical bridge that crosses the Vltava river in Prague – By Jorge Lascar – By Jorge Láscar from Australia – Karlův most (Charles Bridge), CC BY 2.0,

First up, the Clown and Bard claim a sure spot on this list. The location of this hostel is what makes it so desirable to young travelers, nestled in the Zizkov neighborhood, 3 minutes from Charles Bridge. The welcoming receptionists make you feel immediately comfortable, and the staff makes sure the rooms and bathrooms are kept clean. Open since 1995, you can tell they know what they’re doing to keep the young ones happy these days. The rustic decor in some rooms combined with the modern accessories in others creates a relaxed and upbeat vibe. With the hostel bar open every day of the week, any day here is a party. Despite not being the quietest, the party atmosphere is strong here, and you’ll be sure to meet many people staying who want to do the same activities that you do. This lets you make a few friends, although you might sacrifice a few hours of sleep in the process. The price of a dorm bed here is $9 and the private room is $16, letting you save more money for cover fees and Pilsner’s.

MadHouse Prague – for the never-ending party

Having fun at party

Next up, we have the MadHouse Prague. Community is a big part of the hostel’s priorities here, with organized events like beer pong, tour trips, pub crawls, and ‘family’ dinners a prominent part of the mission here. The other important aspect of life they like to emphasize is, of course, partying. After all there slogan is “We all like to get a little crazy from time to time.” I think this can tell you all you need to know about this spot. The hostel not only will house travelers who definitely want to go check out the cheap beer and club scenes but also need to recover from their late night out on the comfortable sofas spread throughout the hostel. Free WiFi all over the building and in a convenient location, this hostel encourages partying, bonding, and hangover-curing – for a cheap price. A dorm bed here is a little higher for a hostel ringing in at $1, but for the extracurricular activities and electric atmosphere, we found it more than worth it.

Sir Toby’s – for couples

Number three on this crucial list, we have Sir Toby’s. An unconventional and unique hostel, there is a room for everyone here. They offer shared dorms and private rooms, making this a good choice for couples on a weekend away. This hostel boasts numerous communal areas for making some new friends, like the pub with games and live events, lounge area, and an outdoor terrace that gets lots of use during the summer months. Although not the nicest in terms of amenities when compared to higher-end hostels, it is on the cheaper end of the spectrum – which we can all appreciate. The dorm room is $12 a night for a 12-bed mixed room, $13 for a 6-bed mixed room, and $15 for a 6-bed female room.

Hostel ELF – for keeping the drinking-streak alive

The fourth spot on this list is Hostel ELF. Not just a Christmas time location, this hostel was created to support your drinking. The fridge is stocked with beer, and coffee and tea are available all day long – to try and sober up before heading out, again. The hostel also features an on-site bar that creates a sociable and friendly atmosphere, making this a good choice for solo travelers. The cleanliness, location about 20 minutes from Old Town Square, and communal areas all make this a good choice as far as hostels go. The hostel is only a few minutes on foot from the central bus station and is ten minutes from the train station, making it very accessible to those arriving via public transport. The last perk, which is a big one, in my opinion, is the free breakfast buffet served every morning – when traveling on a budget, this is key. Rooms here are $12 for a 12-bed mixed dormitory, $11 for a 9-bed, $10 for a 7-bed, and so on. The most expensive here is $37 for a single ensuite room – but if you’re really coming here on a budget, that shouldn’t even be an option. With multiple dorm options for under $15, this is a fun, sociable, and convenient hostel for anyone and everyone.

Hostel One Prague – for relaxing … a little

Up next, Hostel One Prague boasts a laid-back, relaxed, and fun atmosphere that balances out the party energy with chilled-out vibes. This super-cheap spot has friendly staff, which makes the lack of amenities seem not important. The stress-free environment is complemented by not having any strange hostel rules, curfews, or mean people. Seriously. For some drinks in your pyjamas, head to the Rave Cave – an on-site bar that provides good music, cheap drinks, and polite bar staff. During nice weather, you can relax on the balcony or in the garden, and soak up some rays while combating your hangover. Another unique thing about this spot – home-cooked dinner every night. Call your mom and tell her not to worry about your eating right. Located in the Zizkov area, this convenient spot is near Old Town and lots of public transportation. Even though this isn’t as crazy as MadHouse, the more relaxed atmosphere combined with the opportunity to drink at the local bar provides the perfect balance of being comfortable with rallying for a night out on the town.

PLUS Prague – for the solo-female travelers

Last on our list of fun and cheap hostels in Prague, we have PLUS Prague. This accommodation is newly-renovated with super modern facilities, so you won’t have to worry about the shower water pressure as you try to cleanse yourself of the never-ending hangover. If you feel the need to stay somewhat healthy on your holiday, then you’ll be pleased to know that this hostel is the only one in the city with a fitness center. A free sauna and swimming pool add to the health-conscious ambiance. The rooms here are bright and let light in, making the whole space feel bigger and somewhere you’d actually want to spend some time. The restaurant on-site offers tasty and inexpensive meals, the bar gives an international vibe, and the clean beds all provide a comfortable and fun spot to chill out. Unique to PLUS is the girls-only space that lets you take some time to get yourself together for a night out – the big mirrors, hairdryers, complimentary cosmetics bag, and towel all let you pamper yourself on a backpacker’s budget. You’d think with all of these fancy amenities that the prices would also be high, right? Well, guess again. A 16-bed dorm here is less than $5, meaning you can stay here and have about 10 beers for less than $15. That’s the price of a sandwich in London. If you want a little quieter and a little more space, a 4-bed room is only $11. For those who truly want to pamper themselves, a private is $33 and includes the use of the fitness center. We recommend getting one of the smaller dorms rooms for some extra privacy and take advantage of the unique female-only amenities here. Female solo backpackers, this one’s for you.

You won’t have to ask your parents to spot you for this vaca – the affordability of Prague extends to its hostels. The partying does, too.

As you can see, Prague isn’t only inexpensive when it comes to beer. It is totally possible to find hostels in the city for less than $10 a night that includes an on-site bar, clean rooms, outdoor spaces, and communal areas. Part of the fun of a hostel atmosphere is meeting new people, and especially those who have similar interests. If you book into any of these spots, you’ll be sure to meet people who also want to explore the city – and go out to the bar and club scene. A lot. After all, you’re on vacation. Finding an inexpensive place to stay that has a fun and friendly atmosphere is a crucial part of a holiday. We did the hard work for you – all you have to do is book the bed. Go for it.