Top 10 Best Things to do in Saint-Malo


Image: Pixabay

In the city of Brittany, in northwestern France is a beautiful town called St Malo. Very famous for its very nice sandy beaches! The town is strategically located at an important part of the French Coast, it was very vital since ships leaving of going to the Channel would be able to drop and load things at Saint-Malo. 

Here are ten things to enjoy while in Saint-Malo!

1. Plage du Sillon


Saint-Malo is a coastal town, and whenever you mention it, what comes to mind are the beautiful long beaches. Plage du Sillion is a beach that stretches for 3 kilometers. If you love surfing, you are in the right place, you can also swim, as well as sunbathe! This is the largest beach in the city and has a bar, a rescue station, a restaurant, toilets, and a shower among many other amenities. Take a stroll there, you might find yourself in Intra-Muros in Paramé. 

2. Walk along Saint-Malo Walls 


You can walk along the walls of Saint-Malo and have a very beautiful view of the town as well as the ocean. The cobbled streets also give you a view in great proximity to the old buildings made of granite which were either restored or rebuilt after WWII! You can also walk along the Saint-Malo Ramparts which has a great view of the city in its entirety as well as views of many beautiful beaches in the town! 

3. Chateau de Saint Malo


Jean V, the Duke of Brittany built the Château de Saint-Malo between 1424 and 1690 with the first tower being built, in 1475. There have been modifications with one of them being its change to barracks in the 17th century. During the War of the Religions, the locals took over the property to discourage it from being handed over to King Henry IV. It is now a museum and is used to showcase the different times the town has gone through- from the history of the town as a coastal town, to the happenings of World War II. There is definitely a lot to learn and a lot to see at the Chateau de Saint-Malo. 

4. Visit Old Saint-Malo 

Step back in time with a visit to this amazingly beautiful part of Saint-Malo. This part of town is old and dates back to the 6th Century. It was rebuilt after World War II and is now has cobbled streets, a 13th Century cathedral, mansions, beautiful cafes and bars, and very beautiful houses made of granite, which give the town a lovely and antique feel! You can stroll through the old town and catch the beautiful sights as you enjoy a meal!

5. Grand Aquarium Saint-Malo

You have to love some sea life! The 43, 000 square feet aquarium was built in 1996 and holds over 2.5 Million liters of water. It has over 11, 000 animals of 600 different species of fish and turtles! Move around the nine rooms savoring an underwater-like experience in the aquarium, one of the largest around. 

6. Fort National

The Fort National is a must-see whenever you are in Saint-Malo. The Fort National was built in 1968 by a military architect to protect Saint Malo’s port. The stone island is now an important historical event, which is accessible during low tide. Even though it is now private property, there are often tours that take place every so often; mostly during summer and the Easter Holidays. The island has changed owners and names several times since it was built. During World War II, it was used as a prison and during the times of Surcouf, when he owned the property, the island was a venue for duels. It has previously been known as Fort Royal, and Fort Imperial, and mostly known as Fort Chameleon because of its regular change of name! 

7. relax at the Park de la Briantais

Europe loves parks and this one is spectacular. Get amazing views of the estuary of Rance, Bay of Saint-Malo, the Solidor Tower, in the 27-hectare park that was remodeled by the Bühler a little over a century ago! There is enough space for you to have a nice little picnic, to relax, savor the scenery, take photos and just enjoy Saint-Malo!   

8. Visit Les Malouinières

This part of the town is a spectacular place that you must visit! These mansions here were owned by some very rich people back in the 17th Century, and after some time, they left them though one of them, Puits Sauvage, has been in the family for generations. They have such a rich history and yes, you can visit them. There are guided tours to check out the beautiful mansions which are on the oceanfront! If you are in the town during the summer, then you have to visit the mansions, which are popularly known as the Malouinières. And they are not empty, there are bakeries, beautiful gardens, and stables, among many other beautiful things!

9. Musée Jacques Cartier

Columbus discovered America, but do you know who discovered Canada? No? Well, if you did not know, his name was Jacques Cartier, and from the name of our adventure, you know that this house belonged to him! This house belonged to the man, Cartier and it is said that he would relax here whenever he was not out there busy discovering countries. The house has been beautifully decorated; has furniture and other household things which depict what the place looked like back then! Fancy a tour? Of course, you can get a guided tour, where you can check out the instruments he used in his adventures. The tours are however in French only, but, you get an English Guidebook.

10. Food!

Who doesn’t like food? Whenever you visit a new place, food should be on the list of things to try! Saint-Malo has a rich cuisine, and if you thought seafood, then you are right! Think oysters, get some of the most sumptuous and finger-licking oysters at Cancale! What is a trip around France without sampling crêpes? Enjoy some amazing crepes at the crêperie Le Tournesol as well as galettes. La Chalut is amazing for its seafood and you must sample the food there! You can never go wrong!